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BTS Reaction to Their Bestfriend Accidently Confessing to Them; Jungkook Version

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Word Count: 1,179

“Y/N! C'mon, hurry up! You move like an old lady!” Jungkook whined as you slowly got out of your car, checking and making sure that you had everything that you needed.

“Jungkook, the fair isn’t going anywhere.” you teased like a mother would to her child. Jungkook held open your door impatiently, hopping slightly from excitement. When your butt was finally out of the car, Jungkook slammed the door shut, grabbed your hand, and dragged you off to the entrance of the fair with a large smile on his face.

“I know, but I wanna go and spend as much time with you as possible!” he said, happily skipping into the fairgrounds with you trying to keep up from behind.

You chuckled and shook your head, gazing at his backside with a certain longing in your eyes. You and Jungkook had met that same year at university, in your intro to psychology class. You sat in the back of the lecture hall, since you arrived late and didn’t want to be scolded by your professor for tardiness on the first day. Jungkook sat four seats down to your left, obviously, he hadn’t woken up to his alarm either.

Your relationship went from shy smiles, to throwing notes over the empty seats, to him sitting next to you with your knees brushing and up to your best friend status that you proudly held today. However, you couldn’t deny the attraction you had for your adorable, yet cocky best friend and oh how you wish you could just tell him how you felt. For now, though, you were happy being one of his closest friends; supporting him through his studies and his dream of becoming a singer.

You took in the smells of the fair; powdered sugar, fry oil, and something buttery and fattening that made your mouth water. Jungkook’s eyes shined with excitement as he led you to a funnel cake booth, buying you both one to share as you wandered into the petting zoo area, sneaking the baby animals bits of your fried, sugary goodness.

“Hey look, I found your dapple gangers.” you teased when you ran over to the hordes of bunnies. Jungkook just stuck his tongue out at you, but cooed none the less when one of the rabbits crawled into his lap. As you were petting the bunnies, Jungkook gently grabbed your hand, locking your fingers together with his. You looked up at him and saw that he had a slight blush on his cheeks and another bunny perched on his shoulder, making you giggle at his cuteness.

“You alright Kookie? You’re looking flushed.” you asked, running your free hand over his forehead and pushing some of his hair back. Jungkook just smiled and squeezed your combined hands.

“Never better Y/N. Let’s go on some rides, yeah?” he suggested, gently placing down the balls of fluff and leading you out of the petting zoo; walking with you to the rides. He never let go of your hand, and you inwardly smiled to yourself. Sure, Jungkook was always close to you like this, but the small victories always counted.

He took you on some fast-paced rides first: the little fast kiddie coasters, spinning teacups, bumper cars (which you totally beat him in, even though Jungkook wouldn’t admit it aloud) and one of those drop-down rides that always made your stomach do flips. After begging him to allow you to sit and rest, he placed you on a bench by the game booths and you watched him play from afar.
He won game after game, and slowly the bench you sat at was covered with fluffy stuffed animals and a new fish friend that you both named Marius.

“Jungkook, there is one thing I’d like to do before we leave.” you told him as you shared a serving of blue cotton candy. Jungkook’s lips were tinted lightly with the dyed sugar, and you were sure that your lips mirrored his. In a large bag over his back held all the toys he won, and you insisted that you’d carry Marius safely in your hands.

“Yeah? Anything you want Y/N, we can do!” he said happily.

“Can we go on the Ferris wheel? The sun is setting, and I bet the view is amazing from up there.” you said dreamily. The corners of Jungkook’s lips pulled up in a smirk and he nodded.

“Of course, anything for my best friend.” he said, nudging your side playfully. You could feel your heart slow and the smile on your lips fall an inch.

“Yeah, best friend.” you mumbled quietly to yourself as you followed Jungkook to the Ferris wheel. You both secured your winnings in one of those large storage containers and hopped on the ride. Jungkook sat next to you and he poked your cheek when the ride started to move. You went around once, twice, and then the cart stopped at the top on the third spin.

