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Anyone whose seen these Metroids from World of Nintendo, has seen how overly priced people are selling them for. Retail price at $15, normal online and vendor price of $50. I saw it at $20, and I was fine with that. And now it’s my Metroid Baby. It’s pretty realistic looking too with some points of articulation in it’s little legs. I just need a nice little spot for the baby.


Ta daaa! Here’s what she looks like on my wall 😱🙌🏻😁 I’m patching up a few spots on the rock but it’s pretty much done ✨ This is a one of a kind Lara Croft sculpture handmade with polymer clay. It’s a personal project so she’s not for sale. Lara Croft © Square Enix & Crystal Dynamics
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Finally finished the full batch of @gamegrumps Pokémon Art ACADEMY figurines! Feels great to finally finish this project. All of these are based on artwork by @rubberninja and Barry Kramer from the fantastic Grumpcade series, and they are made using Fimo modelling clay!

Thank you so much to the Game Grumps, the @fyeahgamegrumps page for sharing my work, and errbody who’s followed me during this wacky project! I will be posting closeups of every figurine in waves of ten, following this post.

Still waiting on answer as to why Tweek doesn’t get his own action figure…I’m also miffed about Token, Jimmy and Timmy but what baffles me most is Tweek because, besides being a favorite character of mine, you would think from a marketing perspective it would make sense to have Super Craig and Wonder Tweek. Like, there are definitely people out there who would be more inclined to order the blind box if they knew there was a chance to get the complete duo, because like Craig said they’re supposed to be a duo…and yet. Also, Scott Malkinson (sp? like, idec) and Dougie figures but not the rest of the relevant fourth graders? Whyyyyy??

My SWEET TOOTH from Twisted Metal Funko Pops figure

Hold Up, KH Fam

Anyone else find it strangely suspicious that we are suddenly getting a whole bunch Kingdom Hearts merch?

I mean, think about it.

Before we had maybe two tee-shirts, the manga (which we didn’t even know if we were getting the final volume)… and maybe a King Mickey pin if you were lucky to find one at Disney World. And those were few and far in between. I mean, it was only recently we got the first Kingdom Hearts novel and the Chain of Memories novel. And even then we had no confirmation if they were going to continue releasing those books.

Outside of importing things from Japan that’s all a KH fan could get. But now?

We are getting:

  • The last volume of the manga series
  • The Birth By Sleep AND 356/2 Days novel omnibus’
  • An entire collection of hidden package Kingdom Hearts figurines
  • Both game collections for the ps4 and a third collection with a Kingdom Hearts 3 demo,
  • And a Pop Funko collection of Kingdom Hearts characters

I’m not saying it’s bad the we are getting all of this merch… but it’s a bit suspicious that we are suddenly getting so much of it, especially when we had next to nothing before…

Unless… we are getting a release date to Kingdom Hearts 3 very soon! They might be saturating the market with Kingdom Hearts things to stir up hype! Like how they do for movies before it releases in theaters!

And Kingdom Hearts is going to be featured in Jump Festa this year.

I’m just saying… You never know… :3

What The Team Wanted for Christmas (as Kids!)

Genji: Whatever Hanzo got. It was mostly just to annoy him- he’d usually steal them or switch the labels the night before Christmas. It was only when Hanzo started getting books and practice bows that Genji started really asking for his own gifts- usually new video games, high-tech figurines, all lavish things.

McCree: Toy guns. But it was a secret wish. Since he grew up so poor and had a relatively short childhood (see my McCree headcanon here) he never really got any gifts, and he knew why. So he never asked for them. 

Pharah: Transformers figurines, toy guns, and/or model planes. (She was always a fan of flying and wanted to be a pilot when she was very young.) Nobody every questioned why she always liked the ‘boys’ toys more than the ‘girls’ toys- Ana never let anyone get in Fareeha’s way like that.

Reaper: He, like McCree, also grew up pretty underprivileged, He just wanted his home to be heated every year, and to have enough food to feed all of his family. When he didn’t know any better, he used to stare longingly at the action figures of movie heroes in shop windows- he wanted to make a difference, too. 

Soldier76: His parents gave him everything he earned for Christmas, so he never set his hopes higher than he dared to achieve. His most memorable wish was for his school’s varsity jacket his senior year, when the Omnic Crisis was really starting to get out of hand. He never did get that jacket, though. 

Sombra: She loved calacas dolls throughout her childhood. She would often strip the ones at home of their paint and repaint them herself, to fit her own color scheme (purples, pinks, and neon green.) Her mother never knew why she loved them so much. 

Tracer: Toy planes and a new pilot’s costume, every year. She had model planes all over her room, and hanging from the ceiling. 

Bastion: Birds. 

Hanzo: as a child, he usually asked for gifts he thought Genji would like because he knew that his brother always stole whatever he got anyways. He’d ask for toy swords and action figures- neither of which eh cared much for.  When he started getting older, his elders started ignoring his ‘Christmas list’ and started getting him things that would be actually useful to him, like books and laptops and practice bows- which he was grateful for. What he always really wanted, though, was a dog. 

Junkrat: He loved those kids’ chemistry sets that could actually blow up in your face. Jamie was pretty much born a pyromaniac, so take that as you will. 

Mei: Books, books, and more books. They were usually fantastic up until she turned twelve, which was when the “I wanna be a scientist” bit of her brain turned on. She also loved stuffed animals, especially polar bears and penguins. 

Torbjorn: Toy toolboxes and the souls of the innocent

Widowmaker: Amelié would always ask for new dancing shoes, and nothing else. Even as a teenager, all she ever asked for during Christmastime was new pointe shoes. She liked to keep her requests simple, so she could focus more on getting gifts for everyone else. 

D.Va: Living on the same road as McCree and Reaper, she never really had much of a childhood. It was only during her teenage years that she got into videogames- as a young girl all she ever wanted was a warm bed for her family and food on the table. She’d steal these gifts if she had to. 

Reinhardt: Toy knights and figurines. If there was a knight costume for his dogs (i headcanon that he always had a dog or two in his household. He just seems like a dog-loving kinda guy), then he would beg and beg for it. One year he asked for a horse to ‘ride into battle’- his parents got him a German Shepard that was about four times bigger than him instead. It worked out just fine. 

Roadhog: Mako was a big reader, just like Mei. But he loved the classics. He’d always ask for thick volumes of Shakespeare plays- tragedies and romances were his weakness. He also loved poetry. 

Winston: Baby Winston just wanted his own glasses, okay? LET THE BABY SEE

Zarya: Like Pharah, she always beelined for the boys’ toys. What usually ended up happening, though, was her giving away her Christmas present to some poor child down the block who she felt needed it more. 

Ana: She never asked for anything for Christmas. She never felt like she was the one who needed gifts. 

Lucio: He always wanted new instruments, but this often never came to pass, because when he’d go around the block with all the kids in his neighborhood begging for money, he made them split it so each child had enough to buy the toys they wanted- except for himself. His gifts were always the most expensive, unfortunately.  

Mercy: Her earliest memory paints her as asking brazenly for a stethoscope while at a winter checkup. Imagine that- a babyfaced, skinny, blonde toddler of a child boldly asking her doctor, “Can I have your heart-listener for Christmas? Please?”

Symmetra: She was taught to never want anything, ever. Even now, she views the traditions of Christmas gifts to be somewhat confusing. She never asked, she was never given. That’s just how it was. 

Zenyatta: To bless others with peace and tranquility. From day 1, really.