The All New Audi R8 V10 Plus+

What exactly is this new Audi R8? Well in all it is the Most powerful Audi ever Made and the first Audi R8 to have a Double Clutch Gear Box. Yet that’s not even the most amazing part of the new Audi R8 +, the most amazing part as stated by Mr. Chris Harris Himself, “The Best thing about the new Audi R8 is not the Double Clutch Gear Box or the fact that it has more power but the Fact that it doesn’t feel like an Audi at All!” I know you are probably thinking that it was a but harsh of him to say that but i agree! The New Audi R8 seems to have taken over the role of the Lamborghini Gallardo because as we all know after this Year, the Gallardo Will be Replaced by a new Line of Lamborghini. This May Not be a fact that the Audi R8 is Replacing the Gallardo but it sure looks that way; think about it! Now that the Gallardo is No longer being Produced after this year the Audi Finally Gets the same amount of Power as the Gallardo and the same Gear Box; but now that the Audi is almost the same as the Gallardo (technically speaking anyway) i fear there will still be something missing. For those who have actually gotten the opportunity to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo and an Audi R8 they may have the same 5.2L V10 and now the same gearbox but the Audi always lacked the “Rawness” or “Character” of the Gallardo. Yet that is what Chris Harris is getting on about, the fact that the Audi Doesn’t actually feel like an audi is a magnificent thing, the car has now become a “character." 

All in all the New Audi R8 V10+ is a magnificent car, sleek and unique R8 Styling and the added power and Gear Box just make this already amazing car, Even Better. 

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