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Love love love your blog~~ my request: seungjun - blindfold, giggles, hands


normalverse, fluff.

“Are you serious?”

“Trust me.” A gentle tug on the wrist forward. You stumble along on your feet.

“I find that hard to do.” He makes a pouting noise and even though you’re wearing a blindfold, you can practically see the petulant look on his face. You laugh. “It’s only because more often than not, you trip over your own feet, so I’m not sure if I can trust you to make sure that I don’t trip.”

“Just this once,” he protests. “And it’s not even that far off. We’re almost–we’re here, actually. Just, wait.” Seungjun lets go of your wrist as he fumbles out what you assume to be keys, unlocking the room and then once again tugging you inside.

“So can I take off my blindfold now?”


“But we’re here,” you say.

“No,” he says, now sounding a bit far off. “Not until I–I–” He doesn’t get to finish his sentence before he lets loose a loud sneeze. There’s a silence, some noise as he reaches for the tissues, and then a loud thud.


“Oh my god Seungjun, did you just–what just happened?” Completely lost in darkness, you can only stand in the room and blindly ask the air. Or wall. Or whatever the hell may be in front of you.

“N-Nothing,” he says, though his voice is clearly laced with guilt. You giggle, and then laugh.

“Did you–did you knock over the alarm clock again? That’s got to be at least the third time in like, two days.”

N-No,” he insists, though Seungjun’s so bad at lying it makes you laugh even harder. You laugh and laugh until he also begins to laugh, simply because you’re laughing, and laughter is contagious, and then, and then–

“Stop,” he wheezes. “I can’t–I can’t breathe.”

You’re wheezing too so you just nod, and then catch your breath, and then do a few deep inhales to compose yourself.

“So can I take my blindfold off now?”

“No–what, okay, fine,” he says. “But hold out your hands first.’

Dutifully, you hold them out, cupping them together and then he–puts something in them. It’s light and feels like a cube. Seungjun reaches over behind you to undo your blindfold and suddenly, the world is saturated in light; you have to blink and squint in order to adjust. And then you look at what’s in your hands.

“Can I–open it?” you look at Seungjun who’s biting his lip nervously.

“Um, yeah.”

Carefully, you open up the the box. Inside, a shimmering necklace greets you. And, god, it’s– “It’s gorgeous,” you breathe, as you run a finger over it.

“R-Really?” Seungjun looks elated, probably happier than you, the actual recipient of the gift.

You nod. “Yeah,” you say. And then you smile at him, giggle, lean in to plant a kiss on his cheek that leaves him blushing madly. “Thank you so much, Seungjun.”

“T-T-Thank you,” he says. “For being with me. I, um, I love you.” And then he quickly kisses you and buries his face in your neck before he can possibly die of embarrassment.

You laugh and hold the necklace with one hand and pat his back with the other.

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