Wahey, I’m coming down with a cold so here’s some sick headcanons.

When Galvatron is ill Cyclonus is very quick with blankets and medicinal Energon and gets Galvs warmed up in no time.

When Cyclonus is ill Galvatron insists on doing the same for him and refuses to let anyone else tend to Cyclonus. However Galvatron only ever manages to get as far as the blanket. While trying to brew up some medicinal Energon Galvatron instead manages to, freeze Chaar, kill another 12 Sweeps, win a phone-in competition on Earth and breed a race of super-intelligent platypuses.
By the time the dumbass manages to make actual medicinal Energon without causing a disaster Cyclonus has recovered by himself.

David Hayter made the first 2 X-Men movies

One of the main character’s in X-men is Wolverine

Steve Blum voiced Wolverine a few times in some animated series and stuff

Steve Blum also voiced Galvez in Peace Walker

Galves Smokes cigars, and has a missing arm

Wolverine smokes cigars and in 2099 had a missing arm

see where i’m going with this?