game geekery

Breaded cutlet with tomato sauce

What you will:

1 pork chop 

1 egg

1 cup of panko 

 2 tbsp flour

Salt and pepper 

1 can of diced tomatoes 

1 clove garlic 

 1 tsp of Worcestershire sauce

½ tbsp of Paprika 

 1 tbsp of ketchup 

 Add the tomatoes to a pot along with the diced garlic and water or chicken broth. Allow this to simmer, uncovered, until it is reduced by a third. You could add this to a blender for a really smooth sauce or mash it with a fork for something chunky. Set aside. 

 Season the pork liberally on both sides with salt and pepper. Feel free to add onion and/ or garlic powder and paprika too but I kept mine simple. Sprinkle the flour on the pork then dip it into the egg and lastly into the Panko. Heat your oil until to about 340° then fry it on both sides until golden brown or for about 3 to 5 minutes each side. This will depend on how thick your pork is. Allow the pork to drain and cool on a wire rack or paper towels for a minute or until you can touch it without burning your fingers. Slice the pork into strips and plate along with a drizzle of the sauce. In the game the pork was served with shredded cabbage but I ate mine with roasted Brussels sprouts. (Fight me cause I love Brussels Sprouts) 

This is how mine turned out. Not too shabby.


I just wanna say: Saints Rows has its flaws, but I love how completely deadpan it is about how you can just change genders during the game, just like any other character-customization slider. You’re not stuck with anything for the whole game.

JOHNNY GAT: (to a player who is now female, and could only have been male in SR1) “Did you do something with your hair?”

also: the SR3 mission “My Name Is Cyrus Temple”

… So anyway, Nintendo has no excuse.

OK I am probably (definitely) too evil to be allowed to create things, because  recent talk about Marisa gave me an idea: a character in a series/multi-part story who is given two different mutually-exclusive backstories. Not “mutually exclusive but you can reconcile them if you extrapolate beyond textual evidence”, not “vague enough that you could mak a case that they happened sequentially”, neither one is a lie, and it’s not a pair of doppelgangers. This one character will literally have two backstories, and it is immediately obvious to the audience that they flat-out cannot both be true.

So both backstories will be referenced as “true” in different episodes, and sometimes within the same episode. Some installments might have one backstory as a major part of the plot, but there will also be one or more elements which could only have come from the other backstory. Maybe the villain-of-the-week will be from backstory A, but in every other respect the episode depicts backstory B as true.

Why would I do this? Entirely because I like metatextual shenanigans way too much, and because I thought it would be funny. No other reason. Maybe to mess with people who are obsessed with making overly-literal in-universe wikis that are just “but what ACTUALLY HAPPENED???” like these are actual historical events instead of just me making a story.

So, yes, that’s why I’m definitely too evil to be allowed to create things.