Carmine: How come you never said anything?

Mango: I did not feel it was my place. I am a guest here. I did not want things to be strange, but that did not fix my feelings.

Carmine: I always thought…

Mango: I should have said something before.

Carmine: I should have asked, I mean, I just assumed you’d never look at me that way. 

Mango: You didn’t?

Carmine: What would an adorably sweet girl want with a chubby dork like me?

Mango: A kiss… 


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hi! idk if you take requests still but if you are, can you maybe draw a before and after medication andrew, and a before and after spending christmas at riko's neil? your art is soooo gorgeous and i love the way you draw the characters, so true to the canon descriptions of their expressions etc. you're seriously immensely talented.

ahh ty anon for ur kind words!! i hope this satisfies ur expectations AHAH i tried my best 


This sudden attention is giving him stage fright.

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I'd never considered Kevin and Allison before but I'm def interested now, lol. thanks for you awesome head-cannons as usual!

@vodkakevinday I said I didn’t know when I’d put up more Daynolds content, but then I couldn’t stop thinking about them. So, here we go.

Here’s a little bit about the moment Kevin Day realizes he wants to date Allison and not just mess around with her:

  • It happens at half-time of a game
  • The Foxes are in the lead, but only by one point and the other team has more subs so they are bound to be run into the ground second half
  • Kevin is reaming out the backliners for not carrying their weight
  • Aaron says “Maybe the point gap wouldn’t be such an issue if you worried more about making your shots than you do about watching the backliners.”
  • Kevin is livid
  • He is about to tear Aaron a new one
  • But then Allison talks before he can
  • And says “Kevin’s right. Nicky needs to start carrying his weight.”
  • Everyone is shocked that Allison is agreeing with Kevin
  • This is unprecedented stuff considering how much time Allison and Kevin have spent bickering and rolling their eyes at each other
  • But it’s Nicky who says “You aren’t seriously agreeing with Kevin.”
  • Allison is clearly unimpressed as she says “I didn’t throw away my family and fortune for this. We’re finally not the laughing stock of the league anymore. I’m not going back to losing and being a joke just because you can’t be bothered to practice or carry your weight.”
  • Kevin is in deep and he knows he can’t pretend he’s not interested in Allison more than just sexually anymore
  • Because he has never been more attracted to Allison than he is in that moment