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Laurent had reached the opposite bank; but Damen was only halfway across the stream when he saw a hint of red in the undergrowth close to Laurent’s horse.
That was all the warning he had. Laurent had none at all.
The man lifted a crossbow and shot a bolt straight at Laurent’s unprotected body.
In the awful blur of motion that followed, several things happened at once. Laurent’s horse, sensitive to motion, to the hiss of air, the rustle and swish, violently shied. There was no sound of a bolt thudding into a body, but that would not be heard anyway over the horse’s scream as its hook skidded wrongly on one of the slippery, water-smooth river stones, so that it foundered and went down.


Ororo (Storm): Since we started using clear nights for storm shows, I’d have to say thunder and lightening. Nothing is more fun than getting some of the school kids together on the back lawn and watching the lightening flash as thunder echos through the night sky. The little ones really get a kick out of it.

1. Kiss Me
Oliver and Felicity kiss to blend in when being followed.

2. Charades
Oliver and Felicity are great at games together.

3. Undress Me
Felicity has to undress and wash Oliver after he’s exposed to a toxic drug.

4. We Weather the Storm, You and I ‘Til the End of Time
Teenage best friends Oliver and Felicity face their feelings when boarding the Queen’s Gambit.

5. Kiss Me Hard Before You Go
During a heated argument, Oliver declares his love for Felicity.

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Crack theory time: what if Chase finds a way to patch up the remains of the Queen’s Gambit and brings it back to Lian Yu, forcing a final showdown with Oliver onboard the same boat that started Oliver’s whole journey ten years ago? What would be more symbolic than forcing Oliver to fight him for William’s life onboard the exact same boat that killed his father all those years ago?

The only problem with this theory is that in 1x13 Malcolm ordered Moira to have the remains destroyed…but then who’s to say she actually DID? What if she hid the boat somewhere else instead, giving herself the possibility of insurance against Malcolm later on?

It’s not impossible to think that Chase was able to track the remains and find a way to fix it up. He doesn’t necessarily have to make it seaworthy, either. He would just have to fix it up enough that it would float, and then haul it in on a bigger boat and set it offshore.


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Deadpool vs Gambit cover 2016

DEADPOOL V GAMBIT #3 & 4 (of 5)
• The con’s gone south, fast, which leads to…a cookout?
• Yep – if you wanna see Wade and Remy slinging meat, this book’s for you!
• Plus…we take a deep dive into the life of…The Scrambler?
32 PGS. (EACH)/Parental Advisory …$3.99 (EACH)