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The King’s Cut Gambling Hall

The King’s Cut Gambling Hall will be opening its doors to the people of the Alliance tonight, March 24th, at the sixth bell of the evening! Game Masters will be prepared to master games of Hudson Twenty-One and Round Robin!

The King’s Cut will be located in the village of Darkshire! All attendees must be dressed in formal attire or they will not be permitted entry. All weapons will be collected at the door, ensuring only Shipping Company enforcers will be armed both to protect the patrons -and- the sums of gold that will be actively being passed around the Gambling floor.

Demon Hunters will -NOT- be permitted entry - especially given the incident that occurred at a prominent establishment earlier in the week of March 24th. They are fonts of Fel energy which is a threat to any and all attendees - especially those susceptible to the corruption of magics as destructive as Fel. Such precautions are being taken with specific regard to the possibility of a Demon Hunter losing control which would cause immense damage to properties and untold injury and/or death to patrons and staff. This precaution is being taken in the effort to maintain safety for our patrons by minimizing physical risk.

Date: Feb 24th
Time: 11:45 pm
Location: The Dark Lady
Status: Open to everyone

It must’ve been weeks since Priam last played a good game of cards. Since he’d even gotten the chance to look at a deck. But tonight he was free of work, of worries, and of anything that would keep him from playing a simple game just because he wanted to. So he’d made his way to one of the newer, finer gambling halls, ordered a drink, then got to making the most of the night. At the moment, he sat with three other people to his right, a dealer across from them all, his Rossini on a napkin just to his left. In front of him were three cards: a three, a five, and an eight. He knew it wouldn’t take much to put him over twenty-one. The person beside him had already bust, and the dealer waited with a ten card. The other two people at the table were still in play. A quick attempt to count told Priam he had to do it. “Hit,” he said, concentrating hard. The dealer slid a card toward him, face up. A three. He smiled and waved his hand just above the table. No more.

The dealer flipped their second card. A five. They drew again. A seven. The bust left for a happy table, save for the only one who wouldn’t benefit from the dealer’s loss. Taking a sip of his drink, Priam tossed a few more chips in to bet, then waited to see what the next round might bring.

moonhartsffxiv  asked:

24. What social groups and activities does your character attend? What role do they like to play? What role do they actually play, usually?

Sylvain attends a lot of parties and dinners, and he also enjoys gambling halls, fight clubs, taverns, tea houses… most events, really! He plays the dutiful noble son at formal functions, polite and smiling (though there can be an edge of bitterness to his charm if he feels stifled). Usually he generally enjoys himself, though, being quite outgoing (unlike his player!!!).

Thanks for the ask, new friend! :)

Rivetra Week: Modern


“Oh papa I’ve won again!”

Petra Ral let out a triumphant giggle as she placed her playing cards face up, revealing her winning hand. Feigning distress, her father put a hand over his heart and marked another tally next to her name on the pad of paper he was using as a scoreboard. In a chair by the fireplace, her mother rocked in a wooden chair, mending an apron.

“Perhaps we should send her off to the gambling halls, dear,” she suggested, not looking up from her work, “we’d have to work only half as hard.”

Petra laughed at this, shuffling the deck and asking if he’d like to play again. He did, of course.

A knock at their door caused them to pause and Mrs. Ral set down the her project with a slightly furrowed brow.

“Who would come at this hour?” she wondered, excusing herself from the living area to see what exactly was the matter.

Mr. Ral and Petra exchanged a curious glance.

“You don’t suppose Auruo has lost his cat again do you?” he wondered.

“If he has, I haven’t got it!” she shot back with a huff. It wasn’t likely to be true. Her childhood friend, Auruo Bossard was forever misplacing his pet due to the feline’s infatuation with the copper haired girl. It was trying to say the least.

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six of crows characters -> kaz brekker

“No matter what they thought of him, they’d walk a little taller tonight. It was why they stayed, why they gave their best approximation of loyalty for him. When he’d officially become a memeber of the Dregs, he’d been twelve and the gang had been a laughing stock, street kids and washed-up cadgers running shell games and penny-poor cons out of a run down house in the worst part of the Barrel. But he hadn’t needed a great gang, just one he could make great- one that needed him.

Now they had their own territory, their own gambling hall and that run down house had become the Slat, a dry, warm place to get a hot meal or hole up when you were wounded. Now the Dregs were feared. Kaz had given them that. He didn’t owe them small talk on top of it”

The Starlite Motel on Las Vegas Boulevard in North Las Vegas.  Like something out of a time capsule.  In the background is the towering sign for Jerry’s Nugget, the “venerable gambling hall offering revered prime rib in its iconic, midcentury-modern coffee shop” where we had just had dinner.  Later we passed by again, but the rest of the motel sign never lit.  My photo from April 1, 2016.

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“Who wants my tits?” --Deok

“Me,” he answered before any of the other wolves in the room tried to steal her away- Deokhye was a hot commodity at their gambling halls, and for good reason. She made it a lot easier to win a game, but that wasn’t what he was calling her over for. He thinks she would’ve come over to him whether he requested her help first or not, anyway, the two of them always played favorites when it came to each other. Minseok took one last drag of his cigarette before stubbing it out in the ashtray on the table. He didn’t normally smoke because he didn’t care that much for the taste, but the menthols weren’t so bad, and today he almost felt driven to it- having woken up with more anxiety than he normally had. “Could you just,” he gestures with his hands, making a smushing motion as he shoots her a pitiful look, “–and put me out of my misery? It’s the ideal way to go out. Suffocated by your breasts. We both know they’re actually weapons of mass destruction.” In the eyes of normal people this might’ve seemed like an unusual request, but he was certain Deokhye had heard it before and this type of conversation wasn’t out of the ordinary for them. “Please.”

Live Blog: The Killers’ VIP Performance

I’ll keep this post updated with the latest information on The Killers first VIP performance of the weekend.

Earlier, The Killers arrived at Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall and went up to the roof to take a couple of pictures.

According to early reports, the following tracks have been played:

  • Semi-acoustic version of ‘Smile Like You Mean It’
  • Semi-acoustic version of ‘Change Your Mind’

A video posted by Erin Kennedy Middleton (@artgirl88) on Sep 30, 2016 at 7:04pm PDT

A video posted by Autumn Nevada (@autb0t) on Sep 30, 2016 at 6:47pm PDT

A photo posted by ❤️🐕⚡️🌱☄🔮 (@gabbycakes805) on Sep 30, 2016 at 6:51pm PDT

Watch on

This is the introduction that was given by Ryan Pardey before the tour bus departed Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall on September 30, 2016.

Many, many thanks to Joanne Medina (Twitter/ Instagram) who taped the introduction and took the time to upload the file over the very slow Sam’s Town wifi.

EDIT: If the sound does not load, see the direct link: