gambling poem

My whole life I’ve heard the saying
“Good things take time”
But now I’d disagree by saying
“Great things happen in the blink of an eye”

You came into my life when I least expected
And although the timing wasn’t right somehow it turned out perfect

What were the odds that you’d stumble on to me
What are the chances that you’d be exactly what I need
Who could’ve predicted that you’d take my breath away
With every subtle touch, with every single kiss, Each moment that I’m with you feels like complete bliss

You’re one in a million
And you and I are a million to one
If I had to gamble on a couple
My money would always be on us.

—  Rafelina Michelle

Spending money they don’t have
With people they don’t know
Just trying to make it big before they go home
But leaving and wishing they never had come
Keep going just to get the starting sum
I grew up in this place

Lost three hundred dollars
It’s just not her night
But she said that we were only spending twenty-five

It makes me sad
It makes me mad
This place should know they’re a disgrace
I grew up in this place

Stealing from the sick
Who need a buck real quick
They’ve almost nothing to lose
And anyway they’d spend half the money on booze
I just want to catch a snooze
I grew up in this place

Vowed every single day it would never be me
I would never give money to a place with this much deceit
If I won any I’d stop while I’m ahead
But I’m afraid it’s in my genes
Wanting nothing more than for my parents to be proud of me
If I won the lottery

As I slip in another twenty
I hope I will get back plenty
I pray to the god I don’t believe in
Please let me win
But I should know how it ends
Always just a waste
Because after all I did grow up in this place

—  Casinos make me sad

how many times can you threaten to give up on me

before I give up on you?

I lost count somewhere a few years ago

At my feet the choice to grovel and repair this

To restart the cycle and enjoy the trade of comfort 

of love and support for 

the occasional


It’ll Never Happen Again

I try to perform this role for you

I can’t anymore

I leave the chance lying stagnant 

And having opportunity to “fix” in my hands 

but choosing to fold instead of play

How cruel of a corner it is to stand in

The corner reserved for ingrates and survivors

Warriors and weaklings

I wish I wasn’t standing here

But I know I must grind my heels down

Kick off and walk

I leave my cards on the floor

My hand was never good, anyway

They say home

is where the heart is

but I left my heart with you

I don’t mind though

I knew what I was gambling

when I laid my cards on the table

and I’d place all my bets on us again.

Feeling at home

even for just a passing moment

is always worth the risk…

- Whitney

scarlet shackles
              chains descending fluidly to pool

                   the gamble of a fool,  
though not for greed or gain
            a last battle in a war long fought

                            what wise man aims to lose
so long                                                                    than      
              since light slid gentle fingers                           win                      
      through darkest shroud              

                                          so long so that it is time

`                                                                                       rest easy, weary traveler
                                                                         your journey is at its end
                                                                but remember, lost soul
                                     nothing really ends {in the end}

Roll your dice
in the grand scheme,
the plot that touches everything
and everyone,
you have nothing to lose
and you’re the only one
who knows if you have anything to gain.
So shake off
anything that won’t guide you.
Good has never come from
holding yourself back from the edge,
it’s supposed to be dangerous.
Choose your battles wisely
but if you get the chance to fly
take it before someone else snatches it
from right out of your shaky fingers.
Because there will always be the possibility
that the air won’t hold you tight
but if it does
well you’ll be glad you didn’t stay
rooted to the ground.
—  A.O.A.M. || Gamble
Just My Luck

Let’s roll the dice.
Evens I’m yours.
Odds you’re mine.
Roses are red.
Violets are fine.
You be the six.
I’ll gladly be the nine.
Take one down.
Pass it around.
Baby lets go out and paint the town.
Life is short.
These moments are few.
And I just want to spend them all with you.
Take my hand.
Kiss my lips.
Every second spent with you is total bliss.
They say its a sin to gamble.
And dear, I don’t mean to ramble.
But you have me in shackles.
Beat my cards.
Throw the game.
I’m hoping to go home with you today.
And when they ask how I got my hands on you.
I’ll make sure to say.
It’s just my luck.

-GA (via Yours Truly)