i was watching svu yesterday and they said something along the lines of “if you hear galloping in central park dont assume it’s a zebra” meaning that the answer to a problem is most likely the simplest one and thats sort of been helping with my anxiety about this whole situation

I don’t know if any other countries do this, but at the grocery store and basically any other place where you can buy stuff they sell these terrible terrible books about damsels in distress and Romeos with galloping abs. The covers are paintified pictures of people (I know this because someone in my family’s been modelling for them) but this… this is a stretch too far. This is Mandy Moore and Sherlock.


Hua Tunan’s Passionate Paintings of Wildlife.

Artist Hua Tunan turns the chaotic into beauty with his colorful, wild paintings of animals.  The creatures are created via splatters of paint and then adding very detailed work to make the features of the animal apparent.  Hua also often works on very large scale murals where he uses his entire body to sling and throw paint before miraculously making a majestic tiger or galloping horse appear before our eyes.

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