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nerdystace  asked:

19,20,25,26, and 30 for Kaspbrough

19. Is addicted to angry birds, game of war, candy crush, temple run, or flappy bird. 

Bill, he’s a massive gaming nerd! He’s always sat on their bed playing angry birds whilst Eddie is whining at him to pay attention to him and he’s that one fucker that brings his phone into a wedding or something and is quietly beating the crap out of some monsters on his iphone and Eddie nearly slaps the phone out of his hand

20. Kills the spiders.

Both of them can kill spiders thankfully, but Bill does sometimes scare Eddie by threatening to throw it at him

25. Has no problem having ice cream for breakfast. 

Fucking Bill, no doubt. He’s been hanging out with Richie too much in Eddie’s opinion and he’s been caught raiding their freezer at 5am eating an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate brownie and Eddie was FUMING mostly because they were supposed to share that tub for date night

26. Gets a tattoo when they’re drunk.

Okay, this is Eddie. Bill is a good drunk who is very in control but fuck me Eddie gets so wild and so dumb he drags the losers to a tattoo parlour and pays for a tattoo then and there and bill has to watch whilst eddie is biting his knuckles at the pain and he has to show him the next morning and Eddie screams at the sight of a scrawled ‘billy boys bitch’ tattoo on his ankle (richie is the smuggest little shit because he can’t believe he managed to convince eddie to get that)

30. Tries to act tough but really isn’t.

Both are super tough boys, no doubt, but Bill is a lot more emotional and tries to stay strong when he’s sad but in reality he wants to collapse on the floor and sob. He only does this in front of Eddie though

Which member of your OTP:

1. Acts like they’re dying when they have a cold.
2. Gets mad at the TV and throws the remote.
3. Gets the worst road rage.
4. Spends too much time in the bathroom on their phone.
5. Packs the whole closet for an overnight trip.
6. Hates the in-laws.
7. Hits the snooze button…11 times.
8. Makes the other late for work.
9. Uses the television as a babysitter.
10. Takes in the stray dog.
11. Suggests a 3am trip to McDonald’s.
12. Leaves their shoes out for the other to trip over.
13. Can’t make up their mind when it comes to dinner.
14. Needs to be reminded of all their appointments.
15. Bribes the other into doing chores, getting out of the house…and taking a shower.
16. Picks the movies.
17. Takes the safety steps when building a pillow fort.
18. Kisses the other’s injuries better.
19. Is addicted to angry birds, game of war, candy crush, temple run, or flappy bird.
20. Kills the spiders.
21. Hogs the blankets.
22. Takes pranks too far.
23. Makes the dirty jokes.
24. Keeps a piggy bank.
25. Has no problem having ice cream for breakfast.
26. Gets a tattoo when they’re drunk.
27. Trips over their own feet.
28. Makes the other go for a walk.
29. Whines until they get what they want.
30. Tries to act tough but really isn’t.
31. Talks the most, says the least.
32. Talks the least, says the most.

the first time i watched the angry birds movie trailer I thought it was a going to be a bad movie but now…all left in my sinner soul is just a deep obsession with the cutest bird in this movie…oh and the movie was great

The signs as Video Games
  • Aries: The Legend of Zelda
  • Taurus: Mortal Kombat
  • Gemini: Mario Kart
  • Cancer: Kingdom Hearts
  • Leo: Skyrim
  • Virgo: World of Warcraft
  • Libra: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
  • Scorpio: Fallout
  • Sagittarius: Angry Birds
  • Capricorn: Detective Barbie
  • Aquarius: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Pisces: Pokemon
Cut off my girlfriend, eh? Good luck with your shopping.

