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these are literally the only baby photos of me I could find (I was adorable once upon a time, huh? lol) thanks for the tag, @jjongeyed this was fun <3

I’ll tag: @minhosbowties @petitshinee @lockandminkey (i can’t think of anyone else atm sorry)


Fandom Sorting Hat

ASoiAF/Game of ThronesRAVENCLAW

Sansa Stark. Tyrion Lannister. Samwell Tarly. Bran Stark. Maester Luwin. Shireen Baratheon. Melisandre. Jojen Reed.

“Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind.


My girlfriend recently wrangled me into joining a new D&D campaign with a few friends. I’ve never really been much into table top games (outside of crib and monopoly :P ) but my first game was actually pretty fun. She is somewhat of an expert in the subject, but I have absolutely NO idea, so it’ll take some reading and learning. I’m excited to be playing a half-ling monk who loves martial arts and good food /drink named Daxter Greenbottle. Best to start with what you know right?

Got my first 2 pairs of dice this weekend (plus 2 extra d20 from a gumball machine). I can’t see possibly needing another set. She assures me this is how it starts. So excited to try them out soon.


Brandy, Sevyn & Jeremih Party With Tyrese During Super Bowl 50

Brandy, Sevyn Streeter and Jeremih partying with Tyrese during Super Bowl 50

It was an R&B reunion!

R&B singer Tyrese invited some friends over to watch Super Bowl 50 on Sunday. And a few of his R&B friends came out to party!

Brandy, Sevyn Streeter and Jeremih came out to watch the big game at Ty’s crib where there was an overflow of laughs, drinks and good times.

Hmm…Sevyn has worked with Brandy on an album before…Jeremih is a known songwriter and producer and Ty is always preaching about bringing R&B back…is there an R&B collabo in the works? If so, we’re totally here for it.

The beautiful brown beauties snapped a gorgeous selfie where Sevyn captioned, “Fun Timez At @tyrese Crib with my Sis @4everbrandy Just Love Her #SuperbowlSunday #TyreseCribLit".

We see Sevyn is tapping into a 90s vibe these days. Cute.

Fun times.

My Favorite Games of 2016, Pt. 2

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley brings Harvest Moon to the PC (and now to consoles) with a really great farming game that digs it’s meat hooks into you and refuses to let you die until you’ve put at least 75 hours into it. And while I never really got especially grabbed by a farming game before (I’ve tried previous Harvest Moon games and not been especially enraptured by them, but I may go back and play some older ones with this) this one kept me engaged for over 100 hours, and I’m still putting time into it occasionally.

Stardew Valley is addicting and charming, with appealing colorful sprite graphics and a great soundtrack that really sets the casual, comfortable tone ideal for the game. Everything you can do, from farming to fishing to giving characters gifts to scavenging to dungeoning, feels important. Everything feels valuable. You can’t make any wrong choices, really. There isn’t a lose condition (which I’m sure some people hate) but the point isn’t really to have a loss condition. It’s just to have a comfy time farming. You might be able to make inefficient choices (and wowee, did some people crunch numbers to produce the absolute maximum possible efficiency.) but you can’t really lose. Hell, the game even has two distinctly different quest lines, with different outcomes and different advantages to each. If you want to focus entirely on money, there’s a route for that. If you want to grow everything and fish everything and explore everything, well. There’s a route for that too.

It has problems, specifically with dialogue and characters (they are all really, really boring, even the best girls are ‘okay’ at best) but with a team composed of: literally one person, it’s a master work.

I just hope they get an artist and writer for any sequel.

Final Fantasy XV



I dunno what to say. This game was in development hell for a decade, came out, and is good. It’s good! Hell, I’d say it’s great, even! The world feels big and is interesting, I really like all the characters, it looks gorgeous, and even if the story hemorraghes all coherency at a point, it’s still a really fun ride. Sure, I might be giving it a bit more credit than it if it HADN’T been in development hell, but the fact it’s this good, with all the obstacles it faced, makes me so much more optimistic for Square Enix’s future output that it’s really hard to put into words. Square Enix is making games again!

A ton of them!

Final Fantasy! Star Ocean! Nier! Kingdom Hearts!

And maybe it’s stupid of me to let that bolster the game a little higher than it deserves, but fuck it. It’s still really good. Is it perfect? No. The combat could be way better and the game shows that it’s the first 'open world’ game SE has ever attempted in a WHOLE lot of places, since the devs obviously lacked experience that other developers like CDPR or Bethesda (lel) would have. But it sucked me into it’s world, it sets a really fun tone, and it’s really, genuinely refreshing to have a game that finally, FINALLY takes place in the logical conclusion of a fantasy world: A world like ours that has magic and monsters. Not one where they SUDDENLY APPEARED, but one where they’ve just always been there. It’s a step forward that I certainly HOPE other games will crib, cause it’s taken us too goddamn long to get here.

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tbh nerds are insanely scrupulous (statistically so) and spend most of their time being self-deprecating; in fact, my theory is that they achieve such advanced state of constantly insulting themselves that "you don't have a girlfriend" is offensively lazy to them

Pretty much, also.


Beck does a fucking frame for frame Data Drain on bosses when he beats them, for fuck’s sake. The fat professor looks like fucking Professor Ochanomizu from Astro Boy. Literally everything in the game is cribbed from an anime.