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First day on the job

So I just started training my new assistant manager today at a place where we try to stop the games.

Because of the allotment of hours we were given for the week, we both had to take our breaks at some point when it was just us. Which means, my new assistant on his first day had to be left alone for half an hour.

I tried to take my break at a time that I knew we wouldn’t be busy.

He’s doing really well and has the computer system down already. He was learning really fast! I was super excited and asked him if he needed anything from me before I took my break. He said he felt confident and off I went.

As I was leaving, I noticed a family was looking at a PlayStation VR headset. What happened after that I had no idea.

I get back and I swear several seconds of being back on the clock I got a phone call from a woman.

“I just got home and I realized that the game we just purchased with our VR headset did not have a game in the case. It was also supposed to be new and was t even shrink wrapped. The guy who helped us seemed fidgety and nervous and just didn’t know what he was doing the entire time.”

Me: “ma'am I apologize. Today was his first shift. If you want to come back we can get that fixed for you-”

Her (getting angry): “we live an hour away!!!!! Can’t we just take it to a closer store!?”

Me: “no, unfortunately, and the reason is because that would mess up both of our stores inventory. If you guys can bring it back with the receipt, I’d be happy to discount the game 10%.”

Her: “yeah okay. My daughter will be there soon then.”

Okay, so like two hours later, her son comes in. He has the receipt, has his moms debit card, and we ended up discounting the game. It literally gave them back $4. But at least saying 10% sounds like more. They spent way more in gas. I’m a terrible person.

I’ve never laughed so hard.


– Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies – $11.99 (was $29.99)
– Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy – $14.99 (was $29.99)
– Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice – $17.99 (was $29.99)

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so, this is something a lot of people don't bring up-2012. i personally love looking at the contrast from then to now and how much more comfortable and inviting they are with each other and us, as an audience, you can tell they trust us a lot more. but what do you think happened/changed in that year? do you think they argued, fell out often etc and opinion on dans extreme weight loss in the year. sorry, it's something i think about a lot <3 i love ur opinions and analysis btw!!

hi, and thanks so much for the question—apologies it’s taken me a bit to get to it but i’ve inevitably had to dedicate more of my time to responding to asks about gamingmas content in the last few weeks. this is a great question though, and i wanted to spend some time thinking about it! the first thing i’ll say: i understand why referring to this whole era as “2012” is easier as far as referencing goes, but i think the time period people mean when they discuss this is a bit broader: more like late 2011 to nearly mid-2013. that being said, my main comment about this whole era is that people often wildly exaggerate when they discuss it. from current posts/analyses/fanfic referencing back to that period, anyone would think that dnp were in an all-out war: hardly ever talking, always crying; everything was dead, plants were wilting, the very air was frozen. what few conversations were had only resulted in screaming, physical fights, slamming doors, or, like, hate sex. lmao, safe to say i think all of it’s super extreme. it’s like a microcosm of the main pitfall of fandom around real people which is that, inevitably, the immense complexity and nuance of real life is flattened and reduced to the easy narrative arc of fiction. when we retroactively analyze things (keeping in mind the amount of info we receive is already heavily edited and limited), we tend to pick out the moments and interactions that are most emotionally weighty (whether positive or negative) and treat that as the whole. it’s easier to focus on the negativity and assume that it characterized the whole year (or two years) but that’s not how real, human relationships tend to play out.

