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Breaded cutlet with tomato sauce

What you will:

1 pork chop 

1 egg

1 cup of panko 

 2 tbsp flour

Salt and pepper 

1 can of diced tomatoes 

1 clove garlic 

 1 tsp of Worcestershire sauce

½ tbsp of Paprika 

 1 tbsp of ketchup 

 Add the tomatoes to a pot along with the diced garlic and water or chicken broth. Allow this to simmer, uncovered, until it is reduced by a third. You could add this to a blender for a really smooth sauce or mash it with a fork for something chunky. Set aside. 

 Season the pork liberally on both sides with salt and pepper. Feel free to add onion and/ or garlic powder and paprika too but I kept mine simple. Sprinkle the flour on the pork then dip it into the egg and lastly into the Panko. Heat your oil until to about 340° then fry it on both sides until golden brown or for about 3 to 5 minutes each side. This will depend on how thick your pork is. Allow the pork to drain and cool on a wire rack or paper towels for a minute or until you can touch it without burning your fingers. Slice the pork into strips and plate along with a drizzle of the sauce. In the game the pork was served with shredded cabbage but I ate mine with roasted Brussels sprouts. (Fight me cause I love Brussels Sprouts) 

This is how mine turned out. Not too shabby.


I wanna see fanart of like D.Va and other Meka pilots, both men and women, but all of them have the exact same ridiculously skintight plugsuit thing D.Va has, high heels included. The girls are standing around chatting and generally looking normal, and the boys are posing sexily and flexing and making heart-shapes with their hands and stuff


I almost forgot to post these! This is a custom commission I did last month that really turned out wonderfully! I was commission to make a necklace of the awesome symbol from Dishonored, and here it is! Printed in durable black plastic, it’s lightweight and strong.

I will do 3D printed commissions of pretty much anything, just send me a message! I even have a listing for it on my etsy.


etsyfindoftheday | 3.12.16

scrabble letter pillowcase by dirtsastudio

get creative with a group of scrabble tile pillows and spell out something significant to you … or give a pair or trio as a super-special gift.