Why don’t i like using plastic containers for caged birds?
I hope the picture comparison is an obvious reason why.

As you can tell from the picture on the left, there is a clear, clean surface on the plastic. This is a new container.

The picture on the right shows a lining that makes the plastic container look cloudy, and have a whitish tinge called bio film.
This container is roughly 4 months old.
That lining is a major health hazard for your bird as it is full of bacterial growth.
Even after scrubbing and cleaning once daily, the bacteria still grows over time and can cause upsets with digestion as the bacteria enters from the water/food into the body causing a bacteria infection and most likely a trip to the vet.

Plastic surfaces are porous, a breeding ground trapping bacteria.
To keep a plastic container clean, soaking and through scrubbing in soapy hot water is the only way. Keeping them clean is certainly a challenge and don’t forget about getting those tight corners with a toothbrush.

This reason is why stainless steel and ceramic bowls are a better option for use as food containers - they are non porous.

Lou with his ceramic bowl

Louie has a cermaic bowl designed to hang in bird cages.
Providing the cage is spotless and clean enough to eat from the floor, you can use weighted ceramic bowls via placing them on ground level in a ‘no poop’ zone.
Placing a ‘dipping’ dish with water next to food will save your bird from climbing up and down to a from the water bowl.

Stainless steel bowls

Stainless steel bowls can come in hanging, screw on, or screw on coup holders.

*Important to note with metal bowls*
Do not use galvanised metal bowls as they are coated with zinc to provide a damage proof layer.
Zinc and Copper are heavy metal.
Heavy metals are toxic to birds

If they chew parts of metal cage wires, toys, bowls (even coins) made out of these materials, and the metal doesn’t pass throught the digestive tracts, the chewed pieces sit in their stomach toxins will leech in to the body.

Whatever you decide about which dishes you will use, before you give food or water to your birds, ask yourself, “Would I eat from this dish?”

Johnlock in ‘The Final Problem’

I know we didn’t get the cannon Johnlock confirmation that we needed and deserved (*cries*), but we still got plenty of subtext. In case you need cheering up, here are (most of) the Johnlock moments from the episode:

  • John helping Sherlock terrify Mycroft with the crazy clown
  • Sherlock getting really, really defensive when Mycroft asks John to leave:
    • “This is family.” “That’s why he stays!”
    • I think this is when Mycroft realizes just how much John means to Sherlock.
    • John’s little smile when Sherlock says that <3
  • When the patience grenade landed, one of the first things Sherlock thought of was John.
    • “Is a phone call possible? John has a daughter. He may wish to say goodbye.”
  • John just lost his wife and has a baby, and he still leaves everything behind to accompany Sherlock on his mission.
  • When Eurus attacked Sherlock, John heard his screams of agony and it galvanised him into action. He literally fended off two orderlies who were trained to deal with mentally unstable patients.
  • Sherlock didn’t even think about asking John to kill the Governor.
    • Despite the fact that John is a soldier.
  • When Sherlock had to say “I love you” to Molly, you could see the pain on his face and hear it in his voice.
    • Partly because he didn’t mean it and hated breaking her this way.
    • Also because the man he loves is standing right behind him.
    • Also, apparently this scene was edited in at the last minute, because nobody except Moffat and Gatiss liked the scene it replaced. Martin Freeman said something about filming a very emotional scene for this episode; but John didn’t really have any emotional scenes? Was the one before this possibly a Johnlock scene?!
    • Also, BEHOLD JOHN’S ACTUAL EXPRESSION IN THIS SCENE. Can you see the tears shining in his eyes? LOOK CAREFULLY.
  • After Sherlock smashed the coffin and went to pieces, John was right there to comfort him.
    • Even though John had almost gone to pieces himself because of what happened to the Governor.
    • Maybe I’m reading into this, but they held hands for a few moments longer than necessary, and is John…smiling?
  • AND MY FAVOURITE SCENE: When Sherlock had to choose who to kill: John or Mycroft, and Mycroft starts insulting John to get Sherlock riled up. Honestly, I loved Mycroft so much in this episode.
    • Sherlock says, “He’s trying to make it easy for me to kill him.“ It’s obvious that neither Sherlock nor Mycroft even considered killing John. Although Sherlock didn’t end up killing Mycroft, he almost did, whereas the thought of killing John was just…unthinkable. Out of the question.
    • Mycroft knew how much John meant to Sherlock, and he couldn’t watch his brother kill the man he loves. (Throwback to A Study In Pink, when Mycroft shipped Johnlock from Day 1)
  • OHMYGOD, throughout this episode, John and Sherlock have been asking each other “Are you okay?” in the smollest, softest voices.
  • The pure AGONY on Sherlock’s face when he realizes that John’s in danger and he can’t reach him.
  • When Sherlock finds out about Victor, he cries.
    • I don’t think he cries about the murder of a long-forgotten childhood friend.
    • He cries because he realizes that Eurus is going to take John away in the exact same way.
  • He hugs his psychotic sister, even though he must HATE her right now, having learnt the truth about Victor, and knowing what she’s about to do to John.
    • Partly because he feels sorry for her, maybe?
    • Mostly because it brings him one step closer to saving John.
  • “It is what it is.” THIS MOMENT. ICONIC.
    • John remembers the hug, he remembers what Sherlock said to him.
    • He acknowledges the fact that The Hug was a MOMENT.
  • MARY’S CD THO. “PS, I know you two. If I’m gone, I know what you could become.”
    • She’s almost directly saying that they’re gay for each other and now that she’s out of the way, THEY NEED TO ACCEPT IT??
    • Look at the meaningful way Sherlock looks at John when she says that <3
  • OHMYGOD. Sherlock’s finally allowed to play with Rosie. THEY’RE GOING TO RAISE HER TOGETHER ASDFGHJKL. Can we put a ring on it now?
  • Honestly, them holding hands when they run out is the only confirmation we would’ve needed.

