gambling again

Thinking back to the fact that Ninja Sex Party is currently doing a second cover album and remembering when they signed pre-ordered copies with the first one.

All I know is that considering that they had to sign over 40,000 copies last time, I would completely understand if Dan and Brian opted out of doing the signing thing again.

Mitt Romney is an inspiration, teaching us all that no matter how many times you fail, there exists the possibility someone dangerously inept will force your associates to once again gamble on your incompetence. You know, real sticktuitiveness.

Scorpion POLL

Who wants to share their guesses on whether dr. Tobias M. Curtis will succeed or fail on his last episodes promise - “To never gamble again. Ever.”

Will he be able to do it, after he stopped…cold turkey, and has he been keeping his “promise”? (And is now only focused on the last & only…most important “gamble” of his life - Happy?)

What do you think -does the “no more gambling” include all wagers…also small ones like betting Cabe that he won’t be able to go without black coffee for even 24 hours? 

Will Toby fail at some point? While working on a case, where they “need to” gamble or make a bet/wager…for the case in some way and form? Or will he break the promise while trying to help Sylvester get the other half of the needed sum for his & Megan’s dream - “The Megan Dodd Pediatric Care Ward” wing at the hospital… and try to raise the money with gambling to help his friend? Or will the Team at some point need more cash & they try to collect the money via gambling (like Walter did 7 years ago, when he needed capital for his company)?

Do you think he has and will never even make the smallest bet/wager? Or do you think those are allowed (little “fun” bets amongst friends)? Just no other, “real” gambling? 

Do you think he will be able to keep his promise forever, or will he fail at some point…for a moment or for longer? And how do you think both he & Happy will feel if and when he breaks his promise….even for once? 

Any thoughts?