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Hey there! I'm an indie game dev and I was wondering as a deaf person if there are any little things in perticular that you've found a lot of games missing that you wish they had that would make things easier for you, or any features that help you enjoy the game more with your disability?

Thanks for thinking of the d/Deaf community as you design your games! There are a ton of ways to make a game more accessible to disabled gamers, but to simplify, there are two key components when it comes to deaf accessibility:

1. Captions

2. Visual Cues

Although gaming companies are not required to include them, captions are essential for deaf and hard of hearing gamers. It also benefits non-native speakers and people who have auditory processing disorder. However, it’s important that these captions also include sound effect descriptions, especially during cut-scenes (i.e. “children laughing” or “explosion in the distance”). It helps keep the deaf gamer immersed. I find very few game designers do this.

For deaf gamers, one of the most frustrating things is when a game designer includes a sound cue that does not have a corresponding visual cue. One famous example off the top of my head is the timer for P Switches in the Super Mario series. This component is very subtle, yet it adds just enough frustration that it can turn some levels from annoying to infuriating. When creating crucial cues in your game, make sure that they are accessible for all gamers. I talk about this a lot in my Deaf Gaming Reviews, which you can go check out here.

This is a great question! I think I’ll write a more in-depth article later, but I hope my quick response helps for now :)

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1 with johnny? 😊

prompt: “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”

johnny x reader ft. taeyong; angst/light fluff; 1.6k words
drabble prompt game!

The night was silent, still as unmoved oceans amidst the bitter coldness outdoors. You were seated on a barstool, arms glued to the surface as another shot glass joined the others. You ached to ask for another drink, because on a night of solitude like this you wanted to drown out the present issues. It was as if that no matter how much potent that filled each shot glass was never enough, and whenever you downed its content it was immediately replaced with lonesome sentiments.

Your mind was slow, vision was doubled, and you were barely able to pay mind to your surroundings, no matter how vivacious they were. You were at a bar on a Tuesday night—at the dead of the morning as well. Typically citizens who roam the city and awake to their fullest ability would be the ones in search of something or someone. In your case, you wanted a solace. And somehow drinking endlessly at a bar would provide you with what you wanted.

You wanted to rid yourself of the horrid feeling of lonesomeness, to have the dejection wither away like flowers neglecting cold weather. But most importantly, you wanted to rid yourself of the thoughts of Lee Taeyong—the root of your woe.

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+a little competitive

☇  yoongi x reader | 1114 words

genre: fluff fluff fluff throws fluffy cotton like confetti

warnings: as usual, none

12: did you actually just blue shell me on our date you fucker

request a drabble!

“What the – fuck you Min Yoongi.”

“Oh yeah, you’re welcome to anytime.”

“Shut up that’s not what I meant. And oh my god, we’re playing this again. I’ll beat you on Wario’s Gold Mine.”

“Yeah? Try me.”

To say you and Yoongi were competitive was an understatement; you both were extremely passionate about winning. Rivals before dating, the burning will to win just never died down and just got bigger. Obviously, because of this, there were bound to be some issues. Issues such as today.

What started out as a casual game of Mario Kart during a lazy Saturday afternoon date became something like the Hunger Games when you just had to beat Yoongi on Sherbert Land (“screw the penguins!” “yoongi, don’t blame the penguins when it’s just your incompetence at the game”). Cue the next three hours as follows.

“Hah! In your face Yoongi,” you cheer, pumping up your fist into the air in triumph. The number on the screen flashes one as your character, Toad, passes the finish line first, just a mere three seconds before Yoongi’s character Baby Mario.

“Shut up,” he mutters, glaring hard at you. You feel his glare on the back of your head and turn around, blowing him a cheeky kiss, before turning back to the TV screen and waiting for the results. At that, Yoongi cracks a small smile, shaking his head and muttering a soft “cute.”

When the score table comes up, you screech in excitement, shooting up from the ground before jumping up and down. Yoongi’s oversized black t-shirt doesn’t do much to cover the expanse of skin on your legs that your short shorts expose, and Yoongi swallows, trying to not let his gaze linger too long. Just who allowed you to look so good? Especially in his shirts.

And if Yoongi was honest, he’d admit that he may have been a little too distracted by you, which was why you were with the winning streak. But as you both take a good look at the scoreboard, Yoongi’s competitive pride and spirit rises again.