This happened at Costco a few months ago. As most of you know, each Costco is equipped with a high tech security system that prevents low-born plebeians from entering their premises and sampling their fine wares. I had dropped my girlfriend off at the front door and parked the car. She grabbed a cart and was standing off to the side of the entrance while waiting for me to navigate the clusterfuck parking lot, and when she saw me approaching the door, started to push the cart inside. She was presenting her Costco Identification to the door attendant when a group of three non-English speaking Asian women pushed their cart quickly around her, and stopped dead in her path while one began fishing their own Costco ID from deep in the depths of her own purse. My girlfriend simply turned around to look at me with her jaw dropped, and waited the 20 or so seconds while this woman presented her own ID, chatting away cluelessly all the while. Knowing what needed to be done, I grabbed a cart from the stack and followed my girlfriend inside. I told her she would need to do the shopping as I had more important matters to attend to. I spent the next 20 minutes following those women through the store and cluelessly and obnoxiously blocking their path at every turn. I would push my cart around them only to stop dead and in the aisle and listlessly stare at some item on the shelf while pushing my cart back and forth across the aisle with one hand. I would push my cart towards them while they walked down an aisle, only to cut directly in front of their path and fake a phone call, while they grumpily pushed my empty cart out of their way. When one of them decided to try out the cushions on an L shaped couch, I parked my cart preventing her exit from the couch, effectively creating a triangle of annoyance. To add to it, I pulled out my phone and with the sound on began playing an urgent game of Angry Birds Star Wars 2. My girlfriend was able to fill her own cart full of bulk toiletries before these women had even managed to make it halfway through the store. She whistled at me to show me she was on the way to the registers, so I pushed up ahead of them one last time, dropped my still empty cart dead in their path, and abandoned it to join my lady at the money collectors. The last I saw they were still stuck behind it, and probably are still to this day.

okay. we got to talking about headcanons tonight, and i got to rambling. so here are some of my newsies hcs.


okay so spot is a vegetarian. know that. you’ll pry veggie spot from my cold, dead hands. gay. just straight up gay. but it took him a long time to recognize that. he was raised by a single dad, and his mom is in prison, and he has a much older sister that he’s not close to. (i actually have a really detailed backstory for him that im saving for a rainy day.) speaking of rainy days, he loves them. spot is very into that “treat your body like a temple thing”. he does yoga. lifeguard. plays a lot of app games? like angry birds, temple run, etc. loves to read. depending on the au, he’s either a law student or works in construction with jack. he’s got some ptsd from Some Stuff That Happened Once. drives a big ass jeep with loud music, usually either rock or rap, blaring from the speakers. actually a really good rapper, but pretty much no one sees that. likes to read.


sarah is like 90% gay. she’ll occasionally make out with a guy for fun, like with jack, but let’s be real. when she decides to settle down, it’s going to be with a lady. she and davey are twins. she’s a botanist with a big interest in environmental conservation (science twins.) very sarcastic. she’s the less compassionate twin.


specs is nearly legally blind, but not quite there. he’s a ridiculously slow driver. dad friend. bi. dancer at nyu. also plays baseball and the cello, and he’s very athletic- he runs every day. specs is incredibly detail-oriented and responsible. also, he and jack are the oldest, and he’s kind of jack’s secret right hand man. a lot of people think it’s race or crutchie before davey shows up, but no. it’s actually specs, he just works in the wings. loves crime shows. he and romeo are really into the paranormal- like ghosts and stuff.


in my head, romeo is colombian, so i dont see him as any of the actors that played him. he’s gay, but also ace, but flirts a lot just because he thinks it’s fun. he and specs have been best friends forever (im not getting too into detail about that but keep reading my christmas au). romeo loves candy, and constantly has like, a bag of twizzlers or pixie sticks in his bag or something. he’s really good at crafts, especially making friendship bracelets. like specs, loves the paranormal.


kath has chronic migraines. she ids as queer. she wants to be a reporter, but has a very successful blog, as well. (like a long-form blog, not like tumblr) with a few thousand followers. very politically inclined, and she and elmer talk about politics a lot. she and jack dated for a while, and they had a legitimately good time, but things sometimes just dont work out, and thats what happened with them. kath also really loves youtubers and spends more time than she wants to admit watching makeup tutorials. her dad is pulitzer, but he and her mom never married, so her actual last name is plumber (her mom’s maiden name) and she was raised by her and her stepdad, who she adores.


