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From the Facebook page of Larry Fessenden’s horror film production company Glass Eye Pictures:

“…official stat from The Guinness Book of World Records: “Longest script for a graphic adventure game: Screenwriters Graham Reznick and Larry Fessenden (both USA) wrote 1000 pages of dialogue for Until Dawn (2015), reduced from an initial 10,000-page outline. The script’s epic length was in part owing to the game’s extended development period. It was originally announced as an action title back in 2012.”

For those that don’t know, Larry played Flamethrower Guy in Until Dawn.

@tvshows-addict tagged me to do the Fic authors/Fan artist self rec! The rule is to post your 5 favorite works that you’ve created, then pass this on to at least five other writers and/or artists.  

So….this really isn’t easy for me to do because an artist it’s often hard for me to look back at my old work and love it as much as I did when I first created it! However, here’s what I came up with. Thank you, Addy for tagging me!

Rockstar Harry from the fic Walk On The Ocean. I collaborate with @a-writerwrites a lot and it’s always such fun. This fic gave me a great chance to draw stage hoe Harry, which I hadn’t done before. And I couldn’t resist the idea of trying to capture him in purple and gold glitter platform boots and leather pants! Frankly, I think the other two drawings I did for that fic are among the best drawings I’ve done. 

Valentine’s Day Kiss  - This was one of the first drawings I tried using Copic markers and a photo background. There was a big learning curve for me as far as blending and placement, so it was a bit scary to post it, but I was happy with how it turned out. Apparently I really like Harry in sparkly shoes (thank god I did these with pen and left the actual glitter in the box this time)!

Touch Me - This was one of a bunch of drawings I did for the wonderful fic Where Your Heart Is. I was really thrilled to work with @anhcor and @tvshows-addict on this project. This drawing was the first time I felt really good about my pen and ink rendering and crosshatch shading. Plus I just liked the perspective on the hand gripping the sheet and how much the whole things turned out looking kind of like a drawing in a graphic novel. 

Meow I drew this after Harry’s SOTT promo interview with Nick Grimshaw. Nick was teasing Harry and said that if Harry was a superhero he’d be Catwoman. I seriously need a Catwoman!Harry fic in my life. Someone? Anyone? I was happy with how the facial expressions and the light on Harry’s costume and Louis’ hair came out. Plus I got hilarious reaction comments from @larryhuanaig and @prettytruthsandlies when I posted this that truly made my day. 💗

Rainbow In My Pants - This drawing just makes me laugh. For me it’s sums up cheeky Harry so well: penis jokes and rainbows. Bonus points for the tiny yellow shorts. It was also the first drawing I attempted with a photo background (thank go for Silvia @melmanpur who helped me with that)! 

Trying to choose 5 was harder than I expected. But thank you for the challenge, Addy! I think I may do a second version of my 5 favorite NSFW drawings as well. 😈

As for tagging…I’d like to tag a couple of artists: @prettytruthsandlies (because you always inspire me) and @nasalouis (because your drawings are brilliant). A manip maker: @melmanpur (because your manips give me life on a daily basis). And two authors who hopefully haven’t been tagged yet: @xabjectlessonsx (because literally everything you write is genius) and @alienproof (because you’ve written some of my favorite fics ever). No pressure on any of you to do it though!

パラッパラッパー By ポップキュン@poppuqn on Pixiv

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