galvan the scizor

Epilogue to chapter one - New Arrivals


Tookie was now an accepted member of the SootheBell Sanctuary, she couldn’t be any more happy to say so and it was probably the best idea for her to choose to stay. She was guaranteed meals without the hassle of needing to assure no predators would be around to jump her the moment her guard went down, she was kept busy by always going back and forth between members to see if they would need help with anything and although she was aware that some were a little suspicious of her, she knew she was loved by the larger majority and was willing to go the extra mile to prove that she was as trustworthy as anyone else present in the lovely abode.

One thing that was really help boost that was her scouting expeditions along side the ‘head guard’ of the Sanctuary’s borders. She would always ask if he needed help with scouting the area to make sure nothing dangerous was coming and he would say yes which was really nice! She often found nothing, but  she always hoped that one day she could report back a threat that could get stopped early and earn her the trust and respect she felt she deserved. Another part of her was glad she didn’t see any big threats, it was good for her nerves.

She was out on another one of these scouting adventures this time around and sure enough, nothing special. Everything was quiet, all was peaceful…but at some point before she was about to report back she noticed a big red figure out in the fields. it was in the open just motionless. What on earth could that be? She would fly a little higher but the grass was too tall to make out anything for certain and trying to squint was out of the question as well. The only thing she could do was fly out a little closer, further than what she was usually allowed to go when scouting because it was said to be too dangerous to go further beyond the given route. Once close enough she gasped. It was a Scizor. He looked weak and was seemingly unconscious but at least still alive as indicated by breathing.

“OH MY GOSH!” She would exclaim before looking left and right while flapping her wings about wildly and trying to quickly think up what to do. “EXCUSE ME? Sir??? Are you there?..Are you..okay?”


Never, and I mean NEVER interrupt Rachel when she’s ranting, that means she’s in her worst mood and it’s an immediate ticket to Pain-ville.

She’s kinda like Athena, now that I think about it, only not a Gallade and much smaller, and smarter probably -shot- also I really do like how Rachel looks in the last panel, her body and head positioning are perfect.