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She uses these Irishisms and UK-isms that I need to like google research and translate and make sure I’m spelling them right… She refers to Kara and Lena as being ‘bezzie mates’ which apparently means like best friends, best gal pals.

Matt Mitovich literally said the words “gal pals” to describe Kara and Lena iM

bananas-de-fire  asked:

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1) Who’s the first mutual you’ve ever made?

Not sure if the VERY first mutual wants to be tagged here, but @out-in-my-world would be the second, then. Ah, I’ll tag the first too. @doubleglitch

5) Your most problematic mutual?

@cindersglamour probably.

10) Which mutual would you like to know better?

Tough question. Can I name a few? I’ll name a few.



@a-curious-passerby always

You I guess!

15) Your most artistic mutual?

Uhhhhh goodness I’m friends with such talented folks to be honest.

@seasaltlime is really good! Very good art! Please check them out.

@solarflarelight is my stardust child.

@hoshiidans is pretty good at art too.

20) Think of a mutual and name one thing you admire about them.

@cresswellvaneck for being an amazing gal pal and honestly one of the sweetest people I know on this site.

Also @takumi-pineapple-prince for making me feel so wonderful.

Thanks for asking :D

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i love ur blog!! also how do u recommend setting off other girls' gaydar other than being like Im Gay all the time?

mention Hayley kiyoko maybe! i also compliment girls + talk about how pretty girls are (straight girls thinks it’s a gal pals™ thing)
all i want - polaroidestiel - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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My submission for MilaSara Week Day 3!

Chapters: 1/1

Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino
Characters: Mila Babicheva, Sara Crispino
Additional Tags: mila and sara compete in the world figure skating champs, if you squint there’s michemil towards the beginning, Just gals being pals, Fluff, Nicknames, Social Media, 2017 World Figure Skating Championships

JW: Now it’s pretty well known that Russia’s Mila Babicheva and you have a history in the past to trade back and forth who has the gold. She won last year, do you think you’ll take back your title this year?

SC: I don’t think I will. I know I will.

Or, competing against your girlfriend isn’t really all that bad.

Written for MilaSara week 2017 for Day 3: Social Media/College


Looking for new admins!

Hello guys, gals, and non binary pals! We’re open for new admins again! If you want to apply, contact myself or one of the other admins, and we can go over rules and stuff. Reminder that you must be lgbtqa+ to apply! We will be closing applications in a couple weeks. 


things sherlock holmes has canonically done:

  • scrapbooked the hell out of his newspapers
  • put on a hat that was too big for him 
  • giggled
  • cried because lestrade was nice to him
  • got all sappy and romantic by smelling a rose
  • let a puppy lead him on adventures
  • “impish mood”
  • lit his pipe with an ember from the fireplace because he thought it looked cool

feel free to add to this