the truth is, there’s hardly any evidence that 2011-2013 were characterized by lots of conflict and fighting between dnp. and while they were certainly more distant on camera with each other during that time than they have been in the past two years, there are really only a handful of examples (for me) in which they really seem cold or hostile with each other. careful and reserved, for sure. anything further? purely speculative, to me. they were collaborating weekly for the super amazing project, and a lot of the episodes are still really funny and cute, imo. they would feature in each other’s live shows regularly as well. they uploaded more side channel videos w cameos from each other. they started the radio show at the end of 2012. if anything (the past month of gaming collabs discounted), they produced more joint content in that time than they have done this year or last. instead, i think that the trope of angry/horrible 2012 is rooted in the fact that this period was characterized by regular and sometimes heated denials of phan/any sort of relationship between dan and phil, a handful of comments discouraging people from assuming the two of them were each other’s only friends, many comments discouraging their audience from viewing them as a double act, and, of course, regular denials of being gay from dan. dan would also accept absurd questions on vyou like “would you rather marry phil or fall into a volcano” and make the entire audience feel stupid and shitty on behalf of these handful of people who were intentionally  bombarding dnp with invasive and idiotic questions about their relationship. furthermore, dan would literally, unironically say “no homo” if he ever dared to comment on a man’s attractiveness, he came up with the poetic and now infamous “fyi i like vagina” tweet, he asserted that the idea of ever dating phil is disgusting, he’d frequently make comments that were borderline homophobic (e.g. being uncomfortable about being forced to sift through so many photos and pieces of fan art for gay couples when making his video about shipping). 

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David Bowie’s music video for his brand-new single Blackstar.

Or Return to Labyrinth: Everything’s Gone to Hell.

Or Discount Jennifer Connelly Meets Major Tom’s Bedazzled Skull.

Or David Bowie Really Likes Eyes.

Is This Your Card? (Josh Faraday x Reader)

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Warning: A sexy cowboy flirts via magic card tricks. 

It was amazing how a place with all these so-called “rough and tough men” could be easily startled. Every damn time someone entered the saloon, the whole place went quiet, save for the soft rustling of hands resting themselves on gun hilts. Usually the person who came in was looking more for a drink than they were trouble, and after a minute or two of tension, the bar would go back to normal. It was almost impressive how this group of strangers had learned to unanimously stop time at will, and as annoying as the constant pauses were, you were still somewhat proud that you were part of the movement.

Today was a slower day. Only two people had interrupted your piano playing, and one was the owner of the local drug store, who was beginning to double as the town drunk. He showed up an hour after the saloon opened. The second person, however, caused a bit more of a stir.

You’d never seen him before, which was a pity. He was a good looking man. Tall, dark, and handsome with a good looking body. You kept him in the corner of your eye as you played. There were no bar stools open, which meant either he would be going upstairs with the prostitutes or sitting down at the empty table to your right. You hoped to god it was the latter. And it was—sort of.

He tossed a few dollars down for a bottle of cheap whiskey and strutted to an empty seat off in the corner. The view wasn’t the best, but at least if you strained, you could overhear what he was saying.

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I haven’t used Steam in a LONG time, and apparently I have Sister Location?

The thing is, even though I’m not in the fandom anymore, I KNOW it did not come out February of last year.

Is this possibly because I bought the first four games in a discount pack when I got them?

So Some Stuff Happened While You Were Gone

It was strange to come home.

Except it wasn’t home anymore. Somewhere in the intervening years of grinding through undergrad and graduate coursework, the house Jazz grew up in had stopped being home.

Danielle had been given Jazz’s room when she left halfway across the country to Yale. During holiday visits they would share, Dani insisting that all her time “camping out” under overpasses and old mausoleums as proper precedent for her to sleep on the floor.

A few times Jazz caught herself thinking of it as her room, instead of Danielle’s. She could still recognize the room she’d stayed in for seventeen years, an old imprint she felt in the air, pins and needles in her scalp; her hands itched with the impression that if they just peeled away the sci-fi posters and anime wall-scrolls and the global Polaroid collage the old room would still be there, waiting beneath like a layer of wallpaper.

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My GW2 sylvari with Orr in the background because I love that place x)

Would anyone be interested in a commission more or less looking like this for 45€/buying me Heart of Thorns? I got the core game discounted a while back before it went f2p and full price for the expansion is… quite a lot :”l

Or if anyone wants to play together you can message me your username! I play on EU servers and do mostly random dumb stuff. And talk about how pretty every single sylvari I see is.

Announcing “Don’t Forget Our Esports Dream”- Kickstarter April 10, 2016

Team Eleven is happy to announce our next visual novel, Don’t Forget Our eSports Dream, a prequel to SC2VN set in the Brood War era of South Korea’s professional StarCraft scene. 

