Awhile ago someone asked me how I built the roof on my Dawkins House, and I responded that perhaps I could write up a tutorial on gambrel roofs. Unfortunately I can’t remember who sent me the original ask, but I’ve finally finished the tutorial!

It’s a Beginner-level guide that assumes you know at least a little bit about the TS4 build tools and walks you through it step by step. Let me know if something doesn’t make sense!

Overnight yet another colored pane will fall from the veranda, overnight the grasses will rise still higher, the path we walked in the morning will be swallowed up and our footsteps will vanish; fresh mold will bloom on the front porch, a spider will spin the keyhole shut, and the house will fall asleep for another hundred years—from the underground passages where the Mouse King roams, to the high attic vaults from which the fleshless steeds of our dreams take flight.
—  Tatyana Tolstaya, from “Most Beloved” in White Walls: Collected Stories, trans. Jamey Gambrell