gallows man

someone: Clementine. is. a lesbian.

me, looking at the kiss she gave dying Gabe/the talk she had with Javi while getting her haircut: Ah. Yes. Of Course. My Mistake.

Gallows Man
Merriman Weir
Gallows Man

“…I wanted rural feel to the album, so I insisted on recording it in my back garden, which unfortunately at the time backed onto the A12. So most of the album’s interrupted by traffic. In fact, halfway through side two you can hear a major accident. One track’s just honking.”

Folk musician Merriman Weir (as interpreted by Matthew Holness) on the production of his seminal album, Gallows Man.

insecttears  asked:

hey do you know any good and active goth band blogs? They are so hard to find ;-; Also love this blog keep up the gr8 work!!

This blog is literally a steaming hot rubbish pile ‘round the back of Aldi but thank you so much!

I’m probably not the best dude to ask because I’m not really active in the subculture but here’s a few of the first tumblr lovelies that spring to mind that I follow! Most of them don’t exclusively post bands but post/reblog stuff to do with goth bands among other things :)

@pete-ponytail (my personal ayy shoutout)

The amazing @laurenmason2000









I’m afraid I don’t know many that exclusively post as opposed to reblog but I hope that list gets you started!

If anyone wants to give anybody else or themselves a shoutout please feel free to add onto this post, too! x

Sanity {Damien/Max}

It’d been another five months, this time Max was in an institute. He’d hated being in there and when Rose tried coming to see him, Max told them he didn’t want to see her. It wasn’t because of Rose though. It was because he didn’t want her seeing him like that. The first three months, Max didn’t talk or look at anybody. He felt betrayed at first, but then saw why they did it. But what got him was Damien still visiting. Max didn’t talk much, or do much of anything. All he really did was stay facing the window, looking out of it. Gallows was his guardian now, since the state felt he couldn’t take care of himself. He was supposed to be home two weeks ago but it kept getting pushed back. Last night he lashed out and got into a fight with one of the guards. Now Max sat at the window, looking out of it. Turning to glance at Damien as the man and Gallows walked through the door. “When am I getting out of this place? I’m not staying here forever.” The boy mutters. 


bloody hands, blackened soul

A few familiar tracks, a few hopefully new ones, for vengeful gods and crossroads, for rivers and rebirths, for bad moons and distilled white lightning and deep roots in a hard, hard land. For blood is thicker than water and runs deeper than oil, there’s a reckoning a-comin’ and you’d best be bruisin’ your knees on the floor, the beat is older than the dirt, and nothing that dies ever really goes away.


When Jesus Comes//Uncle Sinner I Will Never Die//Delta Rae Blood On My Name//The Wright Brothers Black Doe//Mary Epworth and the Jubilee Band Holy Water//Astronautalis Die By the Drop//The Dead Weather Devil’s Spoke//Laura Marling Swimmin’ Time//Shovels & Rope Strange Things//Abigail Washburn & the Sparrow Quartet Awake O Sleeper//The Brothers Bright Gallows//Brown Bird Crooked Man//Those Poor Bastards Blood of Angels//Brown Bird Raise Hell//Brandi Carlisle Barton Hollow//The Civil Wars Black//Kari Kimmel Wolf Like Me//Lera Lynn Remember Me?//Saltillo Bottom of the River//Delta Rae Devil’s Resting Place//Laura Marling Dust Bowl Dance//Mumford & Sons Oh Messiah//Timber Timbre Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree//James Vincent McMorrow Instrumental//The Leaky Faces Nothing But the Water (I)//Grace Potter & the Nocturnals God’s Gonna Cut You Down//Black Rebel Motorcycle Club O Death//Jen Titus