hp lovecraft drinking game

take a shot every time

  • the narrator faints
  • an animal bolts due to mystery evil
  • there’s the hinting of some horrible mutation or abomination but he won’t describe it fully because he’s a fucking tease
  • “gambrel roofs”
  • the necronomicon or Innsmouth is referenced
  • the narrator is left partially insane at the end of the story
  • cthulhu, shoggoth

Awhile ago someone asked me how I built the roof on my Dawkins House, and I responded that perhaps I could write up a tutorial on gambrel roofs. Unfortunately I can’t remember who sent me the original ask, but I’ve finally finished the tutorial!

It’s a Beginner-level guide that assumes you know at least a little bit about the TS4 build tools and walks you through it step by step. Let me know if something doesn’t make sense!

saving skin *and* bone on a big bird

This is a tutorial of sorts for all the vulture culture and museum science folks out there! It’s going to have somewhat-graphic images of a dead animal (no gore, but exposed bone and muscle). 

In this image series, I’m going to walk through how to skin out a bird without having to destroy any of the bones. But take note: if you want to have both a skeletal articulation and a taxidermy mount, you need to mold/cast.

Oh, and as always: the animals I process have all been legally obtained from roadkill, hunters, and wildlife rehabbers under a USFWS salvage permit, to be housed in a museum collection. Always check your local laws and regulations before grabbing dead stuff!

With that, follow the cut to read up!

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