Yoosung's chat history with 707
  • Yoosung, earlier in the morning:Do you have any preference whether I go this weekend or the next?
  • 707,at 9 30 in the morning:MOtherfucking Zen jesus ChRist fuck dude moTher FuckIng RFA movie BulLshit Jesus can you Fucking believe this Shit?
  • Yoosung:I have no idea what we're talking about right now.
  • 707's reply, 45 minutes later:Goddamn created RFA and FuckIng Lawyers And Shit right Fucking choy twins GoDDamn roWing the Boat fuck You Shit and I can't Even BELieve thIs Shit have you seen this shiT fuck I just Watched this Shit fuck ZeN man
  • Yoosung:Luciel you're scaring me.
  • 707 an hour later:Motherfucking MC MC you Put In the Time Fuck put IN the TIme motherfucking BUilT sHit with His Bare HanDs Best frIend shit ZEN
  • 707:I'm very tired
  • Yoosung:Np man, I'll do most of the talking in the chatroom today.
  • 707, in five seconds:NO man I'll Just Talk about the RFA moVie all day shit man MC Has to bE so Interested in the Shit I haVe to say about The RFA moVIE fuck dude I just watched it A year and a HALF ago fuck Zen man He FuCked Over MC crazy Choy twins RoWing Jumin Ha n did the sOuNDtrack FUCK THIS Guy who InVenTed RFA i dOn't LiKe Reset I can't think Of WhO The Fuck invented RFA all I can think of is the Guy Who played The guY who invented RFA who the Fuck InVentEd RFA
  • 707, two hours later:V AND RIKA
Lets talk about grump hugs.

so ive never met any of them,, but i feel like
•arin would be super warm and squeeze you into the hug and kinda put his head down
•dan would bend down so you dont feel short and wouldnt come out of the hug until youre ready. and he’s all smiles all the time.
•ross, being the satan man he is, would somehow seem rlly sweet, like hugging an old friend. plus ive heard he’s surprisingly warm.
•holly would feel like hugging a mom. super caring and smells really nice. generally makes you feel nice.
•suz would hold you super close and rub your back, and when you come out of the hug she would probably put her hands on your shoulders while you talk
•kevin,,, i feel like he would be super excited to meet you and generally just be a coolio guy,, but his hugs would be a little fast.
•brian is interesting. he seems like he would be really professional but he would also give giant bear hugs bc of his dad personality?? idk.

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Can I just remind you of the time in the Fire Red LP when they talk about when they were hanging out with Dan's mom and grandma. And how happy Dan was when he heard his mom asked Arin to teach her animation.

I still love that!! I love how much Dan knows about Arin’s family (Arin’s parents and his brother) and how cute it is that their families have interacted, just, it signifies how much they mean to each other. Also the fact that Granny Sexbang decided to give her Thailand nails to Suzy, like, that is so CUTE. Grumps are literally like a giant family!!