“Wow, it’s beautiful.” Jungkook mumbled, staring at the pinkish orange hue of the dusk sky. You nodded.

‘It is, but it’s not as beautiful as you.’ you thought.

“You think I’m beautiful, Y/N?” Jungkook asked. You turned to look at him with confusion in your eyes. Did he just read your mind? The stupid smirk on his face made your cheeks feel hot with blush.

“Did I just say that out loud?” you asked sheepishly, looking down at your shoes.

“You did, you did. Is there something you’d like to tell me Y/N? Do you like me?” Jungkook teased.

“Not funny Kookie, don’t tease.” you said softly, taking a deep breath before looking up at him again. His lips were still blue, the mischievous glint in his eyes made him look younger, and you couldn’t help but fall even more in love with the cute, yet handsome man sitting next to you.

“I do…like you. And I hope that this won’t ruin our friendship. Because before anything you were my friend first and I hope that we-”

Jungkook cut you off with his lips gently pressing against yours. You could taste the remnants of sugar on his lips and you melted at the feel of how soft they were. You brought your hands up around his neck, pulling him in closer as his hands moved to cup your face, his thumbs stroking the soft apples of your cheeks. The kiss was slow, both of your lips just brushing together in between soft breaths, testing the boundaries and just feeling, tasting, and loving. Jungkook pulled away first, resting his forehead against your own as you both caught your breath, both your cheeks flushed in red.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a while now. Does that answer your question Y/N?” he asked softly, a small smiling tugging on the corners of his lips. You nodded and laughed airily.

“Kookie, you look so cute when you blush.” you admitted, and Jungkook grinned, leaning in to peck your lips gently as the Ferris wheel started to descend.

“And your blush is absolutely stunning…my jagiya.”

The Carnival (Negan x Female)

Summary: The Saviors find a fairgrounds fully intact and Negan asks her to be his date.

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 1,920

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, and Swearing 

Author’s Note: This fic was requested by @prettyepiic who wanted “smut at the Carnival”. I hope I delivered! Fair warning, it’s pretty dirty. ;D

Thank you to @ashzombie13 for being my beta reader!

Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime! I LOVE feedback!

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Some people say that you find that romantic “spark” when you encounter someone who compensates for your own flaws. By doing so you can find an idealized version of a personality completely opposite to yours, through a romantic relationship. In a nutshell, you’re trying to get rid of the self you hate through romance.
—  Sheep with Glasses (Justin) | “Catherine”

ANON: May I request an imagine-ish/ scenario-ish of where you’d think BTS members would take you on your first date?? Thank you so much 💞

MY RESPONSE: HELLO LOVE!!! Here ya go I hope this is sorta-ish what you requested! x)


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I can totally imagine Jungkook going to a place with a lot of outlets. So basically a MALL x)! He’d choose cute matching outfits for the both of you. And every time you walked out of that dressing room looking absolutely stunning he’d take many pictures with his camera. Other couples would totally be envious of how stylish and aesthetic you looked 🔥! HOW ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE ALL THESE BAGS HOME? 🛍


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THEME PARK. I’m just going to base this on my first date since he’s pretty similar (personality wise) to my boyfriend. Both of you sharing cotton candy, him playing game booths for you, winning way to many stuffed animals… which leads to you giving some away to little kids since he won way to many. And as you wait through the annoyingly long lines you tell jokes to entertain each other x). He ends up stealing your first kiss at the top of a Farris wheel. (☺️) 🎡🎢


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Probably some type of rave XD. Or like a club? Jimin is really energetic in my opinion XD So I can see him dancing the night away with you. While he angelically sings his heart out to the music. You guys are both looking quite sexy x) and everyone gathers around as they watch the two of you dance. His hands on your waist, and the lighting perfectly shines 💃🏻🕺


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A ZOO! I know he, “HATES SNAKUE ~-~” but for some reason I can imagine him getting along perfectly with the monkeys, and also wanting to horseback ride with you. You would probably buy him a horse mask XD And help rinse off the elephants together as volunteer work. I can totally see him also swimming with the dolphins with you don’t ask why I have no idea. 🐎


