game master battler

Game Master Battler and the twin Beatrice actually ‘interpreted’ some of Kinzo and Sayo’s life in ep6

(almost interpreted, okay?)

In ep1-4, Battler is arguing with the the cruel and fickle Beatrice, the Golden Witch.
In ep7, (where Kinzo’s past is shown) Kinzo met Beatrice Castiglioni in Rokkenjima back in 1945.

In ep4, however, Beatrice ‘died’ because he was defeated by Battler.
Around 1950-1952
(or even before that) in ep7, Beatrice Castiglioni died after giving birth to Kuwadorian Beatrice (aka Beatrice Ushiromiya)
In 1952, the Rokkenjima Mansion was already constructed (which probably means that the Kuwadorian Mansion was already built as well) and raised Kuwadorian Beatrice in the secret mansion.
However, Kinzo didn’t see Kuwadorian Beatrice as her own daughter, but as a reincarnation of Beatrice Castiglioni, as she strikingly resembled her late mother. 

In ep6, Battler attempted to ‘revive’ Beatrice. He made it, but she have no memories of the witch Beatrice that Battler wants, and calls her ‘father’, for he is the one who created her.
Battler became furious because she’s not the Beatrice that he wanted.

In ep5 he finally realized his sin, and drastically changed in ep6. It shows how Battler deeply regrets his mistake, and wanted to atone for his sins to Beatrice. Just like Kinzo.

In ep6, another Beatrice came (Beato the elder), claiming that she was the *witch of Rokkenjima that roams around at night, and was afraid of spider webs. However, this ‘Beatrice’ is not infatuated with Battler (and doesn’t know about Battler’s sin), but she is ALMOST the ‘Beatrice’ that Battler wants.

In ep7, it is revealed that the *witch of Rokkenjima, Beatrice, took the bud of love from Shannon, and also took the form that Battler wants in a woman: blonde hair, blue eyes, and big breasts.

So I therefore conclude that,

if ^Beatrice chick + *Beato the elder = Beatrice the Golden Witch

then ^Shannon (and/or) *Beatrice the Golden Witch = Sayo Yasuda

After all, Beatrice chick was born to love Battler, who will someday, become the *Beatrice that Battler wants (the golden witch).

And Shannon, who could no longer love Battler, passed it to her other self, *Beatrice the Golden Witch, who waited for him for six years. In short, she just buried her feelings for Battler somewhere in her heart, but her feelings for him never changed.

—(their differences)

Kuwadorian Beatrice have always thought that she’s not the ‘Beatrice’ that everyone is referring to (Kinzo, Kumasawa, Genji, and perhaps Nanjo?), and thinks that the existence of this ‘Beatrice’ is just being pushed to her, especially Kinzo. She didn’t want to be the ‘Beatrice’ that Kinzo wants.

chick’ Beatrice wanted to be the Beatrice that Battler wants, and tries very hard to please (game master) Battler.
(Just like Shannon, as shown in the manga; Confessions of the golden witch; Shannon tried her best to be the woman that Battler likes)

Kinzo poured all of his affection to Kawadorian Beatrice, which resulted the birth of Lion/Sayo in 1967.

Battler is always cold and harsh to ‘chick’ Beatrice. He simply just ‘missed’ the old Beatrice that made him reject ‘chick’ Beatrice.
(Let’s just say that because of his attitude towards Beatrice chick, a ‘union’ was formed between Beatrice chick and Beato the elder, and became the third Beatrice, the legendary Golden Witch. It’s just like Beatrice Castiglioni, who gave birth to Kuwadorian Beatrice, gave birth to the fictional ‘Beatrice’, the golden witch.)

Rest in peace, my most beloved witch, Beatrice.