“Again,” he utters bluntly, taking the Wii remote gently from your hands and selecting next. “This time, I’m choosing the path.”

“Sure, go ahead. It doesn’t matter for me because I’ll win anyways,” you crow, throwing your arms around Yoongi’s neck and planting a quick kiss on his cheek. He rolls his eyes, but you can see a faint flush on his skin. He shifts, his left arm coming around you to loop around your waist, while his right arm continues handling the Wii remote. You lay your head down at the crook of his neck, breathing in his warm comforting scent, a mix of morning coffee and your clean lavender soap.

You watch the TV screen as he switches through paths. “Do Bowser’s Castle,” you suggest, pointing at the screen. Yoongi shoots you a narrowed glance.

“Y/N, you just won. Let me choose the path in peace.”

You shrug, before closing your eyes and nestling closer to him. At that, the arm around your waist tightens slightly. After a few seconds, you open your eyes again, this time peering up through your lashes to observe Yoongi.

Though you call him your idiot, the grumpy one, an old man, words cannot describe the immediate surge of affection you feel as you stare at his face. From his smooth milky skin, to soft black hair, and then down to his sleepy eyes of brown honey. He has a look of concentration etched onto his face, and you giggle inwardly at how serious he is about winning. 

Yoongi glances down at you, eyebrows raised. “What?”

“Nothing.” You send him a teasing smile. “Just admiring you.”

Even though the two of you had been dating quite a while, Yoongi still wasn’t quite used to your sweet compliments. He was, after all, the tsundere one in the relationship. So at your words, he quickly glances away, though you catch the way the corners of his lip quirk up.

“Complimenting me isn’t going to get me to go easy on you,” he states, finally selecting a course. You hum, taking the remote back from him.

“It was worth a try.”

Then you take a look at the path chosen, and you turn your head to look at Yoongi.

“Rainbow Road? Are you sure?”

“What, are you doubting my abilities?” asks Yoongi, mock offense in his voice. 

“Nope, just making sure that you’re fine with me whooping your ass is all,” you sing. 

Yep, there goes the previously soft and loving atmosphere. Suddenly, it’s as if a match was lit, and the two of you were back insulting each other.

Seven minutes into the course, you both are neck and neck on the third and final loop. You watch as Baby Mario teeters slightly at the edge of the path, and an idea pops up. 

“Sorry Yoongi,” is all you blurt out before making Toad swerve into Baby Mario, and essentially pushing him off the path. Yoongi’s mouth drops open. 


“I’m doing this to win but I love you!” you yell out. He grumbles something, snatching his Wii remote back up. You’re halfway through the course when Yoongi whoops. Glancing at his screen, you see Baby Mario turn into a Bullet Bill. Your mouth drops open when you see him slowly catching up to you, only a couple places behind you.

“Looks like the odds are in my favor, Y/N,” smirks Yoongi. You roll your eyes, concentrating back onto your own character.

A minute later, the two of you are back yelling at each other and the game itself. Yoongi curses as he slips on a banana peel, while you cry out when someone sends a ghost and black ink fills your screen.

And then finally, finally you are almost at the finish line. You can just see it, and your hands are tense around the remote.

“I’m gonna win Yoongi,” you say, pressing the A button even harder, as if it could make you go faster. Yoongi is silent for a moment, before a slow smile spreads across his face.

“You sure about that?” he questions. You’re about to ask him what he means when you see it. 

“No,” you mutter. “No, no, no.” And then it hits you with a boom; a small blue shell with white wings sends Toad flying into the air. You watch Yoongi’s screen as Baby Mario happily glides by, past you and past the finish line. 

Your mouth drops open.

Did you actually just blue shell me on our date you fucker?”

“Nice try, Y/N. How about a kiss?”

in case you’ve never played mario kart:

bullet bill: basically the player’s character turns into a bullet and basically you dont need to do anything the game just automatically drives your character for like 20 seconds and it’s rly fast

blue shell: im p sure you get this when you’re in second place but the blue shell basically just sends the first place player flying into the air

yaaaa this was like a bunch of fluff i hope the anon who requested it likes this!!!

