Review: Hot Wheels: World Race (GameCube)

clearly an older game, and if you’ve played any of the hotwheels games, you should know they’re not all that great. however, World Race is based off of a successful cartoon movie that was aired on Cartoon Network, and was eventually released of DVD. so since this game has some potential, let’s see how it fairs:

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the game looks fine for the GameCube. it’s not anything amazing for it’s time, but it’s certainly not bad looking either. the tracks are very colorful and creative, and offer many shortcuts to explore. as far as sound goes, they take tracks out from the actual cartoon film, so if you thought the music sounded great with the scenes in the cartoon, you’ll like them even better racing to them. however, the music from the game its self is quite a step down from the rest of it. hence the title screen theme.

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unfortunately, the game doesn’t have too much to offer (beat everything in just 2 days). a very short challenge mode that is way too simple, league modes (easy, medium, hard), time trial and quick race. but that’s it.

the game runs smooth, but i have to admit i came across a couple glitches. this isn’t such a bad thing, but in a racing game, one glitch can put you in last place.


well there really is no story. the game relies highly on the hope that the player has seen the film. if you haven’t, this will just seem like some fun races through some random places. basically you’re only objective is to get through all 3 leagues and earn the title of “the greatest driver”, unlocking new cars on the way.


as stated before the bulk of this game is in the leagues. the first league is easy. 6 very short tracks with 3 laps a piece. the scores get tallied and you hope for first place. the second league (medium) you play the same 6 tracks in the same exact order, but now 4 new tracks are tacked on to the end of it. for a total of 10 tracks. the last 4 are significantly longer than the first 6 and it makes quite the difference. if you can guess, the final league has you race those first 10 tracks in the same order and then tacks on another 5. that’s 15 tracks. yeah. this took me near 2 hours to beat that last league. quite insane. and the only way to unlock the new tracks is to beat them in the league, so it’s necessary for you to go through that long league if you want to experience everything. 

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as for the opponent racers, in easy you’ll almost always win, and the AI drivers won’t be far behind. it’s rare that you’ll beat 2nd place by a full second. in medium, the AI is much better, and will actually pass you if you don’t take advantage of shortcuts and boost pads. in hard it’s almost required for you to nail the short cuts (most of which require boost jumping) and not mess up.

by boost jumps, i mean saving up your boost for jumps so you can get extra air and reach shortcuts. this definitely takes away from the freedom of using your boost, but using these otherwise unreachable shortcuts is rewarding. especially in hard where the AI will naturally use them. you get boost by collecting rings around the track of performing and landing simple stunts off of jumps.

challenge mode is more like a tutorial and i’d suggest doing that first. it’s insanely short and easy.


the games fun while it last, but that’s unfortunately not that long. just expect a couple long sittings while playing through those last 2 leagues. completionist will have a much longer play time of this game, as i have beaten the game and still have much more cars to unlock. but the long leagues are a burden. and other than the individual league, there’s not much to offer. i definitely wish i got more than the title of “the worlds greatest driver” for beating the final league. but hey the games quite cheap now, so if you are interested, it’s not a bad buy…

18 days of the legend of Zelda - day 5 - Midna.
I’m drawing a character a day until the release of skyward sword :B

Don’t have a lot of time so I have to make this quick! 
Its midna, a quick sketch.
hope you like it, there will be another Zelda character sketch tomorrow :) 

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Until the next post that shows how nerdy I am, sayonara!