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How do you make fights more enjoyable? I'm DMing 7 players, unfortunately, and it seems they're having fun but the fights can get a bit arduous. So far I've instated a 10 second rule on making moves in combat so they're required to plan ahead, and I've had them fight giants that can do damage to multiple people in a single swipe, but things still get boring. I'm also boosting HP a lot to give their opponents a fighting chance to actually damage a few of them, but that drags it out as well...

I’ve played in games with that many people. I’m not sure if its even possible to  make it fun the whole time. (Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast, but having only 4 or 5 people is so much more fun) You’re only one person, theres only so much you can do. Even if you throw in cool mechanics, monsters, etc. people are still going to wait 6+ minutes to take a turn. If you can, maybe get a second DM to help timing? You can split the party into two for the same fight. You could try making your monsters do more damage but die easier. I have no problem fudging my rules as long as I’m not murdering my players. It just makes fights more fair for the players or monsters, or makes them shorter or longer if they need to be.

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So, I am dying to know. What is the confirmed number of Yanya's tails? Cuz I've seen him range from 1 to 5.

because im playing as him in my current dnd campaign, ive kinda been drawing more of them as yanya gains more in game..! originally at lvl 1 he started with 1 tail, and when he gained the magical tail feat i’ve just been incrementing them by 2 every five levels

rn we’re at level 12, so the last time he gained tails was at lvl 10, getting him five tails atm. at lvl 15 he’ll get seven, and at lvl 20 it’s a full nine! after iq2 is said and done im not sure how many i’ll stick with him, since drawing a full nine can be kinda crowded haha;; 

Finally finished with my reparations

So, I got in a shit-ton of trouble with hubby Friday night. I was up until maybe 5:00am (?) playing Destiny 2 with @estalfaed and @shepard-alenko . Apparently I was really loud, probably the drunkest lady in Iowa at that time of night. I even got kicked down into the basement. As punishment, the next day I had to go super-hungover shopping without complaining, no naps, and make lasagna that he asked for. He later added that he wanted his favorite soup. So now I’m making my version of the Olive Garden’s Soupa Toscana. It’s REALLY good, I think better than theirs. But! My point is, I can now officially stop feeling guilty. *sigh of relief*