African Teenagers Take Their Own Photos To Capture A Different View Of Their Home 

A photography student from the U.K. decided to gather up cameras, head to a high school in the Gambia, and teach a photo workshop that invited each student to capture images at home and in their neighborhoods. 

"The students know the landscape, environment, people, and hidden secrets of their culture more than an outsider, and photograph it without prejudice or any judgment."

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

The “Perfect” Ship Massacre took place in 1758 on the River Gambia in West Africa “Perfect” was the name of the ship lead by the British Captain William Potter from Liverpool and it was renown for its size, durability, and performance. The British ship had a crew of 30 plus White Men and they filled the ship with 300 plus captured Africans and began to sail along the River Gambia towards Charleston, South Carolina to sell and enslave the stolen Africans. There were over 300 Local African warriors that were waiting and organized a very well Coordinated attack on the “Perfect” ship. They surrounded the ship in small boats and they were armed with Guns and various Blades. The African warriors Killed the Captain and his crew and took control of the ship and Freed the Captured. School History tends to only show us in a subservient light and not tell us about those that successfully fought back against oppression and slavery. SanKofa!

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MORNING SONG: Seinabo Sey - Younger.

You’d be seriously hard pressed to find anyone who possess both the depth and youthfulness of 23-year-old Gambian-Swedish singer Seinabo Sey.

In her debut single, produced by Magnus Lidehäll, Sey doesn’t shy away from expressing her philosophies on the things that inspire her and motivate her to pursue her dreams with every waking moment. She’s full of wise words. Her infectious statements linger and settle in your consciousness. As the group of young believers accompanying Seinabo Sey through this serene and picturesque setting go about doing the wonderful things that young people do, Sey stays grounded in the deliverance of her message. Whilst it may sound, and look, as though she’s romanticizing youth, right at the very start of the video, through symbolism, Sey acknowledges the fragility of life and the human spirit - a theme that plays out throughout the video.

Supported by the song’s continuous and climaxing beats, Sey’s voice carries a sense of both freedom and urgency. No syllable uttered or lyric sung goes to waste. The advice she dispenses is both instructional and filled with a sense of upliftment that only makes you want to fulfill all the things you once gave up on.

"There’s a way to be yourself, I assure you this
There’s a way to get your dreams without falling asleep.
You might as well get it while you can, babe,
Cause you know you ain’t getting any younger”

Want to be wow’d some more? Watch her perform ‘Younger’ live.

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has signed a bill calling for life imprisonment for certain “homosexual acts.” Reports say that he signed it quietly in October, but that it hasn’t been publicly announced in Gambia.

The language in the bill is almost identical to the Ugandan legislation that was signed into law earlier this year, but struck down on procedural grounds. The specific illegal acts, categorized as “aggravated homosexuality,” include “homosexual activity” by people with HIV/AIDS, those who have engaged in same-sex sexual acts with a minor, a disabled person or a person who’s been drugged, and “serial offenders.” 

Amnesty International recently reported that Gambian security forces are torturing people arrested in raids, threatening them with rape and pressuring them to confess to homosexual acts.

The recent arrests are the first under the new law, Amnesty said Thursday. The group said at least four men, a 17-year-old boy and nine women have reportedly been arrested in recent weeks on suspicion of committing homosexual acts. An earlier statement described how the suspects were detained at the headquarters of the National Intelligence Agency in Banjul.

"They were subjected to torture and ill-treatment to force them to confess their so-called ‘crimes’ and to reveal information about other individuals perceived to be gay or lesbian," Amnesty said.

Back in 2008, President Jammeh told LGBT people to “leave the country or risk decapitation.” Laws like this are making that threat realer than ever. 

Take my picture

What you see in this picture comes from a place where the road surrenders to the earth.

What you see in this picture is the reason I traveled 6,400 miles.

What you see in this picture is the reason I am learning to speak another language.

What you see in this picture is braver than you or I.

What you see in this picture could have been you or I.

What you see in this picture is a girl who will learn to tend her own garden and avoid malnutrition.

What you see in this picture is the reason I will not leave Africa.

This picture is so many things, but it was made possible because you were a great friend, teacher, farmer, or family member that believed in me.

This picture

is for you.


"When the music hits your hard and you start making sound effects"