game fuel


Images have emerged of a new, upcoming Game Fuel flavor: Lemonade!

It seams that Mountain Dew (and Doritos) are teaming up with yet another upcoming video game release: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (due out November 4, 2014). According to an official Pepsi Distributor website, this new flavor will be released alongside the original Citrus-Cherry Game Fuel in both 20 oz. bottles and packs of 12 oz. cans this month, August 2014. There also seems to be a promotion tied to the release similar to past ones with CoD: MW3 and Halo 4 that will allow players to earn extra in-game experience points and enter to win prizes (such as consoles).

I apologize for the ugly watermarks, unfortunately I wasn’t the first to catch this leak so these will have to do until I can find you all clearer, non-watermarked images of the packaging.

Stay tuned to MountainDewFTW for more on this as it develops.

What's your Gamer Fuel? - Infographic

A slim majority of you picked Soft Drinks, naming classics like Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, and the original Game Fuel: Mountain Dew. The other slim majority was Coffee: you need energy above all to game. The surprise in the bunch is easily the booze. I’ve never induldged in booze while gaming, if only because it would probably make Mario Kart catastrophic. 

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