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To fans who haven’t read the ShikaTema chapter in the Konoha Novel, let me explain to you why they’re blushing

Shikamaru is trying to find out the perfect present for Naruto and Hinata so Choji helps him out. He decided on giving them a honeymoon.

Wanting a women’s opinion, they look for Ino and they happen to run into Temari.

Choji tells Shikamaru to ask her about it. Shikamaru blushes feeling weird asking her and when he asks her, she blushes because she thinks he’s planning their honeymoon.

They end up going alone together at the Hot Springs, have a good time playing a booth game.

When it’s starting to get late, Shikamaru suggests they stay at the Hotspring for the night.

Temari on the other hand thinks that Shikamaru wants to have sex with her there.

She tries to leave, but Shikamaru holds her back saying that he needs her (he’s referring to her opinion cause she’s a women)

She asks if it’s ok it’s her, and he explains that he can’t go on the women side of the hotspring. This confuses her and asks him why they’re there and who’s honeymoon.

He says Naruto and Hinata. This clears up Temari’s head and also causes Shikamaru to realizes what she was thinking. Causing him to blush.

They both smile to each other and Temari happens to open her fan.

In the end they ended being a couple cause they were each other’s dates for the wedding.


For the birthday girlguy…X3

PS. I never even think of competing with Wing in term of femininity though. How can I beat the guy who…

  • …has the pitch of voice 10 times higher than me.
  • …always carries around cosmetic pouch, complete with foundation cream, liquid and eyeliner.
  • …loves cooking, including coming up with new recipes.
  • …loves sweets and desserts.
  • …so feminine he actually has been the “coach” to help get Miyukichi-san’s femininity up (and Hayamin’s too actually…XD )
  • …actually wears lady’s clothing.
  • …loves taking sticker photos in photo booths in game centers.
  • …actually carries around ironing set when he travels.
  • …have tons of cute dolls and stuffed animals in his pastel-colored room and actually name all of them.
  • …likes to just hug people when he’s nervous…or sometimes, for no reason.
  • …always does girly poses when taking photos.
  • …super decorated his mails and tweets with cute emojis.
  • …azatoi x100000000%
  • …eroticness x100000000%
  • …is Tsubasa Mama.
  • …loves to talk about cosmetics and beauty stuffs.
  • …etc.

I’m fine being amateur. :3

“The Person Running the Rollercoaster is Really Hot” AU (Baekyeol)

Baekyeol One-shot

2.4k words

It couldn’t have been a hotter day in July as Baekhyun was being pulled through the crowded amusement park that his best friend had begged for him to come to. At first it took Jongin at a lot of begging which included for him to buy Baekhyun’s ticket (like hell he was going to pay for something he didn’t what to do), all the food he wanted and to top it off, a weeks work of doing whatever Baekhyun wanted. The eager boy agreed to all the terms only because his crush, Do Kyungsoo, was running one of the game booths and Jongin couldn’t resist staring at his face from a far.

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Bonus art post inspired by a really recent post by @thebibliosphere and @vampireapologist (who I can’t tag) that reads
“Um!!! Midwestern dragons hoard prizes from game booths at county fairs, and funnel cakes.”
So, as a resident of the Midwestern US, and a lover of dragons, I felt obligated to create art as quickly as possible.

So after I did my variation of Yandere chan’s new uniform, I figured I make another variation by placing the bow in front at the back of the uniform, replace the bow with ribbon, and make it like a “cute” variation. At the same time I thought I might as well try drawing a male version of the uniform, the pants I’ll make it dark colour.
What do you guys think? I’m curious.

Since in game we always see Yandere chan’s back, might as well place a bow there ^^.

Íþró and Glanni are at a carnival and they see an almost 6 foot tall stuffed animal at one of those game booths. Glanni’s like “I’m gonna go steal that” and Íþró’s like “No. We’re going to play the game for it.”
So they do play and Glanni fails miserably but Íþró wins the fucking six foot tall stuffie.

Íþró spends the rest of the day carrying it around and Glanni spends the rest of the day pissing himself laughing because it’s bigger than Íþró