game is not like that

Sansa: We need to secure alliances through marriages. Arya you should marry…

Arya: No

Sansa: Securing an alliance with Robert Baratheon’s bastard will help Jon a lot…

Arya: No

Jon: I will never force my baby sister into marriage!

Sansa: His name is Gendry.

Arya: I will do it.


Sansa: ???

Gendry: :)

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okay so I know you're chaotic but are you good? or neutral? also have you ever played DnD because I need to know how much you destroyed/what class your character is

hilariously two of my friends had a whole discussion about that about me and came to the conclusion that I am chaotic chaotic, as for DnD I have only played a few games but the most notable instances were-

1) the Call of Cthulu game where I started out with the highest charisma I ever done had, lost it all when I was transformed into a lizard creature but ‘won’ the game by eating my entire party

2) the time I was a really shitty wizard but defeated a Big Bad wizard by convincing him to get into a ‘magical box’- an ordinary self locking chest- which I kicked into a river (apparently the DM didn’t know that one story with Anubis and Osiris). He failed all attempts to escape and the event was thereafter referred to as the ‘reverse Houdini’

3) the time I was a rogue and managed to seduce a dragon

ok but i always believed ‘a song of ice and fire’ was just JON SNOW u know because he is the son of ice (lyanna stark) and fire (rhaegar targaryen) not as in jon snow is ice and daenerys is fire wtf is this some sort of YA mfeo romance? and rly no offense to YA romance fans but this just isn’t what i signed up for

when people complain about the new P3 and P5 dancing games

starting a new fe game.jpg

fire emblem, whos gameplay style is essentially the same throughout all installments with minimal differences: anyway so heres how you move a unit and heres how you fight and heres how you access about 5 different clunky menu screens in this completely unskippable tutorial

anyone whos played at least like one game in this franchise:


Meet my starbound characters :D 

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 slut for mods | has a chaotic mind | likes to build houses | bad english


Bet the ruin (without the influence of any mods) | Thinks he’s super wise and cool and shit | usually very calm | whishes things were like the good ol’ days


likes to help people | does bounty hunting for a hobby | wonders how many people can fit in his ship | very nice but also very sensitive


Joined the Protectorate because the game gave him no other choice | likes to flirt around but probably hates everyone | steals everything he gets his hands on

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ALOHA ANON it’s been forever. i used this prompt to write my piece for the tfcfansgive compilation, so thank you for the inspiration! i’ve got some andreil and renison for ya. i hope you enjoy <3

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Neil has become accustomed to this particular view of the ceiling. Often, it would be partially obscured by a flash of pastel hair or the occasional set of black spots edging in on his field of vision.

A few hits ago, Neil would have jumped back into the fight with characteristic effort and determination. But this time, Neil stays down. He attempts to catch his breath and allows his head to roll to the left. He seeks out Andrew where he is leaning against the wall, toying with a knife. He smirks at Neil when they make eye contact. Neil rolls his eyes in response and turns his head back to center so that he’s staring at the ceiling once again.

Sensing movement to his right, Neil looks over to see Renee sitting beside him and offering him the rest of her bottle of water. He considers turning her down, but seeing as she just thoroughly kicked his ass, he doesn’t think he’s imposing on her too much.

“How long did I last this time?” Neil asks, trying not to sound as out of breath as he feels.

Renee glances at the watch on her wrist where she’s had a timer running since their session began. “Nearly twenty minutes,” she says, looking back at him with a smile on her face. She looks proud of him, but she always does after they’ve sparred. Neil is pretty sure it has to do with the fact that he isn’t actively avoiding her anymore.

Neil heaves himself up into a sitting position with no small amount of effort and takes the water from her outstretched hand. He opens his mouth to thank her, but he’s cut off when a towel violently smacks into his face.

Neil picks up the towel and shoots Andrew a dirty look. It is met with absolute indifference and zero remorse, as was expected. Renee hides a smile at their antics and stands up, holding out a hand for Neil. Shaking his head, he takes her hand while debating whether to let loose the smart remark for Andrew that is poised on the tip of his tongue.

Neil is halfway to his feet when Renee suddenly yelps, jerking back and letting go of Neil’s hand in the process. He crashes back to the ground, arms flailing in an unsuccessful attempt to save himself. He winds up in much the same position that he was in just a moment before, but now he is staring up into the mischievous blue eyes of one unrepentant Allison Reynolds.

“Sup, Josten. Apparently slapping my girlfriend’s ass still makes her a little jumpy, even though I can’t for the life of me figure out why. She should be used to it by now.”

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Jesus Christ - Trump’s “How would they know that? Were they there?” - that’s the reasoning of someone who can’t fathom the world existing without them, and also a symptom of the traditional fascist refusal of study and research. 

There are days when what scares me the most is that it’s not clear how far we can go with this - every day Trump does at least one thing (and often two, or three, or four) that’s completely, completely unacceptable, and yet before we can focus on it and get properly outraged because yes, it was immoral or racist or illegal  (or all three), he goes and does something worse, so the bar of what we tolerate gets higher and higher and seriously - what’s the limit here? What are Republicans and Trump supporters waiting for? When Trump destroys Seoul because he’s bored, because he’s an idiot or because he think it′ll get people to shut the hell up about Confederate statues - will that be the final straw? Or will it be explained away like everything else? 

(Like - think about the person you were back in January 2016, not even two years ago!, before the presidential campaign even began - think about how used we’ve already become to politics being done this way, because this is how bad things and bad times start - with accepting stuff and getting used to it. I could never properly understand how quickly millions of people got talked into accepting Mussolini’s antisemitic laws, to be honest, but now I’m starting to get it.)

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Why did your trainer chose to include you on the team? Love ya boof!

Honestly it’s more like Boof chose them