Cloudbase Prime is a fabulous low poly action platformer in which you control a mining drone with a very funny AI and a nifty ability to instantly shift the hexagonal columns that make up the game world up or down – propelling anything standing on top of them (including you) high up into the air.  As you progress you’ll explore beautiful low poly landscapes, rescue bots, fight corrupted robots, unlock new powers and battle huge bosses.

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It’s official! The video game with 50s housewives fighting zombies finally has a Kickstarter date!

Aberford will be Kickstarting on September 15th! Spread the word!

Thank you all for you patience and support! This would not be possible without all of you. We took a risk when we pushed everything back to work on the art, but you trusted us and I think the results speak for themselves. The parts are all finally in place and we’ll spend the next two weeks polishing everything so it looks perfect when we go to fund.

(The Thunderclap has also been moved the 15th)

Poster by the amazing spikievstheuniverse

It’s been a long time coming, but I hunkered down and worked up the energy needed to finish texturing this model in time for a Tuesday update, woohoo!

The common grunt of the Kobold horde, the Sniffer may not be the most crafty, but for what they lack in strength they make up with sheer numbers… and a knack for mischief.

There’s some parts that need refining, but overall I’m really happy with the texturing and the handful of animations I’ve made for this enemy unit. Weekly updates are a go-go again, so be sure to keep your eyeballs peeled for concept art and additional animation renders every Monday or Tuesday!

Kickin’ Rad, Super Bad: Interview With ‘Hiveswap’ UI Artist Veronica Nizama

Homestucks kind of a big deal. Since its beginning in April 2009, it’s had over three and a half hours of animated content, close to eight thousand individual pages, and a word count teetering on a million. When it was announced that there’d be a video game, Hiveswap, the reaction was immense. The game reached its funding goal of $700,000 in just two days, and at the time, was one of the most highly-funded video game projects to come out of that platform with a grand total of $2,485,506.

Despite starting off as a parody of early text adventure games, Homestuck deals with a number of surprisingly mature themes. From alcoholism and sexuality to what it means to be a hero, there’s very little ground the webcomic hasn’t touched. Characters who revolve around these themes, such as the high-class megalomaniac Vriska or the isolated scholar Calliope, are handled with a surprising amount of finesse despite the story’s humble beginnings. Homestuck is a story that’s multi-faceted even at its core, and this is thankfully a quality reflected in What Pumpkin Studios. With a team made up of people from all types of backgrounds, the New York-based studio is surprisingly diverse.

One key member of the development team is Veronica Nizama, user interface designer and texture artist for What Pumpkin Studios. Veronica has a wealth of experience with both mobile and mainstream game development, having worked directly on over forty projects, and has carved a name for herself on the adult comic book scene. I had the chance to sit down with her and discuss her work on Hiveswap, as well as some of her own personal experiences in the industry.

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Detention is a tense 2D survival horror set in a high school in Taiwan, where two students have somehow entered a surreal, twisted version of their school that’s now haunted by horrific creatures called ‘The Linger’.

Play The Detention Alpha Demo, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)


The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car is a powerful visual novel narrative in which two strangers discuss their past, their music taste and the zombie apocalypse that’s wiping out humanity.

There may be no happy endings at the end of the world, but there are some powerful glimpses of humanity and a hope of finding some inner peace before the end comes.

Play The Full Game, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)

Mass Effect 4 News Update: Lead Writer May Have Changed On Andromeda

For full article visit iDigitalTimes.com, Posted 09/08/15, written by Bob Fekete    

Strange things are happening on the BioWare website, and they could mean a change in leadership for Mass Effect Andromeda. Fans have noticed that the Introducing Some Dev Team Leads blog post has updated, removing the Lead Writer from the project. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet by BioWare.

As seen on the Internet Archive, the BioWare Blog mentioned that Chris Schlerf was the lead writer of Mass Effect Andromeda as recently as June 15. The posting now shows that he is no longer on the team. Schlerf was previously the lead writer on Halo 4 with 343 Industries. According to Schlerf’s Twitter account, he is still the lead writer on Mass Effect Andromeda, but he also hasn’t tweeted anything since Aug. 2.

This has led many online to speculate that John Dombrow will be the new Lead Writer. We had previously learned, according to the social networking site LinkedIn, that Dombrow had become a Senior Writer at BioWare.

Fans may remember Dombrow from his work on Mass Effect 3, especially the Priority: Sur'Kesh, Priority: Tuchanka and Priority: Thessia missions. Dombrow is also responsible for much of the dialogue of everybody’s favorite sidekick, Garrus. In addition to this, Dombrow also wrote the dialogue for Javik, was co-lead writer on the Citadel DLC, Supervising Writer of the Leviathan DLC, and wrote all phases of Overlord, a DLC pack for Mass Effect 2. Dombrow has also written for the Mass Effect comic books from Dark Horse…


As a side note (in case you are not interested in reading the whole article), the article also went on to share a ton of great little bits of info dropped by Chris Wynn and Michael Gamble on Twitter. If you are not following either of these gentlemen on Twitter already, I highly recommended. They are SUPER friendly and answer (most) questions readily.

-Your NerdWorthy Moderator, MissPiggy385

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Days of War is an Unreal Engine 4-powered online first person military shooter that hearkens back to the grittier and simpler era of the WWII FPS.

It’s a great looking FPS that’sis keen to distance itself from the increasingly hyperactive, gadget-laden Call of Duty and Battlefield games, with a mission statement that ‘bullets are what matter, not kill-streaks, not wall jumps, and certainly not drone strikes ordered from iPads.’ 

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