We will launch a Kickstarter on April 10, 2016 to raise funds for the development of the game, and plan to release the game a year later in 2017 on Steam and other platforms for $14.99. If you back the game on Kickstarter, you will be receiving the game at a discount. 

Developed over two years by our team, SC2VN released in September 2015 to acclaim by eSports veterans and newcomers alike. The story of Mach, a foreign StarCraft 2 player that put it all on the line, was one that many fans told us they resonated with. The response was one that we had hoped for, but the demand to learn more about the world of eSports and the struggle that its competitors contend with went beyond our expectations.

A sequel to SC2VN was never part of the plan. But you, our fans, have made it clear that we have stories left to tell. We agree.

Experience the peak of Brood War through the eyes of a young and idealistic up-and-comer, Sung-hwan “Bolt” Lee. Beholden to the idea that only the best players deserve to live and train in South Korea, Bolt contends equally with setbacks and triumphs in the chase for his eSports dreams.

At his side is Chae-young “Jett” Song, a former darling of the Korean Pro-Gaming Association and an estranged childhood friend. A year after her departure from the professional Brood War competition, Jett continues to make her living on StarCraft on low-paying local tournaments and betmatches. Together, she and Bolt strive to become champions and to resolve their differences along the way.

Journey to rival PC bangs, international tournaments, the offices of Korea’s top eSports officials, and into the booth at the highest level of professional StarCraft. We’ll reveal more info about our setting and characters throughout the week!

The game will feature

  • Larger gameplay and narrative scope from its predecessor (we are shooting for 3X)
  • An authentic story that is true to esports fans, but also relatable to a general audience
  • Player choices for both dialog and StarCraft strategy
  • A glossary of StarCraft and esports terms for new players
  • Galleries for character and background art
  • Steam Trading Cards and Achievements

Like SC2VN, you won’t need to be a StarCraft esports expert to enjoy the game. Our previous game appealed to both hardcore StarCraft esports fans and also people who would otherwise have never been interested in StarCraft esports. Our Steam reviews are full of people who went into SC2VN skeptical and came out as new fans of esports.

Our Kickstarter is launching on April 10, 2016 with an ambitious funding goal. With our base funding goal of $35,000, we can vastly increase the quality and polish of Don’t Forget Our eSports Dream in terms of length, art quantity, and player choice. If you, our backers, are interested in supporting us past that base goal, we’re ready to push our project to the next level.

We developed SC2VN with a budget of roughly $7,000 after Kickstarter fees, most of which went to art. We stretched the budget to its limits and delivered something that exceeded our own expectations, and we’re looking for the opportunity to do it again. 

We will be revealing a new members of the cast Monday, Wednesday, and Friday leading up the Kickstarter on April 10, with additional information on community events on Twitch to help support our fundraising. 


When will this game be released?

  • We’re shooting for about a year after our Kickstarter finishes, around May 2017. The Kickstarter is set to launch at April 10, 2016 and will conclude in May.

Is this a dating sim?

  • No. 

How much will this cost?

  • We plan for Don’t Forget Our Esports Dream to be $14.99 on Steam. Backers will receive the game at a discounted price.

Is there a demo?

  • You can play SC2VN on Steam to get an idea of the base we are building on top of. We will reveal new gameplay details about Don’t Forget Our Esports Dream during the Kickstarter phase. 

Do I need to know about StarCraft and esports to enjoy this game?

  • No, like SC2VN, Don’t Forget Our eSports Dream will be crafted in a way that even people who know little to nothing about esports can still enjoy the game.

How can I help support this project?

  • Aside from backing our Kickstarter, the most helpful thing you can do is to spread the word and tell a friend about this game. 

Project Diva Games on Sale in US and UK! 

