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Hello guys!

I realized that I haven’t been posting on tumblr for quite a while, so I figured, why not just give you guys a quick update on what I’m working on.

So I have been digging around the internet for various tutorial on Ruby script, a language used in RPG Maker VXA, and because I am a scripting idiot, it has been taking me a while to pick it up. Good news though, it seems like it is very possible to make what I have in mind with RPG Maker, so my next goal would be to create a short demo, with some snippet of story as well as the base mechanic to the game. Although it’s still too early to say, my intention would be for the demo to be free and I will set up something for you guys to post your feedback.

In other news, I have been reworking some details of the characters and well as a complete overhaul of Elias’s design (pic above). Do tell me if you look it or prefer the old one. (although I would be devastated =′) )

Finally, one of the mechanics in the game would be to have “leftover” memory remnants in the form of polaroids. So I’ve gone ahead to paint a memory in the game, and of course I chose a nsfw one. xD The pic above is a teaser and a work-in-progress of what the actual memory is, feel free to speculate. :)))

An Unlikely Update – GAME DEV. DIARY??

So, I’m slowly growing a bit frustrated. I am a mess at keeping at one project at a time, and end up working on multiple ones at once. But this way of working really doesn’t work as it seems – all my projects keep lingering on and never get finished, and when I get back to a project I haven’t worked on in a while, I’m displeased.


I figured I’d write up things about the projects I have going on atm. A “small” list, in a way to keep myself on track of everything I do or something of the sort. Maybe to hear opinions or let you guys know I’m NOT inactive bc I don’t do anything, I’m inactive bc I’m doing too much shit at once.

Sooo here it goes; My (Always-expanding) list of W.I.P projects (Click on names for summary pages):

Dahlia; The Princess of Freaks 

(And the other parts of the intended trilogy)

Please! Save My Dojo!

My Mother’s Lullaby

Swallowtail Twins

With Love, Alyssa

Before We Had Our Names [NAME NOT FINAL]

More coming when I have the energy to write out summaries. Tune back someday!

Any questions are welcome and appreciated! I’m just trying to take control of my creativity again gahhhh.

Cullinan: A Co-Operative Diamond Heist Card Game

So I’ve been a bit incommunicado recently, I admit it.  One of the big things I’ve been working on in that time is a fully cooperative diamond heist card game.  It uses traditional playing cards, so you’re more or less immediately ready to play the game once you’ve got the rules.

The game is for 2-4 players, with everyone working together to heist the Cullinan Diamonds: nine gems cut from the largest diamond ever discovered.  All nine of the gems are owned by the British Crown, so you’ll be up against some serious opposition in your heist.  To counteract that, each player character has unique abilities that give the players an edge over the authorities.

As to where the game is at now, I’d like to say the game’s mechanics are pretty much done.  Now all I need to do is playtest it a lot more and maybe get some art for it all.

Designing a Monaco Level, Dev Diary 5: 2nd Floor Prototype

Despite my regrettable silence on this blog for the past month, I’ve still been working on the Stade Louis II.  Right now, I’m feeling pretty confident about the 2nd floor’s layout.  I had wanted a layout that emphasizes both the actual Stadium (not accessible by players, but still very much visible) and the feeling of a respectable lobby, like in the Galerie D'art level in the main storylines.

Unfortunately, I’ve been tinkering with it on and off for the past month, so I don’t have as solid of a post-mortem on it as I would have liked.  Moving forward, I would like to watch for the difficulty of this floor in playtests.  Especially compared with the first floor, I feel like this one might be a bit too easy.

Here, as before, is a short gif showing the process of designing the floor, as shown by screencaps at every save.

External image

Up Next:

  • Start Floor 3
  • Playtest