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How about an hc? ;) Anything jikook!

jshd sure!!! how abt some trip to busan hcs

- kookmin take the train to busan tgthr on vacation and jungkook’s never-ending energy wears jimin out to no end

- “ohmygod we can go the beach and to this one restaurant they hav rly good seafood like-” “jungkookie” “-o and there’s this one club should we go clubbing?????? hmm O AND theres this-” “jeoN JUNGKOOKIE”

- when they get busan jungkook drives them to a hotel that looks rly ,,,,,, expensive

- “find u a man who gon pay for an expensive hotel to stay in” “jungkook we’re a couple” “exactly. i’m that man”

- thus jimin’s favorite phrase on this trip becomes “why am i dating u again”

- dinner always includes that Who’s Paying thing but jungkook always pays bc he always slips his card in (don’t tell any1)

- at one point in the week jungkook blasts ed sheeren’s “galway girl” and sings along w his phone as a mic, but hes changing lyrics to suit a busan boy theme


- but then jungkook convinces jimin to dance w him in their hotel room…..jungkook doesn’t stop singing “galway girl” “busan boy” and jimin just laughs

- bc jungkook’s so excited abt it all, they do go the beach and that one restaurant w the rly good seafood, as well as the club where jimin…..gets….. fairly drunk

- note that when jimin gets drunk he gets even more Enthusiastic than jk always is. needless to say the night is Wild

- they kick the trip off by meeting each other’s parents

- “jimin can you marry this boy already” “mOM”


Spent an evening just doodlin’! :)

I. The James and Charlie paperdolls are almost done. I lost steam though and couldn’t/didn’t want to draw full outfits anymore but I wanted to show them anyway so I made James wear a towel (and flip flops) and Charlie at least put on some underwear. So sexy. :T

Wanna draw Kieran and the twins the upcoming weekend so the dressing up fun can start SOON!

II. Wanted to try some colouring with much less saturation and used Mick as a guinea pig. He rocks the desaturation. Handsome bastard.

III. A Damien. Because I love him and his sass. Gonna make a portrait of this sketch as well. I’m a bit on a Galway Boys spree and you never know when you feel like setting up profiles for your … “minor characters”… please bear with me! xD

The Rocky Road to Dublin
Dropkick Murphys
The Rocky Road to Dublin

Dropkick Murphys - The Rocky Road to Dublin

The boys in Liverpool, 

when we safely landed 

called meself a fool,

I could no longer stand it 

blood began to boil,

temper I was losing 

poor old Erin’s Isle 

they began abusing 

hooray me soul, says I, 

let the shellaillagh fly 

some Galway boys were by,

and saw I was a-hobblin' 

with a loud array,

they joined me in the fray 

soon we cleared the way 

on the rocky road to Dublin,

One, two three, four five