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Morning Melly. Now that we have a real-time comparison of Zayn's non-existent promo vs Harry/Niall/Liam's actual promo, do you think folks are starting to realise how strange Zayn's situation is? Or are the blinkers still on when it comes to everything he does? Love you and Zayn and wish you both an excellent hair and skincare game day x


We haven’t seen Liam’s promo campaign for his new single yet, but already seeing pap walks of Liam meeting with radio program directors in his Gucci finery and early buzz press for his single, I’ll bet my boobs that Liam does a pretty extensive amount of promo for his single (late night talk shows, radio shows, Twitter Q&As, summer radio show concerts, etc). Even Louis - for all folks have said JHO didn’t have promo, and for all that JHO was a niche EDM single – still performed on morning and late night talk shows, played a festival, and did radio and Sirius XM interviews, and JHO was a Syco release to boot. 

To be fair, Zayn did have  promo in the beginning (albeit fucky promo with those UK cancellations and early rumors of unreliability). Promo for Zayn via Syco didn’t effectively get shutdown until June. What’s unfortunate about this is if you aren’t looking that closely, a lot of the fandom doesn’t give it much thought outside of what the official story is, and Zayn’s always had to deal with a lot of double standards and bullshit. 

With Liam, Harry, and Niall all releasing music this month coupled with Zayn’s April 2 tattoo, I’m looking to see if anything changes for Zayn in the coming months. Zayn deserves better, his music deserves better, and I’ve got fingers and boobs crossed. 

P.S. Love you too and wish you an A+ hair and skincare game for life