okay so he’s diabetic. (btw the mush fc i always have in my head is ephraim.) he’s SUPER good with kids. like, they think he’s an absolute superhero. he’s really, really patient and tells really good stories. he’s a big ol stoner. he and blink are best friends (sorry, i dont ship it!!) and he’s quite a potty mouth. mush and blink are actually REALLY fratty. also, he plays guitar


albo is colorblind. it gives him a variety of vision problems. albo is obsessed with cryptids: his favorite is bigfoot, and he’s also very into aliens. favorite movies: space jam and the fast and the furious. albo is also dyslexic and adhd- he and jack bond over it. as a result, school really isnt his thing, and he just sort of wants to be a mechanic, because cars make sense to him and he loves them. then there’s his whole backstory- two older brothers, one of whom is a marine, and then a half sister. his dad cheated on his mom and got the girlfriend pregnant, but he loves his sister a whole lot. albert likes to make a lot of jokes about his colorblindness. he is also pan or queer bc what is projecting, anyway? ummmmm……………. he gets really frustrated by how he’s treated because of his learning disabilities. he loves dogs and cities and loud noises. also, that boy is a mama’s boy


jack has severe dyslexia, to the point where reading is EXTREMELY difficult and frustrating for him, so he just doesnt do it. he’s also got adhd. he’s an artist, but for his day job, he’s a house painter. or sometimes just generally in construction, idk. i generally make him a painter. he does a lot of odd jobs. jack loves cartoons. his favorite show is bob’s burgers. he also loves american ninja warrior. likes to think he’s fearless but he’s actually pretty scared of thunder. jack unironically loves nickelback


race is a future rocket scientist, obviously. his dream is to get people on mars. he’s got severe adhd. he’s constantly fidgeting, and his favorite fidget toys are tennis balls or rubiks cubes. ps he can solves a rubiks cube in under half a minute. loves the kardashians- especially khloe. used to do a lot of shoplifting, but grew out of it. scared of horses. not a huge fan of animals in general, actually. queer or pan. totally tells everyone that his favorite color is green, but it’s be real. it’s gold glitter. used to smoke like a chimney but quit, although it was a struggle. 


gay. hecka gay. he realized that he was gay when he played soccer and realized that he didnt want to be the soccer player, he just WANTED the soccer player. loves animals but snakes especially. also really likes alligators? anxiety, but like, the kind of anxiety where if you try to talk to him, he’ll get pissed. let him be alone. started as a business major for practicality but switched to zoology. RIDICULOUSLY sarcastic. very flirty. has had multiple relationships before jack. scared of heights. doesnt love horses, but he’ll deal with them. loves lord of the rings more than almost anything. hates getting his hair wet. VERY good at mario kart. he used to speedrun it and at one point, he was 14th in the world. 


okay so: crutchie’s disability can be a few things, depending on  the universe im using, but i generally do it as either a degenerative disorder or a major injury that was never treated properly so it never healed. hates mornings. so much. terrible loser. will literally fight you if he loses. sarcastic. can be kind of an asshole. wants to be a runner. : ((( crutchie is THE best wingman. like, you’re trying to impress someone? call up the big leagues aka crutchie


sarcastic motherfucker. news junkie. super skeptical. questions everything. trouble with his eyesight. he’s the kind of guy who replays arguments in his head thinking up comebacks he should have used. he’ll text you at 3 am like “AND ANOTHER THING”

Protect Girl Gamers

Protect girls who like casual games. Girls who play Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, and Fruit Ninja. 

Protect girls who play online games. Girls who play Five Night’s at Freddy’s or World of Warcraft. Girls who play dress up games and makeup games and puzzle games. 

Protect girls who love Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty. Protect girls who love Animal Crossing and Mario Kart. 

Protect girls who’ve just started gaming. Protect girls who’ve always loved games.

Whether console or online, multiplayer or solo, “girly” or not, protect all girls who love games. 

Angry Birds
  • Thomas: Sometimes I feel like we're trapped in some sort of video game.
  • Chuck: Like angry birds?
  • Y/N: How the Shuck is this anything like angry birds?
  • Chuck: Well you know, we're the birds.. the Grievers are the pigs, and the maze is the other constructions the pigs sit on!
  • Newt: Brilliant, so all we have to do now is fling ourselves at the maze in hopes of breaking it.
  • Y/N: Well, Alby and Gally are always angry.
  • Chuck: They can be the two red birds. Minho can be the yellow fast one!
  • Thomas: And Newt is the ticking time bomb one.
  • Chuck: Y/N can be the pink one!
  • Gally: Thomas would be the green boomerang one, he thinks hes going to achieve something but he just comes back instead, knocking himself out and possibly someone else too.
  • Thomas: I think you'd be one of the pigs Gally, you even resemble one.
Teach Me (Part 1/7)

Summary: Bucky seeks out your help for drawing lessons…even though he already knows how to

Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 786

A/N: This is just a shit ton of fluff and it’s mostly in Bucky’s Point of View. I needed a little break from Sweetheart, that shit’s hard! BUT there will be an update sometime this week!

