Requested by anonymous

You woke up to the smell of bacon in your room. Somebody was cooking breakfast, and you wanted some. You got out of bed, surprised when your hand hit rose petals. They covered your bed, and there was some on the floor. Laughing and shaking your head, you got up, guessing as to what was going on.

You walked out of your room to see Remy cooking breakfast. “Good morning,” you greeted.

“Hey, I was supposed to bring you breakfast in bed!” Remy protested turning to look at you.

“Too late. Don’t make bacon if you don’t want me to get up. Thanks for the rose petals, by the way,” you said, sitting down at the bar counter to watch Remy cook.

“It’s not a Valentine’s breakfast without bacon,” Remy stated. “And there’s more petals where those came from, cherie.” He stepped aside, revealing a vase full of beautiful roses.

Your mouth dropped open. “They’re beautiful,” you said as he brought the vase closer to you. “You really didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to,” Remy replied with a wink. He leaned over and gave you a kiss on the top of your head. “Not every day I get a free pass to spoil you.”

“Wait, you didn’t steal these, did you?” you asked, suddenly remembering what your boyfriend used to do.

“Of course not,” Remy replied. “None of the other gifts I’ll be giving you today will be stolen either.”

“Remy,” you said in a scolding tone. “What do you mean there’s others?”

“You’ll find out,” Remy replied with a grin.

Soon after, breakfast was done and eaten. “So, what do you want to do for the day?” you asked.

“I think I want to just have a nice day in. Watch movies. Cuddle,” Remy stated, putting his arms around you. You noticed, however, that the muscles in his arms were still moving, like he was grabbing something.

“Oh, so you can keep pulling gifts for me out of the furniture,” you accused.

“This one I had hid in my sleeve, actually,” Remy said, pulling back so he could show you what he had in his hands: a small plush dog with a spot in the shape of a heart over its eye. A moment later, you noticed the bracelet around it neck like a collar, studded with gemstones of your favorite color. Your jaw dropped.

“The dog was too adorable to pass up,” Remy said, handing it to you. “And the bracelet is beautiful, just like you, Cherie.”

“You really didn’t-“ you started, before Remy interrupted you.

“I know,” Remy stated, gently tilting your chin up to look at him so that he could kiss you. You closed your eyes and kissed back, running your fingers through his hair.

After a moment, you pulled back for air. “I feel bad. I didn’t think to get you anything, since I wanted to buy you things when we were out. But now we aren’t going anywhere,” you admitted.

“You can give me plenty tonight on those rose petals if you want,” Remy stated with a mischievous smirk.

“Fine then. And next date night is on me,” you stated, kissing Remy again before he could protest.