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i really want you guys to join the yuri game jam so just so you know, humble bundle is selling game making software for $1 AGAIN if you missed the game maker sale.

this time it’s clickteam fusion. i actually took a short game-making class with it in high school and it’s pretty user-friendly from what i remember. very easy to pick up.

the stars are aligning for you. if you were looking for a sign, this is it. please make games with girls who like girls.

Queer Identity & Diversity: The Winners of Rainbow Jam ’16

Rainbow Jam ’16 was a game jam held between August 20, 2016 and September 5, 2016 and run by Steven Taarland. The jam was designed to promote the ideals of the development group, which are to celebrate and promote diversity in games and the game industry.

The theme of the jam was “identity,” and although it was not necessary that groups adhere to this theme or make games about queer diversity, many of the games did explore these topics. All games that featured queer themes have been given entries on Queerly Represent Me and can be found on the Rainbow Jam ’16 database page.

Starting small, the game jam quickly expanded with the help of collaborators and sponsors, with more than thirty entries submitted before the deadline. More information about the jam and those associated with it can be found on

These are the winners of Rainbow Jam ’16’s five prizes that were announced on September 23, 2016.

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Animal Village by Rastek
Visitors Welcome!

My good friend recently completed their game for the Pixel Horror Jam 2016 and I played through it.

Overall it was a lovely experience! The atmosphere is very engaging and as you delve into the “dungeons” you are hit with a very foreboding sense of isolation that only escalates the longer you play.

The main mechanics of the game are blood (your HP that doubles as currency) and bullets (your only means of defending yourself). Managing these as you explore the dungeons is crucial to your survival. I never died while playing the game (though you can), but I chalk that up more to my skill than any real lack of challenge the game provided.

I highly recommend you play Animal Village for yourself! The game is pay what you want (you can even get it for free), I personally paid $5 for the game and for what I spent I was satisfied. It’s a short, sweet, splendid little game.


This past weekend, I participated in Chillennium 2016, the largest student-run game jam in the nation! Teams have 48 hours to plan, design, and develop a videogame based on a theme that is announced at the beginning of the event.

As part of Team Netfilx & Chillennium, I and three others created Foofs & Feathers, a competitve multiplayer game where the greediest bird wins!

It’s free to play, so if you’d like to, check it out here!

Also, if you’d like to check out the other games at this Jam, click here!

If you’re interested in joining next year, you can stay updated by following their facebook page here!
Pepsi's $400,000 'reality TV' gaming show implodes after just one day, thanks to sexist comments.

The PepsiCo-sponsored GAME_JAM started as a four-day, $400,000 event where game developers would collaborate and compete for prizes. It took just one day for the entire thing to go up in flames.

Filmed for YouTube and structured more like reality TV than a typical game jam gathering, the whole thing tanked within the first 24 hours, allegedly thanks to the behavior of PepsiCo media consultant Matti Leshem.

[Game developer] Adriel Wallick described the oppressive atmosphere during the first day of GAME_JAM, where contestants had to compete in a Mountain Dew sponsored film set, for Mountain Dew themed prizes, while drinking nothing but Mountain Dew. “Guys with secret service earpieces and disheveled clipboards barked instructions on how to properly represent branded products,” wrote Jared  Rosen.

“You can literally trace back the entire crumbling of this show to one individual,” wrote Wallick. “Matti Leshem, CEO of Protagonist.” Protagonist has been Pepsi’s primary branding and media consultancy for the past decade, and Leshem was a constant presence on the GAME_JAM set.

According to accounts from several people present at GAME_JAM, Leshem’s behavior was brash and inappropriate throughout, culminating in a bizarre line of questioning where he attempted to get GAME_JAM contestants to admit that having a woman on their team put them at a disadvantage.


Never made a game before but always been curious?

My First Game Jam is an online jam for people of all skill levels to learn something new. Set aside two weeks to join the jam and learn how to make a game along with others. Absolute beginners encouraged to join!