“How the hell do I talk to her?”  I whispered harshly to Sam who was sitting beside me, I hate to admit it but I was using him as a sort of shield between me and Y/N

“Who? Y/N?” He asked loudly, him and his stupid fucking face, but luck was on my side today because she didn’t seem to hear him.

Keep reading

*Isaac Lahey* Power Of Mates

Isaac Lahey X Girl

Request: Challenge

Plot: Mates bring out the softer and more vulnerable side or each other. That’s was main character does to the murderous alpha Isaac.

Word Count: 2,039

A/N: This imagine, or what ever it is. I’m still knew to writing and Tumblr. Is for the What If writing challenge made by @sdavid09. My prompt is What if Isaac was the leader of his own pack? God bless her soul because she had to do a little research for me.

Siting comfortably on my home’s couch.  Silence wrapped around the room like a blanket in the McCall house hold. The pack meeting in slow process, but still continuing.

Glancing at Scott’s feet as he paced through the living room impatiently. Chewing lightly on his finger nails eagerly, you could almost see the concentrated thoughts write over his head in big bold letters. He’ s buried deep inside his chaotic mind.

Lydia and Stiles sitting side by side leaning into each other closely. Whispering their thoughts away together, I secretly smiled to myself. seeing in their eyes they adored one another. Shipping them in the dark was no shame. Liam sat on the couch across from me, fiddle with his thumbs violently. orbs wide as he bit his lip, rapidly thinking. Tapping his foot loudly on the floor sounding like a harsh slap.Everyone else engaged into something, blocking an ounce of the sound out. Malia was placed beside the pack’s pup, playing a game with a determined facial expression. The light sounds of swish, wee, and woo told me she was compelled by the angry birds game.

The fast movement of Liam interrupted my calmed down mind. Jumping up from the love seat, his fiddling was no longer keeping him chained down. “ I can’t wait anymore, you called a pack meeting. What’s going on?” He rambled out like it’ s been caged down for as long as he remembered. He breathed out and relaxed before taking a seat back down.

Scott stopped in his tracks, Lydia and Stiles stopped the flow of their words, Malia letting her phone drop into her lap. Most of the attention growing on the obnoxious puppy, Mine stayed on the alpha. Watching his every move, his eyes carefully becoming red and slowly turning back to a soft brown.  

You’re right,” Scott Started, running his hand from the base of his neck then through his hair. “There is another pack in town.” He stated gently , letting us take in the new information we’ve been waiting for.

My heart skipped a single beat, making me think of my original pack. The one I left, the one that used to torture and brutally abuse humans. Just for the joy of watching them suffer. I couldn’t stand there and hear human’s desperate cries for help. it wasn’t who I was or ever will be, I ran from my brother, my alpha, and my pack.

Scott has said this a million times before, but my mind still thought it was them. If it was them, would they be back for me? That was a stupid question because deep down I new he would be here for me. It scared my heart till the last minute I knew for sure it wasn’t his pack.

Never looking back was the best choice I’ve made. Scott and Stiles found me and hesitantly took me in under their wings. It’s wasn’t long before Melissa started to take care of me like her own. I will forever be grateful for her pure heart.

“I would of called you guys in sooner, but I don’t know what they’re here for. I wanted to know before I told you anything. Their scents are closer towards the preserve, they’re slowly spreading towards the city. “  Scott informed us,

“Why don’t we go see if they’re a threat at least.’ Malia said shrugging.

“I don’t know how many there are.”

My heart clenched harder, my old pack had at least thirty  members. He wouldn’t risk having every single strong werewolf member out there. Giving a chance  for the weaker ones to get attacked . I couldn’t help,  but be sure it was them.

“There shouldn’t be anymore than ten.” I spoke up getting everyone’s attention. Scott’s eyebrows furrowed slightly at me.

“How would you know? You didn’t know this pack exist until three minutes ago.” Stiles spat out at me sending me a harsh glare. In the past month he’s been giving me the darker side of him. I couldn’t figure the real reason why, it was almost like a press of a button.