This episode was such a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I really don’t think that Eurus is just going to stay put now; Sherlock said he would take her home and then went back on his word. Playing duets together doesn’t really mean much. I have a feeling we’ll see more of her in the new season - if there is one :(


Something Worth Fighting For

7x10 as imagined by me. SPOILERS. Apologies if the formatting sucks. I am drunk.  

The only sounds that perforate the silence of the dimly lit room he finds himself in, are the sounds of wood snapping in the fireplace, and Carol quietly moving around in the kitchen.

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Impossible Choices

Impossible Choices



Mulder is returned and Scully is offered a choice. But when does a choice become an impossibility? An alternative ending to the show. Seasons 8 + 9 are just a bad dream!  The story is set a few months after Requiem.  


I wrote this in anger at how everything turned out and because of a lingering sense that the characters I came to know and love were sold down the river.
But the passing of time gave me perspective and a greater appreciation of what came after. So, after sitting on it for 16 years I decided to polish it up and to unleash it finally on an unsuspecting fandom. I still wish that CC had given them an ending they deserved, but they weren’t. I can live with that now. 


“Georgetown Memorial. Go there now Agent Scully.”

I blink my eyes in response to the cold, hard voice that rings menacingly in my ear through the telephone handset I have fumbled for in the dark just seconds earlier.

“Who is this?” I demand.

I don’t expect an explanation. I’m just asking out of habit more than anything else. Falling back on my years of investigative training, unconsciously slipping in to the mode of an Agent of the FBI.

“Georgetown Memorial Agent Scully. He’s waiting for you.”

A click as the connection is severed, leaving me half leaning out of the bed as if bringing myself closer to the phone will make the mystery caller miraculously reappear. He doesn’t though, and after a few seconds, the sound of the dialling tone is replaced with a high pitched whine that urges me to replace the handset.

I can’t seem to move though. It’s as though those four words have turned me to stone. I understand their hidden meaning immediately. I’ve been waiting to hear them, every second of every minute of every day for over seven months now. I’ve heard them in my dreams so many times. Been forced from the arms of sleep by the sound of Mulders voice in my head, only to be confronted by an empty room that is darkened by the shadows of night. Darkened by the fact that he isn’t here. I have found myself living my day to day existence hidden behind a wall of steel. Allowing no one to see or understand my innermost feelings. It’s been hard enough just coping with the whispers that follow me along the halls of the Hoover building. Head held high, I have retreated within myself. But it has hurt so much. 

Special Agent Dana Scully MD. Pregnant with Spooky Mulders baby. The fact that he is missing has made little impact on my peers. If anything it has become a great source of amusing speculation for them. With Mulder gone I have finally slipped effortlessly in to the role of Mrs Spooky. A name Tom Colton christened me with so long ago, but one which hadn’t really stuck. Until now that is.

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Homes: São Paulo Apartment by SuperLimã
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São Paulo Apartment by SuperLimão

This apartment inside a São Paulo block designed by the late modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer has been overhauled to reveal its original ribbed ceiling and board-marked concrete walls.

The 137-square-metre apartment is located on the 11th floor of the 38-storey Edifício Copan in downtown São Paulo, a building completed by Niemeyer in 1961.

Among the country’s largest buildings, the apartment block is known for its sinuous facade that is covered in rows of sinuous concrete ribs.

Local studio SuperLimão was asked to transform the flat into an open-plan, loft-like space, but were prevented from doing so by two existing structural walls that run the full length of the space.

The architects instead removed a series of partitioning walls to create three long spaces that connect to windows at either end, allowing for plenty of natural light and ventilation.

The studio also made large openings in each of the structural walls, providing views and easy routes through the apartment.

The inner structural walls are stripped back to expose the original board-marked concrete, and the ceiling plaster was removed to reveal the ribbed slab.

The granite flooring throughout the residence is the same as that used in the common areas of the apartment block.

Each of the three spaces has a different function. A television room is placed nearest the entrance, while a combined kitchen, dining and living area is set in the centre, and the bedrooms and bathrooms are located at the farthest end.

The concrete brises that define the facade of the building run across the windows of the television room and the lounge.

The kitchen and dining room, and the master bedroom occupy the other side of the building, where perforated breeze blocks cover the majority of the windows.

The only exception is the upper portion, where hinged windows open to allow the breeze through.

Lighting in galvanised steel tubes runs through the ceiling and the walls – one of a number of industrial-style finishes in the residence.

Others include the colourful steel kitchen cabinets in hues of green and red, a large storage cabinet and the lounge table made from a wooden pallet.

Source: Dezeen