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i love when you can look at pokemon fanart and devise whether or not its pokespe just by what the characters are doing and their general expressions, even though their designs are near-identical to their game counterparts. 

like, if someone’s drawn the female dppt protagonist all you have to do is check how prim and 100% done she looks to confirm whether it’s pokespe platinum or game dawn. baring fangs and looking ready to kill a man? that’s sapphire, not may. looks like he lowkey wants to curl up into a ball and cry? x, not calem.

  • Me: (thinks that Moon looks rather subtly but noticeably Asian, more so than past characters supposedly from fantasy Japan.)
  • Yamamoto: I modeled Moon after Bae Doona.
  • Me: Oh! That makes sense.
  • Me: (thinks that Kukui/Masked Royal looks goddamned RIPPED and bulky compared to his game counterpart.)
  • Yamamoto: I modeled Kukui/Masked Royal after Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.
  • Me: (starts cracking up, can't speak, gives thumbs-up)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V 132: The Peerless Entertainer

Alternate titles:

  • EDO AND KAITO ARE STILL ALIVE (subtitle: thank you writers for making that so clear)
  • The Banana Son is No More (rip)
  • The Dimensional Counterpart Hunger Games is Down to Two Competitors
  • In Which Reira Almost Beats Reiji in Card Games
  • Yuuri Beats Up an Old Man with His Powers
  • Sakaki Yusho Still Acknowledges Sakaki Yuya as His Son so fuck u zarc (subtitle: Yuuri is not impressed)
  • Asuka Gets (Rightfully) Mentioned for the First Time in Ages 
  • Yusho’s Ace Monster Confirmed a Magician (Atem and Yugi would be proud)
  • Mysterious Spotlights Appearing Out of Nowhere, “Ladies and Gentlemen!”, and “The Fun is Just Beginning!”: Where Yuya Got It From
  • Sakaki Yusho Being an Illegally Attractive Old Man: the episode
  • Reiji Egao Appears For the First Time in 32 Episodes because SAKAKI YUSHO Y’ALL
  • Yusho Jumps Off His Ace Monster with His Injured Leg and is Somehow Okay and More Magic Acts (subtitle: or is it the power of egao?)
  • Yuya Literally Being Proud of His Dad Every Five Seconds

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Read this and you will help a sad soul , well i just joking but yeah pls help

Ya know i hate people saying yellow and emerald should not be in pokespe manga cus they don’t even have counterpart game and who the hell is this freak or blablabla reason they hate them .. fan skip their arc just because fan hate their chracter ,the arc is boring (donstepinpokespeanymore) or shipping reason (donshootmepls) and it broke my heart people say emerald should not be the dex holder , wally should be the dex holder instead or wally is better than emerald , don get me wrong I DO LOVE WALLY he is great rival and great character be the sick kid character but stil don’t give up.. but saying horrible thing to emerald like that making me sick , emerald is made by kusaka he is sooo unique looking character especially the oras arc hesocutee
And special character .. emerald arc are great and his past really trigger me .. so why do people keep complaint about it ..i accidentally saw someone post yellow and emerald should not exist and IT ALREADY KEEP ME HAVING A BAD DAY i have a sensitive heart to mah child , especially i myself fan of yellow, it hurt me so much :’) i still fighting(foryelloereturn) thanks for reading this shitty post guys , i know i being so paranoid or whatever it is , and thank again for reading this have a great day , i wanna talk about it more but i shall be quite. . O K I D O N E

Like his Archie counterpart, Game!Sonic is the “Embodiment of Chaos”. However Sonic has been the Embodiment of Chaos since birth and the circumstances as to how he became it are unknown. This is the reason for many of Sonic’s abilities such as his incredible speed, multitudes of transformations, and Chaos Control. Sonic could also use other Chaos Powers, like Chaos Blast, which are more potent than Shadow’s Chaos Power, however Sonic can’t readily tap into his innate Chaos Energy without training.

*leans into the mic*

I will now reveal the true antagonists of Undertale. (Are you ready?)

It’s fear.
Fear and apathy.

It was fear of the monster’s power that brought the humans to go to war and seal them into the mountain.

It is our apathy to their plight, to their existence (even if the are constructs in a video game) that brings them suffering. Every Reset, every Genocide run, every time we undo a happy ending. It is not done out of cruelty. But of curiosity.

And Flowey is our in-game counterpart. He is detached from emotions, his soul, apathetic to others. He has unlocked every ending but remains unsatisfied.

((But while we are detached physically, we at least have empathy right?))


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Again, "nah, they chill", classic shitposter line. Random person: Man, that (insert serial murderer's name) sure is crazy. Shitposter: Nah, they chill. I was only pointing out that they're synonyms, because if you do take her words seriously it still isn't conclusive, because of that, but I really think you shouldn't.

okay why don’t we look at the actual conversation and decide from there what’s going on?

the context of the above twitter conversation goes as follows 

Temmie, who is friends with and has made animations for the Game Grumps, makes a playful jab at Steam Train who were doing a “bad time” run of Undertale, saying that they can’t kill her in game counterpart because they did it in a way that nulls the encounter. 

Barry response with a tone of forlorn confusion of “why would I want to?” hurt Temmie, who is my friend.
(i mean it’s not like him and Ross are hunting down all the other monsters that live in the underground or anything) 

Temmie responds “bc u are Chara” you know the character we are encouraged to name with “your own name” by Toby (if you can’t think of anything else lol) A character who is not a self insert but is heavily affected by the players actions. 

Ross chimes in with the following observation that is not played up for laughs in anyway but more of a, Hey everyone following me, this character might be a “bad person?”

to which Temmie responds “nah they chill,” a deadpan counterclaim.

And hey! 

The official Undertale blog made a post before this whole convo happened, mentioning how it’s not good to dismiss other people, even if that someone is a “bad person”

it’s not good to dismiss people, either. i mean, even the person who posted the lies shouldn’t be written off as a “bad person.” something in their life led them to this point, you know? just remember: there’s a difference between protecting your friends and destroying someone for your own justice. for honesty’s sake, investigate the truth for yourself, then ask: how is this going to help people?

and what lead Chara to wanting to kill all monsters again?

oh hey look at that.