Looking for a late Christmas present for a fellow Vocaloid fan (or yourself)? SEGA might be able to help. They’re feeling generous enough to offer select Project Diva games at 60% off in the PlayStation Store! The games available for discount are: 

  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F (PS3) 
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f (PS Vita) 
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd (PS3) 
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd (PS Vita) 
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X (PS4) 
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X (PS Vita) 

Discounted games vary by region. Head over to the PS Store to see what’s discounted in your region, and take advantage of the sale before January 7th, 2017! 

Santa, Baby - Lawrence Sonntag x Reader

Name: Santa Baby

Pairing: Lawrence Sonntag x Reader

Word Count: 2025

Rating: T - Alcohol and Cursing

“Alright, Lawrence, this next question is for you. It comes from someone with the creative name of cuntpunter69. They said: ‘Larr, who is your best friend outside of FunHaus? Do you have any?’” Bruce read. The room collectively oohed and Lawrence rolled his eyes.

“Sick burn, man. He really got you, Lawrence.” James commented.

“I think Mr. CuntPunter69 is making a mistake in assuming I’m friends with any of you assholes.” Lawrence said, squinting slightly, “but yes, I have a best friend outside of funhaus.” Adam gasped and covered his heart, feigning injury. Bruce pouted. James grinned.

“Spill the tea.” Elyse insisted, “Tell us about her—uh—them.” Lawrence rolled his eyes. Funhaus all new full well who you were. He’d talked about you enough that they knew your whole life story, almost. He’d forced you to enough parties that they knew you personally. Elyse currently had a mission of convincing you to join the team. In her words, she and Joel needed more estrogen to balance out the office.

“Alright, Alright. Her name is [First Name] and she’s the biggest damn loser you’ll ever meet…” He kept his rant about you short. He spoke for two minutes straight, but no one stopped him. When he finished talking, he realized how much more he could say about you. He could always talk about the way your eyes lit up when he offered buying you your favorite candy, or the way you slurred your words when you got too tired, or the way you insisted on at least one piggy back ride every time you hung out, or the way you blushed when he teased you for saying something nerdy, or… Fuck. Fuck.

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The Garde during the holiday season
  • John: gives gifts of boxes of chocolate (unless ur Sarah Hart, then it's some sort of diamond necklace). Has minimal decorations, like a simple tree and some strings of light. Owns a huge collection of Christmas movies which he binge watches with whoever wants to join him
  • Sarah: Obsessed with SCENTED CANDLES. Will light a lot of them and keep them around the house at night. Does a lot of careful thinking into gifts and will spend a lot of time and money to make personalized gifts for everyone. (Her inspiration is Buzzfeed.) Loves romantic Christmas movies (like Love Actually, probably a fan of fetus sangster tbh)
  • Sam: Discounted video game consoles on Black Friday keeps him busy throughout the season. Diets on chocolate
  • Six: Loves to go skiing. Will get very competitive with skiing. Will also go snowboarding. Or sledding. Or hockey. Or any winter sport. Will be upfront and just ask people on her gift list what they want, and will go out of her way to get them what they want.
  • Marina: Worries so much about getting who what that she just goes safe and gets them gift cards and puts together gift baskets. Loves tree decorating with Eight and bakes a lot of gingerbread cookies. Practically obsessed with anything peppermint flavored. Quietly hums Christmas carols all day long.
  • Eight: literal trash for Hershey's mint chocolate kiss candies. Does most of his clothes shopping in this season when everything is discounted. Stresses over getting gifts and will go to Six for her master list of everyone's wish list
  • Nine: Competes with Six at skiing and hockey. Is sorta cheap with his gifts but no one expects much from him anyway. Super annoyed with all the Christmas carols. Loves the phrase "bah humbug"
  • Ella: Stuffs everyone's stockings. Loves to make snowmen and is the number one fan of Marina's gingerbread cookies. Goes around hanging mistletoe on top of couples. Will sing Christmas carols at the top of her lungs to annoy Adam and Nine
  • Adam: hates hates hates hates hates Christmas carols but they get stuck in his head and Ella will sometimes catch him humming Jingle Bell Rock. Doesn't get all this holiday spirit but he gets gifts so he doesn't complain.