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I Do Not Ask The Night For Explanations

Trying to make sense of how this…

morphed into this…

You know something I realized when looking through the transcripts? 

How Su introduces her family to Korra et all:

  • Those are my two youngest, Wei and Wing. They’re playing a game called Power Disc. They invented it all on their own… I’m so proud of those two.
  • Huan, I’d like you to meet the Avatar and her friends. And your Aunt Lin. 
  •  And this is my daughter, Opal.
  • That was my brilliant architect of a husband, Baatar, and our oldest son. He engineers all my husband’s projects. 

Gee, Su, forget something? LIKE YOUR KID’S NAME?

This family. What a train wreck. I love them so.

Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Hello all!

About a week ago, I won the collector’s edition of Resident Evil 7 by correctly answering a trivia question during one of Capcom’s twitch streams. (Aside: Definitely check out their twitch channel. I really enjoyed watching them show off the new Banned Footage modes for the game.) The collector’s edition arrived today so I thought I would thank Capcom again for such a cool prize and share some unboxing photos, as well as a short video clip of the music box. :)



First, we have the VHS tape replica, the game disc for Xbox One, and the steelbook on the side.

The tape is the Derelict House tape from June 1st - featured in both Beginning Hour and the final game as the night when the Sewer Gators first visited the Baker Estate. Opening the tape reveals…

The warning message, from how it looks after completing the tape in game. “I will dash them YOU against the stones.” It also includes the dummy finger.

Surprise! It’s also a USB flash drive. To the side we have the steelbook, which has a nice minimalist design on the outside, and the estate artwork in the inside.

Next we have a black letter with the games logo embossed. The envelope contains a lithograph of the Baker family enjoying an…interesting…dinner.

Last but not least, we have the replica of the Baker house. This thing is impressively detailed.

If you remove the chimney, you’ll find a crank that activates a particularly dark version of “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” - the same one that plays in the menu opening cut scene.

That’s all folks! Thanks again Capcom for the awesome prize, and hope you all have a wonderful day :)

“Order Through Music”
Fan art of DJ Sona from League of Legends ❤ I love this skin to bits,
it is so beautiful !
I had been wanting to make some art for it for a long time and I finally
got some inspiration so, here we are!

Aeris’ death in FFVII is one of my favorite examples of how to do character-death in a story correctly and how to have a female character die without giving up her agency. She didn’t die to create angst for Cloud (Cloud was already a spikey little ball of it) and she didn’t die to give anyone motivation to hunt down Sephiroth–they were already hunting him. She died because if Sephiroth hadn’t killed at that point in time, she would defeated him all on her own. Aeris died because she was a legitimate threat. And even after death, everyone else fucks up so the HBIC has to reach out from grave to save their asses–and continues to do so into Advent Children! If Sephiroth hadn’t killed her, she would’ve beat the game at disc one, and probably used the next two discs to take over Shinra, clean up the Midgar slums, establish new, reliable, eco-friendly energy for the world, which crowns her as Empress and begins a new Golden Age.

so I was playing the riot part in balamb and I was like “I’m gonna choose to be in the garden master (norg) side to see what happens” I never did this tho, and then… you know when you go to training center to save that SeeD and the two kids? If you don’t help them they DISAPPEAR (idk if they are 100% dead because I didn’t proceed further because I was shock) I felt so????? :(

also if you just watch nida and the other SeeD, dr kadowaki is 100% “what the fuck are you doing here, the headmaster is not here get out”

I just love this options in ffviii… and if you fuck with the missiles in the missile base, balamb is simply destroyed, just like this. Hardcore