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Staying at home you’d simply rest together and cuddle, and honestly it would be the best cuddling ever. But at an ART EXHIBIT the two of you would silently observe and admire the different kinds of art. While you look at one of the painting he gazes at you and lazily mutters. “Your a piece of art you know that?” 🎨


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DEFINITELY a MOVIE THEATER. Whether its watching a chic-flick or getting sucked into a terrifying horror film. He will watch any movie you choose x). If you cry from the heart wrenching romance film… he will hug you. If you receive a jump scare from the thriller… he will hug you. No matter what, he is right there by your side. In the comfy reclining chairs, eating buckets of popcorn 🍿


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Where ever you with Jin, it has to be a place with lots of foods. In other words a FESTIVAL/FAIR! The many greasy foods! Fried everything X). What can I say? Jin is a foodie and he knows it XD. Sounds cheesy but I can see you guys eating dessert. Specifically ice cream, and you getting some on your lips. He kisses you to get it off. “Delicious” 🍦

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Andrew and Neil go to an amusement park where Neil gets lost and Andrew *definitely does not* panic and worry, please! You are so amazing!

So like I kind of kept to the prompt??? Amusement park became State Fair, and Andrew and Neil lowkey became all the Foxes??? I’m sorry???

The parking area is already filled to the brim when they arrive. Andrew is pretty sure this doesn’t even count as a parking lot; the large field weighed down by rows upon rows of cars. There are numerous people in reflective yellow jackets using neon orange cones to direct traffic, and Andrew follows the line of cars to the next available spot. Matt’s truck pulls in beside the Maserati, and everyone climbs out, smiles out and wide in anticipation. Families and groups of teens alike weave their way through the cars around them, their chatter and laughter carrying on the breeze. It’s almost enough to drown out the screams and music coming from the Fair.

Despite it only being early October, the air has a chill to it with the sun gone, so the Foxes pull on hoodies and jackets before heading towards the epicentre of excitement. The sky is a pale indigo above their heads, a view stars blotching the inky surface, but the bright flashing lights up ahead are quick to wash them out. With each step closer, the scent of fried dough and spun sugar gets stronger, and seems to fuel the buzz reverberating through the group.

It doesn’t take long to get tickets, and then they’re moving through the entrance gate into the fairgrounds. The lights and sounds are even worse in the mix of things. A cacophony of chaos that grates on Andrew’s nerves and twinges at his temples like the start of a headache. He briefly wonders why he even agreed to come to the State Fair, but he finds he minds a little less when he takes in Neil’s expression. The striker’s face is bright, and his eyes are wide. The start of a smile tugs at the corners of his lips as he whips his head around to take everything in.

“Let me guess,” Andrew starts. “You’ve never been to a State Fair before.”

“Actually, I have,” Neil says. “Crowds like these are a great way to lose someone who’s chasing you.”

“Oh my god; that’s so sad,” Matt chimes in. “You need the full Fair experience, Neil! We’ll start with the Tilt-a-Whirl.”

“The tilt a what?”

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To fans who haven’t read the ShikaTema chapter in the Konoha Novel, let me explain to you why they’re blushing

Shikamaru is trying to find out the perfect present for Naruto and Hinata so Choji helps him out. He decided on giving them a honeymoon.

Wanting a women’s opinion, they look for Ino and they happen to run into Temari.

Choji tells Shikamaru to ask her about it. Shikamaru blushes feeling weird asking her and when he asks her, she blushes because she thinks he’s planning their honeymoon.

They end up going alone together at the Hot Springs, have a good time playing a booth game.

When it’s starting to get late, Shikamaru suggests they stay at the Hotspring for the night.

Temari on the other hand thinks that Shikamaru wants to have sex with her there.

She tries to leave, but Shikamaru holds her back saying that he needs her (he’s referring to her opinion cause she’s a women)

She asks if it’s ok it’s her, and he explains that he can’t go on the women side of the hotspring. This confuses her and asks him why they’re there and who’s honeymoon.

