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You knew this would come: Azula for your headcanon meme.

and @focusas

(I genuinely don’t know why I’m a font for this but tis cool tho)

A. Supported/Realistic headcanon: Although she would be really skilled at it, Azula dislikes and does not enjoy playing Pai SHo because she always associates it with Iroh, with whom she does not get along. 

B. Humorous headcanon: Azula and Mai share inside jokes based arounf\d their similar fondness of gallows humor. She also has a hidden weakness for puns, not that anyone would guess to look at her. 

C. Painful headcanon: Azula was never really sure what would make her mother happy. She trained in firebending, studied history and mastered her letters, but was never able to figure out what Ursa wanted from her–why she chose Zuko over her. For all that Azula thought she could read people, Ursa was one person that she could never understand. 

D. Not canon but I do what I want headcanon: Azula gets called in as adviser a few years later into Zuko’s reign because she is far better at managing diplomacy and finances. 


This was so cute and funny.😭❤