galvanized grey


…attempts… were made at drawing all of kevin’s “first times”

ghostfreak was the first one because i have it in my imagination that the mutation would probably, like, snap his neck if it really is fully assuming z’skayr’s physiology and not just some rando ectonurite

the stinkfly one, he’s doing the wall-crawling restless thing like seth brundle’s pacing. i just never got far enough in where the background came into play

“Ben 10″ (Original Series) - Battle Version Figures - Alien Planet Backgrounds P.1

These are cards that came with the “Battle Version” action figures from around 2007. These would feature information about the character, and on the other side, it would have a background to pose your figure on using the Base that came with each figure.

I apologize in advance for the varying quality of these images (Watermarks, Varying Sizes), these cards weren’t very well preserved online. You also may notice Pisciss (Ripjaws) and Galvan Prime (Grey Matter) are absent. They did not have figures in this line.







Galvan B