February 8, 2016


I received quite the lecture concerning common purpose and collaboration between individuals today. Whether it is as a result of what has been discussed on television recently or just a thought that I have discovered over the years is yet to be determined, but nevertheless I greatly pondered what it truly means to work as a team.

Sam, Dean, and I have grown to form a complex yet fully functional unit, ready for even what Hell could possibly bring, over the years. It was not always like this to begin with, especially given the the first time Dean has cognizant memory of me he elected to stab me in the chest, thinking me just another monster. My, how different the outcome has been, no?

For better or for worse, we have learned each others’ differences, taking care to help and lend aid to the others when one has been decommissioned for whatever reason. I do believe that we managed to work so well together because we shared this common purpose, we shared this one goal: to stop total destruction that would inevitably destroy the world int he form of the apocalypse. There were struggles, particularly towards the beginning when I was but the shell of the person I am today, but as I worked with Dean (and later Sam) I came to realize that our common purpose deviated from the original plan that had been given to me in the form of orders. My goal, in essence, then proceeded to change, which allowed for me to agree to begin to solely serve and help the Winchesters the way I had. 

This of course is not solely centered around me. On the contrary, both brothers also altered their previous view of the world to accommodate for the epiphany of the existence of angels. Not only that, however, they also allowed for an angel’s help on the issue at hand. They allowed and even welcomed my help, even after years of being conditioned to distrust celestial and supernatural beings. To say that we all have come a long way would be an understatement, but it was our ability to adapt as a team that I believe allowed us to come as far as we have. 

Working in a team so closely connected as ours is by no means an easy feat. There are disagreements, struggles, fights, and near death experiences, but what balances that is the synchronizing of our movements during hunts, the debates concerning helping others, and helping one another when there is trouble that far outweighs our individual abilities. It is not easy, but our small team has most definitely adapted, grown, and thrived despite our differences. I can only hope that it continues to be strong enough to help us now.



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