I work at a video game store. Yes I play games, but I’m a broke as heck college student that barely even has the energy to play games most of the time. Even if I did, I still can’t possibly know every little thing about every dang console/game that existed.

Cue some grump that calls asking what the difference is between the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita. Yes he knows that they play very different games, but how else are they different? You don’t know if the vita plays movies? Yes you can put me on hold so your co-worker can help him out.

I put the guy on hold and tell my co-worker what’s going on, hasn’t been a minute before she picks the phone up and asks how can she help him. Then she hangs up real quick.

Apparently the guy started screaming at her about how the employees need to be better trained and how he just wants to get a handheld for his daughter. Nevermind the original reason he called. He had no way of knowing if she was my manager, in fact I was the m.o.d. at the time.

What kind of a-hole starts yelling at someone because of another person’s faults??

Little detail I’ve never noticed before:

The game of dice that Killian, Milah and the crew are playing in 2.04 is Crown and Anchor which was “traditionally played for gambling purposes by sailors in the Royal Navy, and also in the British merchant and fishing fleets.”

It’s difficult to see, but it looks like it’s the game he’s playing in 3.21, as well:

In Storybrooke, however, the game he’s playing with Henry in 3.17 uses traditional dice with numbered pips:

Brain has gone into overdrive!!!!

My brain is like running around in circles over the “A Date with Markiplier” and the segment in which “Darkiplier” is shown to us. It was amazing to watch the whole project and I can’t think of anything else to say except awesome job you guys :D you have blown my mind with what you were able to do together and I can’t wait to see what you think of next :D

But back to my brain running like a hamster in a wheel: Lots of people have been theorizing over Dark and Anti about their personalities. My thoughts have made me wonder, how do they exist in our world?

Anti had to kill his host in order to have control finally. But we see Anti in those glitches and in the shadows. So how does he end up there? My thoughts are that Anti has the power to project himself out of the body and into our world, but for only short amounts of time. Perhaps the energy that it took for him to reach out to “us” is what causes the glitches, similar to an EMP or some sort of electricity that causes the glitches. When he finally gained enough control to take over his host, the power within him was so immense that everything changed and altered the look of everything. 

Dark, on the other hand, seems to be more of an alternate reality version of his host. It seems that he can alternate reality and teleport fairly quickly. He says that he can take you wherever you want to go or not want to go. You may have seen, he showed up for that quick second when you chose to take the “exit”. He threw you into a time loop, it may be possible that you might remember the other reality, but who is to know really? It is also interesting that he doesn’t need the host for much, you are able to kill the host and Dark lives on without the body. 

*cue Game theory channel slogan*

But those are just my thoughts :)

Game of Flags Score Selections
Brian H. Kim
Game of Flags Score Selections

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Game of Flags. Sorry for the delay, folks. My wife gave birth to our son Sebastian early Monday morning and life has been a bit crazy. BUT LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS.

Anyway, here’s a collection of cues from Game of Flags. I love all the action and emotional beats in this episode, so I wanted to post a bunch of cues in one convenient, easy-to-share package. Included are “Ready Set Flags,” “Rain Zone,” “Star vs the Volcano,” “Queen Moon,” and “Perfect Blend.”

Mind Fucked pt.5- The Others

By- Whitebird

I blasted the insides of Thomas’s ass like a fire hose of Spunk as he screamed in pleasure, his hole still obviously showing that he is a straight guy by the way it squeezes my dick. I pulled out and turned the shower off, leaving Thomas still heavily breathing while leaning against the modern looking shower wall, his abs bouncing with each breath.

“Damn kid…”

I wiped off my dick and nodded at him, “aye, there’s more where that came from, get your ass together and get down stairs.” I slide on a shirt and pants, underwear in hand and walked down the grand staircase to the back sliding door, leaving Thomas the straight gym rat heathing in heat.

When I got into the back I slowly walked over to the other guys and started to elevate their horniness. At first, they were subtly kneading their crotch, but two minutes in, the fucking pack of gym rats were practically dry humping the table while trying to continue their little poker game. That was my cue. I approached the table and worked my magic.

“Hey, are one of you the owner?”

All three of them turned around. The one sitting in the middle stood up and looked me up and down while grabbing his cock.

“Sorry man, but uh… Aren’t you a kid?”

“High schooler?”