“I have a feel this is Isaac’s pack.” I stated confidently as a rush of cold washed over my body.

“who is Isaac?” Lydia asked with curiosity colored in her eyes.

“My previous Alpha.”

Tight clothing making me feel more comfortable than I should be in them. Light jeans reaching under my belly button, accompanied by a blue floral shirt. The pair making my body curve a little more than it usual is.

I picked at my nails letting them talk with a small click. What if Isaac is here for me? Wanting for me to be the alpha female by his side, I only got the title and not the power that was suppose to come along with it. I was terrified of him, that being the reason I ran and hide for as long as I can.

“Stop it before you explode for paranoia.”  Lydia spoke over her car radio, she pulled the stirring wheel to the left as she turned into the school parking lot. My hands dropped to my lap forcing a real smile to my lips. “You’re right Lyds, I need to breath a little and stop thinking about him.” My tone more light and fluffy as we got out of her blue Toyota.

Trying to convince myself I was over thinking this I walked with Lydia towards the school with small conversation. The tiny tingle at the deep bottom of my heart told me otherwise.

More than half way through the day, the worried thoughts of Isaac drifted away into a rocky shore. Now my mind was focused on the small urge to pee. Not wanting to interrupt the whole class I started tapping my foot repeatedly on the floor quietly.

I’ve done that for awhile before Stiles who was sitting beside me on the left, nudged me harshly in the rib. Causing me to yelp out in pain, Everyone in the class turned their head towards me. The teacher lifting his eyebrows at me, I gulped preparing myself to talk.

“May I be excused?” I squeaked out feeling the sting in my ribs spread, Stiles is human, but Jesus can he jab hard. Mr. Allister nodded his head stiffly before continuing his lesson. I turned my head at Stiles shooting him a death glare, “Watch it Stilinski.” I growled out, he shrugged “Sorry omega, didn’t realize you were that weak.” His tone dark and husky.

‘What did I ever do to you?” asked sounding disparate and breathless.  

“Not notice me.” He said gently  right before turning his head back to the lesson, Not giving me a chance to reply to him. I furrowed my eyebrows as I finally made it out of the class room. What did he even mean by that?

Was Stiles secretly interested in me and I didn’t happen to see it? Don't get me wrong he’s cute and dorky, but He’s always been pining for Lydia, my now best friend. He’ s in a relationship with her, why would he hold a grudge?

The hallways filled with painful silence, a light ringing in my ears making me turn my head. Looking for the sound then realize that the sound was in my head.  my footsteps and the vague murmurs from the closed classroom doors was the only sound heard.

Now spotting the light pink sign with the person on the front wearing a dress, girls reading underneath her. I hurried my pace feeling the urge to pee build like a sand castle, fast and unpleasant. stretching out towards the metal handle and almost feeling the coldness, but not quite there before my body was whisked fast.

my heart racing with speed virtually missing several beats. My back slamming into the hallway wall forced by another being, my eyes locking in dark blue eyes. No matter how long I haven’t seen those eyes, I will never forget who they belonged to..

My murderous mate.

I whimpered under his body, shocked that I didn’t catch his intoxicating scent and still couldn’t. His touch burning my skin forcing sparks to erupt through out my whole body.  his right hand capturing both my hands as the other one rested on the wall, trapping me either way.

A playful smirk appeared on his face feeling me struggle under his grip, but falling badly. “Try as you will, but I’m never letting you leave again.” His husky and thick tone sent scared tingles to my spine.

“You have no control over me.” I spat harshly at him, hiding the terrified feeling settling in my stomach. Feeling the power beginning to run natural in my veins from the presence of him. Our bond connecting easily, souls happier together after being away from one another for a long amount of time. No longer feeling terrified of him as I flicked my claws and ripped my wrists from his hands.

He backed away a little with wide eyes slightly surprised by my action. In the presence of your mate you got more stronger, more powerful. The pair becoming more dangerous than another pack. Alpha soul mates being unstoppable, and it’ s a huge risk to the human kind.

“I finally found you, my Luna, Don’t think for a minute I’d let you go.” He spoke letting me step away from him, stunned he didn’t force me back into the wall again. Understanding my power was equal with his for the first time.

“Why would I come back to your pack? Watch humans get harmed and killed when you could be saving their lives.”

“If you said anything about it I’d stop, for you.” he spoke trying to reach for me.