He says Naruto and Hinata. This clears up Temari’s head and also causes Shikamaru to realizes what she was thinking. Causing him to blush.

They both smile to each other and Temari happens to open her fan.

In the end they ended being a couple cause they were each other’s dates for the wedding.

The Middle Seat (Evan Hansen x Reader)

TW: swearing, terribly written (lol)

Words: 715

Requested by: @twinklyhood:  772 with evan ? :)

Number: 772 - “Can I hold your hand?”

           Evan was not a touchy-feely person. In fact, you had been friends with him for nearly 4 years and the closest you physically got to him was an accidental nudge on the shoulder when walking side-by-side. It wasn’t that he didn’t like being around you. He just liked to keep his personal bubble. That’s not all that Evan was uncomfortable with. To give you the list he was uncomfortable with: speaking in public, being touched, food that touches on a plate, folding napkins, light switches that are placed backwards, loud dogs, loud noises, hot beverages, sitting on leather, and his very own words.

Evan was so uncomfortable with the sounds that came out of his mouth that he had yet to tell you his feelings towards you. Things between you and Evan were weird. You were dating- no wait you weren’t dating- well, it’s just complicated. You both had liked each other for so long. But Evan clearly wasn’t in mentally okay spot for a relationship at the moment. And that was totally okay with you. If you were completely honest, you just loved being in his presence.

           Your gang of friends decided to go to a carnival that had come into town. Alana was volunteering at a games booth for extra credit. You, Jared, Evan, and the Murphy’s decided to spend an evening there. Not only to show support for Alana, but because – hey, who doesn’t love a good carnival?

           Piling into Connor’s old SUV, Zoe took the front seat. Leaving you, Jared, and Evan squished in the back. Out of the three of you, Evan was the skinniest. In result, a group decision was made: Evan would sit in the middle seat.

           Your group of friends piled into the car. You, Jared, and Evan squirmed while trying to get buckled.

           “Hey, my hips don’t lie,” Jared muttered as Evan complained about being squished.

           You smiled sympathetically at Evan. Clearly seeing how uncomfortable he was. Being the gracious person that you are, you scooched the slightest – allowing Evan to lean into you more. You both blushed.

           The Murphy’s fought over what music to play whilst driving. Zoe had wanted to listen to the radio, whereas Connor insisted that they listened to the same Led Zepplin CD that he plays every time they drive somewhere.

           “Come ON, Connor. That CD is so beat up. Every track skips!” Zoe groaned.

           “Literally shut the fuck up.” Connor hissed back.

           “Mom told you to stop swearing-“

           “Mom told you to stop being a little bitch.”

           “No she didn’t!”

           Whilst in the heat of the Murphy’s argument, you couldn’t concentrate on anything except for the warmth of Evan’s arm that rested against yours. The material of his polo was soft and comforting. You looked up with caution, only to see that he was looking back at you. You laughed nervously, face becoming warm. Evan rested his side further against yours, almost as if he was inviting you to become closer to him physically.

           As the sound around you two faded, Evan unhooked his casted arm from underneath his hip. He reached his long, pale fingers and softly brushed them against your knuckles. You held your breath. Looking up at him longingly, you noticed he was no longer looking at you. His focus was on your hand. The tip of his index finger ran along the side of your thumb.

           “Can I- um… Can I hold your hand?” he whispered into your ear. His breath was warm and it sent shivers down your spine.

           Without a word, you nodded. Slowly slipping your hand into his, you bit down on your bottom lip. His hands were soft. Only the slightest bit calloused from him climbing trees. His hands were warm. They were so warm that it sent electric heat through the rest of your body. Your stomach did flips. You both stared at your intertwined hands. You could feel his exhaling against your hair. Taking in a deep breath, you could smell his coconut body wash and his clean shirt. You could hear nothing but the sounds of your hearts beating. And it all felt perfect.

           Suddenly, a loud slap landed on both of your hands, making you and Evan practically mess yourselves. It was Jared, pointing obnoxiously.

           “That’s fucking gay.”