game gurl

“That tru gamer gurl feeling, when ur a gurl that games”
-Chiaki Nanami at some point probably

My love for Chiaki knows no limits so I did my best and tried to draw her for her birthday :’) I’m a total beginner when it comes to digital art so I appreciate constructive criticism (just please… don’t zoom in)
It’s also the first thing I post on here… oh wow

“Uh, what’s a dragon like you doing on an island like this?”

ohmygod, are you hitting on me? I don’t play that game gurl, kek.

“Huh?! No! It’s just, this place is really far away from the rest of the world.”

“Yep, Heard about some giant monster omnomnoming the other dragons, so I made my way out here, away from whatever was goin’ on out there.”

“It’s dead now.”

“K, still, prefer it here regardless. Plenty of sun, good WiFi, the town has some  real tasty cuisine too, lol. You’ll love it here.”

“Oh cool! Oh, and uh… what do I call you?”



“Or Navel will do.”

It was really nice to meet you but I’m just not looking to repopulate the Earth.
—  white woman, in Boulder, at the Laughing Goat