I smiled and shrugged,“ yeah, but I guess you’d be surprised at what I can accomplish. I’m sorry, what are your names?”

In order from right to let the guys chime out,




I shook all their hands and then smirked,“ so uh, am i intruding on some kind of circle jerk or something?” All three of them all suddenly looked down and realized they were still practically jacking off there cocks with talking to me.

Matt stood up and looked at me straight in the eye,“oh crap sorry man I’m not sure what’s going on, we’re not gay or anything, just-”

“Really horny, no, I get it” I said as I clutched the underwear behind my back and made the jocks even Hornier, so much to the point they started humping the air.




Suddenly I took my underwear and tossed it right on the table in front of them, and raised my eyebrows at the gorillas, almost challenging them to fight their instincts more then they already are.

Matt was the first to jump. He grabbed them off the table and smelt the pocket where my dick was rolled his eyes into the back of his head, followed by the other guys trying to also get ahold of the underwear.

“Guys, guys… Fuck already…”

Before I could even finish my sentence, the horny men were already nude, Devin over Matt trying to get his lips around Kyle’s cock. Their horniness became so wild they couldn’t even talk, just grunt and moan as they dog piled and fought over one another’s dicks and asses like animals in heat. Suddenly, I pulled down my pants and almost like a beacon, all three of their eyes became fixated on my dick.

And so, my day ends, a groups of three horny jock bros faces buried deep into my crotch, with Thomas’s huge elephant dick jack hammering into my skull. And to think, once i hypnotize my ‘wardens’ into letting me live in this mansion, this will be my life 24/7😏

To be continued…

Vriska Isn’t Dead

There’s been a lot of speculation on where and what the status of Vriska’s existence is post-canon, and whether or not it’s a fruitless venture for Terezi to go looking for her. Here’s my theory as to why Vriska, the living, breathing troll, is alive and still waiting somewhere in the Furthest Ring. 

First off, this relies on Tex Talks’ theory of what happened in the epilogue, which I think is the most compelling and well-reasoned idea for what happens during Act 7. 

(Note: the rest of this person’s videos are excellent, too, and in particular are useful tools for character analysis using the lens of classpect.)

Given Tex’s theory, in the final metaphysical pool game, Vriska represents the cue. Lord English is the 8-ball being knocked into the black hole. This ends the Game. We can surmise from this that Lord English is, if not dead, then at least beyond the reach of human interference, as are the rest of the felt – they have been “pocketed” and are, effectively, dead. All of the balls – i.e., villains – are gone.

So what happened to Vriska? Some suggest that she’s sucked into the black hole, too, and locked away with English. I disagree. If Tex is right, and Vriska is the cue, then it would be narratively nonsensical for her to be sucked into the black hole. Because when a game of pool is done, you don’t put your cue into the pocket; you put take it off the table. Or, in other words: you take it out of the game.

Whether this means Terezi will find her or not, I don’t know, and I don’t really think there’s going to be much exploration of that thread. The snaps seem to be a dead end plot-wise, and even though it leaves two very important character arcs unfulfilled, Hussie seems to have moved on to different projects. Endgame Vrisrezi reunion is sheerly theoretical, at this point, and likely always will be. But regardless, in the canonical work, Terezi finding Vriska is a definite possibility. 

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me again i cant stop thinkin about baby bakkoush sibs sooo... a Hypothetical for you: 11 year old elias, adam, mutasim, and mikael (whats a yousef) are all sitting on the floor in the bakkoush living room, playing FIFA 08. 8 year old sana is curled up by elias and mikael's feet, critiquing their team choices without looking up from her gameboy color. (also i have a tiny hc that baby sana and baby mikael were lowkey bffs but more on that later perhaps)

This is so cute !!!!!! (idk a yousef either)

• okay everytime elias makes a bad move sana doesn’t even look from her gameboy and she is like “you shouldn’t have done that”

• okay but sana is the best at “rachet and clank” like everybody wanted to be on her team when playing

• sana might suck at fifa but she will wreck playing fighting games especially naruto (cue mutta and mikael being shook that sana beated them part1!sakura)

• sana and mikael are undefeatable whenever they teamplay because they always cover each other

• elias likes to include sana into things because she refused most of the time because even if sana had friends she would never invites them over and rarely hangs out them so whenever sana said yes she would have the biggest smile on her face