Domestic pigeon


left handed practice for today involved trying to draw a couple of cool dudes who I’ve never drawn before

I feel bad but also so vindicated watching Arin’s suffering over Mario 64′s controls after spending my secondary-school years being convinced I was just really bad at playing it :T

  • what she says:I'm fine.
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I wonder sometimes that people tend to forget that when the grumps are recording they have a sheet that they write when they wrote the time on the start of the episode and when they finish then they give that sheet to either Barry or Kevin.

They edit out the episode as what the time is on plus with what footage they have.

So it’s no ones fault also
Danny was getting stressed a lot while fighting that character and he needed a break they properly only recorded say four episodes in a row without breaks.

So don’t whine that they did a six minute episode
Yes they did but it’s not hurting anyone it’s just how they recorded it it’s fine yes the audio is a bit off but it doesn’t really matter it’s just six minutes.

Remember they are trying there best to please everyone

I’ve not even watched it yet but I’m not happy that people are giving Kevin shit about today’s Punch Out episode. The Grumps are terrible at timings. This is well know. Each video is meant to be as close to 10 mins as possible and they run over a hell of a lot. No one has an issue there, but running short apparently means the editor must be fired. On average, there should be 30 mins of Grumps a day. Today, we’ve got 41:57. Stop fucking complaining!!!

  • Game Grumps:*posts a 6 minute video*
  • YouTube comments:What the fuck, guys???
  • Steam Train:*posts a 50 minute video*
  • Steam Train:*posts an 18 minute video*
  • Steam Train:*posts a 19 minute video*
  • Steam Train:*posts a 21 minute video*
  • YouTube comments:What was with that 6 minute video?

So I just watched the episode and I don’t understand why everyone is so unreasonable about this.

Could you hear Dan? He was so incredibly angry and stressed out, he sounded exhausted.

He was done. You can tell he was just fucking done.

I don’t care that you greedy bitches think the episode was too short.

At least the quality of the episode was good.

It was a quality episode.

And it is absolutely in NO WAY Kevin’s fault. I don’t know why people insist on blaming him. He’s the editor. He takes the footage the guys give him and he works with what he’s got.

It’s not his fault Arin and Dan didn’t record any longer than they did.

Did you guys really just want an extra like, five minutes of Dan just sitting there being pissed at the game that he clearly had no real interest in playing any longer?

Just move on. Watch another episode or something.

The length of the video was no one’s fault. It wasn’t Dan’s fault, it wasn’t Arin’s fault, it wasn’t Kevin’s fault.

It’s just how things turned out to be. Get over it.

so i REALLY FEEL LIKE SHIT right now and am hardly mobil with impending sickness but ive been trying to draw something all day so i just used the fuck it adjustment and didn’t erase anything to begin with and kinda just got this out i guess

Real talk. If anyone is pissed at Kevin (or in general for that matter) for today’s first episode, you seriously need to grow up.

They ended the episode. They have breaks in between each recording, and a fucking time card. They obviously gave it the go ahead to release it anyway.

Don’t be an entitled piss baby, and just go watch another video until the next one.

Jesus fucking christ. It’s like dealing with children.