The previous My First Game Jam took place this past January with over 500 signups and 100 fantastic games created by beginner and learning devs!

Sign up!

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🌱 Fill out the sign up form sometime before you start!


🌱 What is a game jam? + FAQ

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Hosted by @cloudhime, @kreutzerland, and @charblargamedev! All of our lovely promo art is done by Stacey


The Long Way - Hitch lifts and meet strange (and sometimes dangerous) characters on this beautiful pixel art hitchhiking journey made for the Global Game Jam 15.

There are many different characters who may stop for you. Some are just nice people, looking to tell you jokes, while others are important characters, trying to lead your to your destination. You must pick the right responses and topics of conversation to keep these characters from throwing you out of your car. 

Show sympathy for characters that have lost their dogs, or play along with jokes. Saying just the right things can lead you to the ‘big bad’ guy and allow you to complete the game.

Will you ever get to your destination, or will you be forever wandering these mysterious streets?

Play The Long Way, Free

#JamForLeelah, spread the word!

I don’t know how many folks know about this but some really cool people are holding a GAME JAM (an online event where anyone can make a game based on a theme during a certain time frame) in memory of Leelah Alcorn, and the idea of it is it’s “a month long trans positive game jam to raise awareness on LGBTIQ issues, specifically trans youth issues”.

Leela loved video games and game design, so the jam organisers thought it would be a great way to honour her and spread awareness of her beliefs and the jam guidelines require that you take inspiration from Leelah’s interests and art to use in your game.

For an AMAZING example of trans experiences portrayed in a game, check out Anna Anthropy’s $5.00 game, Dys4ia

Here is the link to the jam page

the jam begins on 17th of jan and ends on 17th of feb spread the word!!

Welcome to the Pixel Horror Jam 2016!

The Pixel Horror Jam will begin on August 19 2016!

Pixel Horror is a special genre that continues to grow not only since the release of games such as Ib and The Witch’s House, but also with games like Soundless Mountain and Lone Survivor, Imscared, and Deep Sleep. Thanks to these, many new interesting games with exciting premises have been cropping up.

Plenty of people have a neat idea to add to the growing list of in-development games but never have made a game, so why not take this opportunity to create one?

In the Pixel Horror Game Jam, your objective is to…

  • Create a horror game with a story in any engine
  • Use pixel aesthetics to convey it
  • Simple as that!

So… Why do a game jam?

  1. You can get that idea nagging you out of the way.
  2. You can learn how to use a certain engine.
  3. You learn about time management.
  4. It helps you build a portfolio.
  5. You might make some new friends if you decide to build a team!
  6. It’s fun!

Where do I start?

Spread word about your game…

  • In the community forums!
  • #pixelhorrorjam on Twitter or Tumblr!
  • Create a development blog!
  • Mention @pixelhorrorjam on Tumblr with your game!

Submissions are due 31 October 2016 on 23:59:59! Voting will also start then!

Voting for best categories will end on 7 November 2016 at 23:59:59!

Join us on the Discord Chat!


Höme Improvisåtion is a wonderful Ikea furniture building simulator that tasks you with building self-assembly furniture without the aid of instructions (only losers use instructions anyway!).

Starting off simply with a small coffee table, the difficulty (and fun) soon ramps up as more complex kits are introduced.  You can even build multiple kits at a time, slotting pieces together any where you like - and creating mutant coffee table/lamp hybrids.  You can even join up with friends and build Swedish furniture with friends in co-op.

Ever wanted to know what the offspring of a table mating with a lamp would be?  Well now you can find out!  Hint: It ain’t pretty!

Play Höme Improvisåtion, Free (Win & Mac)


That’s Your Jam is a fun and surprisingly tricky game in which you attempt to remember ALL the lyrics to your favorite songs a time limit.

This may sound easy, but even if you’ve heard the song a hundred times it’s surprisingly hard to remember all the lyrics (unless it’s ‘Around The World’ by Daft Punk!).

Play The Full Game, Free (Browser)