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Friends with the Witch

On the tenth day of fanfics steves–starsandstripes gave to me…

Characters: (Y/N), Steve, Wanda, Tony

Pairings: (Y/N) x Steve

Summary: Wanda helps you and Steve out

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 1165

Author’s Note: I wish I could be friends with Wanda, that would be so fun OML

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*In Tony’s Kitchen at Stark Tower*

Steve watched as (Y/N) talked with Wanda in the living room of Stark Tower. Steve sipped his coffee, unaware that he had been staring for far longer than he should have.

“My god man, stare any longer and she’ll start to feel you burning holes in the back of her head!” Tony exclaimed with an exasperated sigh as he fixed himself a cup of coffee. The sudden outburst had caused Steve to snap out of it. “Just do it already, Spangles,” Tony said, taking a seat next to Steve at the breakfast bar.

“Do what?” Steve asked, reaching for a newspaper, browsing it nonchalantly.

“Ask (Y/N) out.” Steve choked slightly on his coffee.

“Ex-excuse me??” he said between coughs.

“Oh please Cap, it’s so blatantly obvious how much you like her. So much so that everytime I’m near you I nearly get sick to my stomach. Do it, or I will,” Tony threatened casually.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Steve said, glaring over his newspaper at him.

“Hmm, so sure about that? Would you risk it? I don’t see you as one to gamble Rogers. Ask her out, or I just might do it myself,” Tony finished, leaving the room, and the conversation, tense.

*In the living room*

“Do they still think you and I are just talking?” you asked Wanda quietly.

“Let me check,” she replied, moving her hands, which were hidden by the back of the couch, using her powers to read their minds. “They are talking about you. They don’t pay us any attention.”

“Did he say anything about me?” you blushed. Wanda had known for a long time that you had a crush on Steve, ever since she decided it would be fun to read everyone’s minds during their first encounter with the Maximoff twins.

“Tony told Steve to ask you out. Steve choked, pretending that he didn’t know what Tony was talking about. Steve is a horrible liar, so Tony saw right through that,” Wanda said, still tapping into their conversation. You nodded, laughing a little at just how true it was. Steve is the worst at lying, he’s too much of a good, honest man. “Now Steve has essentially admitted to liking you.”

“Really?!” you whisper-cheered. You had known, with Wanda’s help, that Steve felt the same, but you could never fully believe it. You were too afraid that she would be wrong and that your hope would be crushed.

“Yes. Now Tony has threatened to ask you out himself,” Wanda continued.

“What?!” you shouted in disbelief. Covering your mouth, you looked over to the two, praying that they hadn’t heard you yell. Fortunately, they were too deep in discussion to notice.

“Yes, but it’s not true. Tony doesn’t like you, he’s just saying that to get Steve to ask you and stop being a pansy about it.”

“Hey!” you exclaimed, smacking her playfully.

“Oh, you know it’s true. Because of Steve’s past he knows nothing about girls. It’s okay, this is why I help you two. If I don’t, no one will ever make a move. You’re a pansy too,” she giggled.

You were about to argue with her, even though she had a point, when Tony got up. You looked over there, seeing Steve reading his newspaper once more. He appeared angry and frustrated.

“Why’s he so mad?” you wondered out loud.

“Tony threatened to ask you out, Steve said he wouldn’t, and then Tony said Steve may not want to risk it.”

“Ah, makes sense now.”

Wanda gasped, still reading Steve’s mind.

“What?! What’d you see?”

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