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The One Thing No One Tells You About Sugaring : The Gamble

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When you sit on your computer at home and see constant money, fashion and luxury posts, you fail to remove your rose colored glasses in reality. For some of you, you just made your SA profile, have gone on POT dates and maybe are in a very happy relationship with someone. But what happens when reality starts to hit? When your emotions start to play a part. When seeing young happy couples start to make you upset? 

Many will make a front to conceal the emotions that they once had or have but suppress them for followers. 

“Pfft, I’d rather date a ugly rich guy for money, not be some broke ass!”

“4k in my account! Thanks daddy!!”

Recently my best friend and I have hit a block or two when it comes to sugaring, we began to think as two wonderful vanilla men came into our lives. Both of which we would have happily been broke for, but what happens when they find out? What happens when there comes a chance when you have to be honest when you accidentally post something that you wouldn’t think they would see?

This dears, is the gamble of sugaring. You really have to think about your time frame. 

You’re gambling your safety, identity, job security, friendships and potentially anything real outside of your sugar life until you decide to end it. It sucks. 

What bothers me more on social media in general is that girls, especially on this post (guaranteed) will make you feel about about having feelings, to tell you not to sugar because you failed in one way or another. Yes, I agree sugaring isn’t for the feint of heart but the greatest success comes from the worst part of failure. 

Here’s what I have to say to those girls FUCK YOU AND DON’T FOLLOW ME

You don’t get heartbroken from the Sugaring men or life you have, you get broken from the vanilla men and life you don’t have. 

My tips for you if you encounter this problem. 

Weigh your options out, remember why you sugar and ask yourself is it worth the risk? 

Be careful. Research him, give out a burn number, manage both sugaring life and personal life accordingly and intelligently. 

Hope this helps


No one in the class is neurotypical!

They all have PTSD- Marinette and Adrien from fighting akuma and the rest of the class from being them.

Marinette has generalized anxiety disorder. She sees a psychiatrist regularly and is medicated, though she’s still trying to find the right balance of drugs, which is part of the cause of her oversleeping.

Adrien has undiagnosed depression and mild social anxiety. The social anxiety doesn’t get in the way of him doing anything, but his depression would if it wasn’t for the fact that his schedule is so strict.

Nino is autistic and has OCD. He doesn’t take any medications, but he does go to a therapist for Exposure and Response Prevention treatment for his OCD once a week.

Chloé has undiagnosed histrionic personality disorder and depression. Adrien recommended she see a psychiatrist and get diagnosed, and she challenged him to do the same. They’re both too afraid of their fathers’ reactions to do it.

Sabrina had dependent personality disorder. She refuses to undergo behavioral therapy, but she does take a small dose of an anxiolytic to deal with some of the symptoms.

Alya has ADHD. She saw a psychiatrist for it once, but they deemed she had a mild enough form of it that she didn’t need treatment, especially with how much running around chasing superheroes she does.

Mylène had panic disorder and schizophrenia. The schizophrenia has been diagnosed and is being treated through medication, but the panic disorder is only being treated as a symptom of schizophrenia and not its own problem.

Alix has cyclothymia, but she thinks everyone has it and buries her feelings. As a result, it goes untreated.

Ivan has paranoid personality disorder, but his parents won’t seek treatment for him. They believe it’s just a regular teen problem.

Kim has a gambling addiction and dissociative identity disorder. The gambling addiction goes unchecked, but he has medication and goes to therapy twice a week for his DID.

Max is bipolar and heavily medicated. His brain and body grow accustomed to the medication every year or so, which results in him having to change treatments.

Nathaniel has avoidant personality disorder and is schizotypal. Both are being treated through therapy and medication, but he’s still not getting the best treatment he could be.

Rose is autistic. She goes untreated, as no one believes she is autistic. She idolizes Elle Woods because she sees a number of things similar about them, not realizing they’re both textbook examples of women who have fallen through the cracks on being diagnosed.

Juleka has moderate, persistent nightmare disorder and borderline personality disorder. She receives treatment for both, but it has so far been unsuccessful.

Woo Jiho Gambler Aesthetic

Chapter #4: The Gambler

Known as: The Ludomaniac.

Accused of illegal gambling, underground poker, identity theft, bribery.


“Oh, but it’s not really gambling when you never lose”

Wanted Series: Assassin / Thief / Arsonist / Gambler Hacker / Stalker / Serial Killer Drug Dealer / Yakuza Psychopath

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Do you think mated vampires ever get divorced?

Probably. We meet a number of mismatched couples in canon, and I could certainly see them growing distant with time. 

That said, I think a vampire divorce is much less dramatic than a human one. Partners with some surprise defect– like a gambling addiction or multiple identities– probably don’t exist among the undead. There’s no property to divide and no custody to sort out. Instead, the hardest thing to deal with is the awareness that you love your mate, but you can’t actually stand living with them. 

(I mean, that’s the only plausible explanation for no vampire family courts, right? If somebody walked into Volterra once a month, complaining that their no-good cheating mate walked off with all the fancy china and broke their heart, the Volturi would have to set up something, surely.)