===> Wait

Kytkin curled up, hiding behind a tree outside her grub’s hive. There were deep bite marks in her shoulders and the back of her neck and her whole body hurt. More dangerous though, was the emotional damage done to her. She was scared, and she knew to fear the troll who did this to her know. It was stupid, confronting him in a place that he knew and could see in, and a place where she could neither see nor smell him. Letting out a small whimper, she waited for her moirail to show up. He was the only one she could trust completely anymore.

===> Flip out

There are many levels of pissed for little Kytkin Umbrel. As a naturally angry troll, just about everything set her off, but few things stung as deep as the mix of betrayal and fury she felt as her best friend and pale crush right now. Tears of rage dripped down her cheeks and she quickly stuff her things into her bag. How could she even think about staying with suck a nasty, awful troll?! But he had been such a good guy before. Sobs worked their way up her throat, but she finally managed to choak them down.

Turning sharply, she stomped out the down, slamming it open as she did. She was going to go home, and see her lusus and… Oh gods. What would she do from there? Losing her two most important trolls in the span of three days… She just wanted to curl up and die. Hmmm, maybe the river. No, stop thinking. But, the sobs were back and she staggered out of the hive in the direction of her’s.