game boy dress


don’t listen to something while you draw it bc then u find out u drew something wrong and u just gotta shrug and say fuck it

Yoosung ya cheeky boy watcha hiding from? ☆

Yoosung: my responsibilities

not exactly satisfied with how this turned out but i wanted to give him STAR EYES

tbh after reading all the Koi to Uso Manga up to the latest chapters and now watching the Anime I’m kinda actually impressed with the series. I never really thought about how great it is that this series focuses on the aspect of same-sex relationships in the society the series takes place in (YES I KNOW, Yuusuke’s feelings for Yukari are usually dodged and never really have any focus till now… need to wait for new translated chapters to see) I ain’t even a fan of Yaoi but I generally like the dude, he’s a nice guy but I feel bad for the fact that Yukari views him nothing more as a buddy and how the system of their world is gonna make him end up with some chick despite him clearly liking Yukari who is male. Koi to Uso ain’t perfect but it’s damn impressive #YuusukeBestGirl

I figured you Tumblr Whovians would totally love this picture from Central Canada Comic Con (DAY ONE ONLY!). Had so much fun tonight helping my friend Rachel from Box of Oddities sell her prints and stickers. Saw a lot of amazing cosplay but I bet tomorrow’s will be even BETTER because it’s the costume contest! I can’t wait.

Dress - Sew Oeno Etsy
Tights - Target
Boots - Shoe Company
Headband - Zellers
Cardigan - WalMart