“I did do that, you slashed my cheek and told me never to do it again. You were the one in control and you didn’t let me forget it.” I chocked out feeling my throat tighten.

“I loved you, love you. I didn’t everything for you.” it physically hurt to heard him say that, he was too blind.

“No! Isaac you were too blinded by your blood thirst for power you didn’t realize you were hurting me. That’s the reason I left.” I spoke harshly amazed no one came into the hall to see what was going on. I turned and stormed down the hall, hearing him following me.

“I love you!” he hollered.

I immediately stopped in my tracks, closing my eyes and sighing. Those were the words I was scared he’d say, It made them more believable that he sounded desperate for me to stay. his words were true and I hated it.

“I looked for you the whole time you were gone, Without you I felt my soul grow weak and I became feared by the pack.” 

“That’s who you are.” My breath hitched as I spoke.

“It hurts even more when you say it.” He mumbled, but to me it was clear as if he whispered in my ear.

“But I can’t help that my heart longs for you.” I said turning back around facing him. his dark shade of blue eyes transforming into a lighter shade. he’s powerful. I just couldn’t ignore his vulnerable side. It was long before a smirked plastered on his lips.

“That’ my Luna.” He power walked towards me, grabbing behind my neck pulled me towards his lips, like mine were the last drop of water. Our lips moving Harshly in sync, my hands slowly traveling up his arms as his moved down to my hips. Giving them a quick squeeze before pulling me closer practically pulling us to one.

The ringing of the bell was the open gate, letting students flood through the halls. We pulled away from each other letting air back into our lungs. “From this moment on everything is about to change.” Isaac spoke, I smiled. “Good.” feeling happy, a feeling I’ve never real felt till now.

At the last second my eyes landed on Stiles, Leaning against a few lockers. His body tense as his face held disappointment and right now I could care less. I have my mate and I couldn’t think of anything better.

upthefemme  asked:

well its an ask party now. a variety of qs to choose from: what are some old favorite songs that you can listen to anytime? what are some of your fave foods? what are you feelings on video games? do you believe in heart-eyes howell and if so, what's your fave?

omggg old fav songs are mostly bollywood songs? like anything from the om shanti om soundtrack or kal ho naa ho or other cheesy movies like that (if any of u desi ppl following me are reading this im sorry i literally was into the cringiest bollywood films). but ya like i didnt rly listen to western music till i was in eighth grade or something and even then it was only disney artists that my mother approved of. so uhhhh i gotta also add hillary duff’s entire metamorphosis album and fuckin aly n aj obvi 

fav foods: my mum’s okra curry, thai drunken noodles or red curry, those vegan buffalo wing things that are made w cauliflower instead of chicken oh my fuckin goddddd. also mangos. also ice cream.

video games: uh wow there’s a running theme here but i was litro not allowed to play video games at all growing up like we weren’t allowed to have them in the house so to this day the only video games ive ever even touched are like guitar hero/just dance at random house parties, and fucking fifa which my ex-boyfriend loved ??? ?? oh and tekken bc my cousins liked it. played it once. i was p good bc i mashed buttons rly hard (even that phrase ‘mashed buttons’ is something i just learned bc of watching dapg). so ya it feels sad bc it’s like something i feel like i def couldve been so into it but now it just feels like a world/community thats entirely inaccessible and tbh a bit intimidating and scary so i live a life completely devoid of gaming of any kind. i dont even have iphone games. never played angry birds. yikes.

idk what it means to believe in heart eyes howell hahaha, i mean i think a lot of the times when ppl post screenshots of him looking at phil, it’s rly just him looking at phil, and in general he looks to the ppl he’s collabing with more frequently than an average youtuber, probs bc it makes him more comfortable than staring at the camera. but also it’s undeniable that he goes super soft around the eyes a lot when he looks at phil doing something funny, and more often than not he’s also smiling or forcing down a smile v badly when he’s looking at phil and all of that adds to the expression of adoration he normally has on when he’s gazing in his bf’s direction, and i def get why ppl are into that (im certainly not immune.) the most iconic instance has to be the one that happened during the gamingmas akinator video when phil says they can’t talk about not believing in santa clause and dan just gives him a literal 5 second stare, leans in rly close, flickers his gaze down to phil’s mouth, the whole bit: 

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wtf honestly