The Zodiac Signs as Bad Habits

Aries: Interrupting others

Taurus: Sleeping in

Gemini: Slouching

Cancer: Nail-biting

Leo: Gambling

Virgo: Perfectionism

Libra: Lying in order to please others

Scorpio: Procrastination

Sagittarius: Cracking knuckles

Capricorn: Focusing on a mobile device rather than another person

Aquarius: Use of slang

Pisces: Chewing on writing utensils

Imagine Loki using his seidr to make himself appear older and look like a commoner so he can go to bars and gamble, enjoying being able to trick and read other players. One day, someone states they can defeat his winning streak, so Loki looks forward to their game, only to be shocked to see Thor sit in front of him, the only one to best Loki before, the reason he came to the bars to hone his skills.  


algieria008 Algiers games by Swiatoslaw Wojtkowiak
Via Flickr:
Cafe in Place Port Said, Algiers.


Happiness - Yellow Sunshine ‎(Yellow Sunshine, 1973)

My whole life I’ve heard the saying
“Good things take time”
But now I’d disagree by saying
“Great things happen in the blink of an eye”

You came into my life when I least expected
And although the timing wasn’t right somehow it turned out perfect

What were the odds that you’d stumble on to me
What are the chances that you’d be exactly what I need
Who could’ve predicted that you’d take my breath away
With every subtle touch, with every single kiss, Each moment that I’m with you feels like complete bliss

You’re one in a million
And you and I are a million to one
If I had to gamble on a couple
My money would always be on us.

—  Rafelina Michelle

Visiting the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco was an absolutely surreal experience.

First things first, we were obviously financially inadequate for the premises. This is the casino where not millionaires, but billionaires gamble - and ONLY them.

This is the casino where 99% of James Bond casino scenes take place.

We sprinted from the train station to the casino, watched million dollar cars drive through the valet (yes, that’s a $1.5 million Maclaren P1 on the right), then we sprinted back.

My flip flops and cargo shorts just wouldn’t cut it.

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Nice, France
June 14, 2017