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Hellooo!! I love love love your blog and you're a fantastic writer! If you are still doing those requests thingys could you do What it would be like married to Dean Ambrose? Thank you!

Being Married To Dean Ambrose Would Include

- romantic dinners at fast food restaurants
- but he makes it fun so you don’t mind
- constantly hanging out with roman and the usos
- lots of netflix comedies on the couch
- with popcorn, of course
- wearing his leather jacket
- and nothing else
- he can’t keep his hands off you
- he says your dining room table is good for one thing and it’s not family dinners 😉
- kissing his dimples when he smiles
- and he always smiles when he looks at you
- he’s in to some role play
- particularly if he can be your teacher
- lots of gambling in vegas where you live
- you’re his lucky charm at the craps table
- he likes it when you tie him up and have your way with him
- he will protect you with every bone in his body

  • Aries: Goes to a foreign country.
  • Taurus: Smoking weed by the beach.
  • Gemini: Goes camping... with wifi and a laptop.
  • Cancer: Travels to a resort in some random small never-heard-of country.
  • Leo: Climbing up to the opening of a volcano.
  • Virgo: Road tripping through every state in the U.S.
  • Libra: Rock climbing without rope.
  • Scorpio: Riding massive waves.
  • Sagittarius: Partying hard all night.
  • Capricorn: Gambling in Las Vegas.
  • Aquarius: Chills in a hottub in Antartica.
  • Pisces: Goes swimming with the dolphins.
The Signs in Vegas (As Requested)

Aries: Gets drunk along with Sag and Aqua and ends up passing out in the car

Taurus: Taking advantage of the all-you-can-eat buffet because really, who can complain about unlimited food?

Gemini: The one who won the slots jackpot, starts trying to buy the casino from the owner with the money they just got

Cancer: Went out to a David Copperfield show with Pisces and ended becoming a volunteer, later got showered with questions by Pisces about how the trick worked, if Cancer saw how he did it, etc

Leo: Went out on a shopping spree with Libra and came back to the hotel with around $5,000 worth of clothes, jewelry, you name it

Virgo: Taking pictures of literally everything and everywhere in Vegas with all the signs, plans to make a scrapbook of everything later

Libra: Shopped with Leo for basically the entire night and ended up getting a priceless china dish that Aqua ended breaking when coming back to the hotel

Scorpio: Still at the casino trying to win at the roulette table, blows all the money they had to spend and gets angry at the casino, gets dragged away for being a disruption by guards

Sagittarius: Gets drunk at the bar with Aqua and Aries and ends up having to help carry a passed out Aries to the hotel room

Capricorn: The poor sober person who drove the three drunks home, tricks them into thinking the car was a taxi and got 50 bucks out of it

Aquarius: Got drunk with Sag and Aries and carried a passed out Aries to the hotel. Breaks Libra’s precious china dish upon trying to get some food and has to suffer their wrath

Pisces: Went to the magic show with Cancer and became very jealous when they got chosen, asked a million questions afterward about how the tricks worked