Requested by: Anon

He just couldn’t help it. You were absolutely beautiful. He hadn’t meant to see you like this, he had a nightmare and couldn’t go back to sleep. So naturally he went for a walk, and that’s when he saw you.

You looked as if you had just finished taking a shower. You had a towel tightly wrapped around your thin frame, and your hair was still dripping wet. But even in that state, to Gally you were beautiful.

The way the moonlight hit your glistening skin, the way your hair fell over your shoulder. You looked like an angel to him. Thoughts soon traveled into his mind and he immediately shook them away. He wouldn’t dare think sucks thoughts about an angel like you.

He turned on his heels and decided to head back to bed. But before he did, he left with a small glance your why, admiring your beauty one last time.