Preference: When he gave you your nickname

Newt gave you your nickname as soon as he saw you. You were coming out the box, frightened as you looked around at the boys crowding around you. “It’s alright love,” As he spoke, you looked up at him zoning out what everyone was saying. You found comfort in his soft chocolate eyes. His figure was tall and lanky, but sure was fit, as you culd notice while you scanned the boy from hed to toe. He extended his hand to you, reaching into the box and pulling you up. It was in that moment that you realized that you trusted him. It wasn’t a decision. It was instinct. You just did.

Minho gave you your nickname after bumping into you. He was running back from the maze, and decided that he would want to go the Box to see the new Greenie befor ehe hit the showers. Thus, he made a short right turn swinging around the corner of the East Door. You knocked into him, sending him sprawling with a huff, both of you rolling a few times down the small hill before slowing down to a stop. “WHAT THE SHUCK?! I WILL KILL YOU SHANK, JUST YOU WAIT AND YOUR PRETTY ASS WILL BE GRIEVER FOOD!” He yelled, rubbing his palms against his face, without even seeing who he was talkign about. Scared by the sudden aggresiveness, you leaped to your feet. As his last sentence registered in your brain, a small smirk found its way onto your face. “I have no idea what you just said, but I do agree, I have a pretty ass.” He froze mid sit up, his eyes widening at the feminine voice. He looked up at you, his cheecks glowing a bright red, and muttered a small, “shuck.” Then, quickly, he gained his composure, and smirked. “You do.” You darted again for the maze doors, this time with a muscular Asian boy on your tail.

Thomas gave you your nickname when he found you crying in the Deadheads. You were confused. Sure, the guys seemed pretty nice, most of them at least. But you couldn’t remember anything. You just knew that you shouldn’t be here, its not normal. You had to get out. Who were you? What happened to you? And, what is going to happen to you? Would you be stuck here for the rest of your lives?
As you questioned yourself, tears started streaming down your cheeks, and soon you broke out in small sobs. A hand patted your shoulder, startling you, and someone slid down on the floor next to you while you flinched. It was Thomas. He wiped your tears and whispered, “Hey, pretty girls shouldn’t cry.”
You talked for a while, feeling relief flooding you as you realized that you weren’t the only one that had felt that way. “Common pretty girl, lets go back to the Homestead.”

Gally gave you your nickname when making fun of you, but it stuck. “Aww, common, princess doesn’t want a bubu?” Gally mockingly fluttered his lashes and puffed his cheeks, pouting. Your angered flared, and you tightened your fists, knuckles turning white. Who did this shank think he was? You were just accepted as part of the builders, and you refused to work on the really simple projects. You knew you were way better than that, and you wanted to show them. “No,” you hissed past your gritted teeth, “princess here wants to beat your ass with her building skills.”

The Maze Runner Preferences- When You’re Sick...


Thomas would go to your hut as soon as he came back from the maze. He’d try to cook you food and fail miserably, bring you flowers, cuddle with you, and rub your stomach until you felt better. The temptation to kiss you would be too great, so as soon as you felt better, Thomas got sick soon afterwards. 


Gally would go full on survival mode whenever you fell ill. During work, he’s on edge all the time, He’d pretend not to care, but would secretly send you small meals through your door each night until you felt better.


Minho would do anything to make you feel better as soon as possible. After each run, he came over to your hut and cuddled with you to settle down your violent coughs that kept you up all night.


Newt was a worry wart when you got sick. He’d ask you every 10 minutes if you were okay, needed anything, and if you wanted food. He would stay with you in your hut for days on end until you felt better. Maybe a couple more…

  • Gally being the only person who understands how Thomas feels about Newt
  • Thomally insulting each other in front of their friends
  • Gally accidentally telling Thomas he loves him for the first time after getting in a fight
  • Thomas tracing things on Gally’s back when he think’s he’s asleep, but he doesn’t know Gally can feel him tracing “I love you” over and over
  • Thomally fighting over the remote
  • Gally getting mad at Thomas for leaving the lights on at night and Thomas laughing
  • Thomas constantly rearranging the furniture in their apartment to purposely annoy Gally
  • Gally getting jealous of Minho
  • Thomas telling Gally he scratched the car, starting with “So, um, I love you, and…”
  • Thomally constantly pranking each other, because both are too stubborn to let the other one win
  • Thomally
Mystery Skulls Animated - Uncle Lance
Mystery Skulls Animated - Uncle Lance

For as long as Arthur can remember, Uncle Lance has always been his caretaker, over the years, Lance started to see him as his own son (next to his furry assistant Galahad), and grew very concerned of his well being, especially after one night.

Voiced by me

Arthur: I’m hoooome-HUGH! -smacked by wrench-
Lance: And just where the hell have ye been?
Arthur: oww…-t with my friends? Studying?
Lance: Dont be giving me any of that rotten haggis! Ye been out fighting ghosts again havent ye!?
Arthur: C'mon it’s not like it’s hurting anyone
//radio dies down//
Lance: //starting radio back up// Look, I know you want to find out what happened to your friend, but ye can’t be pushing yerself so much, I won’t allow your sorry arse to die before mine, I already lost mye brother, dont make me lose me nephew, aight?
Arthur: Right…sorry…
Lance:……how’s it treating you today?
Arthur: It’s getting a little tight to move the joints lately
Lance: Might need some lubrication.. now where’s that darn furball, GALLY!“
Galahad: Nyu?
Lance: Get your big cuz some oil!
Galahad: Nyu nyu!!
Arthur: I still find it weird you consider him a son..
Lance: Not that weird…whats weird is how I taught him to invent and repair, little lad can barely hold a wrench!
Arthur: Watch you say old man, he could outsmart your ideas one day
Lance: The day I let that happen is the day I give up this job!
Gally: Nyunyu~
Lance: Hm? //Galahad drops an axle// Now why do ye have those axles and bolts, I said oil!
Gally: Nyunyunyu!
Lance: Wait.. ye wanna replace Arty’s current joints with those? Why that’s….actually not a bad idea, they’re lighter, smoother and dont need to lube up much…heh, good job Gally
Gally: Nyu nyuuuuU~
Arthur: -snickers- so, new job sounding good right now huh?
Lance: Baaaah, shut your gall and get on the bench

Thomas as a baby in the glade like:

Gally: He broke the rules

Newt: …for fuck sake, He’s 2

Thomas: *babbles* Gally!

Gally: fuck off

Newt: HEY!

Gally: *rolls eyes* what’d you want, Shank?

Thomas: ….Gally!

Gally: what

Thomas: GALLY


Thomas: ……….Gally!