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I've been thinking about making my own yogurt now that I live in an actual home again. I've done a bit of reading about the process but I was wondering how you go about it. Do you use pasteurized milk? Do you have an incubator?

i make the world’s laziest yogurt, basically to make yogurt the way i do you will need

  • a half gallon of whole milk (i just use whatever is cheapest at the store even though i know i should be using less pasteurized)
  • a half cup of plain yogurt
  • a crockpot big enough to hold a half gallon of milk
  • some spare blankets or towels or something

then i just dump the milk into the crockpot and turn it on low for 2 ½ hours, turn the crockpot off and let it sit there for three hours, then mix the yogurt into the warm milk, then wrap the crockpot in blankets to insulate and leave it for eight hours. then i have a crockpot full of yogurt! but usually i have to strain it for a while to get it the consistency i want it. anyway it is an extremely not-technical yogurtmaking technique and in order to be self-sustaining you pretty much end up having to make a half gallon of yogurt every week… though you end up with less than that if you strain it, particularly if you’re making labneh (i love labneh so much omg). but if you eat a lot of yogurt and have a crockpot it works out really nicely.


I don’t want to be a pansy but my basement is overflowing with a well which could not be stopped since yesterday. The basement is flooding and I am out of dry towels. My beloved parakeet passed away last night after looking after her for twelve years. The phone and internet connection and electric goes on and off unpredictable. And everyone I encounter is in pain. So many kinds of pains. I’m hurting too and feel for you…life must go on…let’s do our best😀💕 ps: auto correct is not kind to me either:( And there is all this water wasted outside but none available in the house. I learned to get a good Toilette flush you need at least 2 gallons of water…shower in my dreams…
Why I Support Betta Sororities

(Also some tips on avoiding betta sorority mistakes)

This is worrying me, now everyone seems to be against betta sororities. When I first started mine, everyone was like “Yes! Betta sororities! Good!” and now everyone thinks they’re animal abuse and that having one makes you a terrible owner, I’m just so confused. So, I’m going to share my opinion with why betta sororities aren’t a horrible evil thing.

1. The bettas get more space then they would’ve had I not adopted them. The fish have 20 gallons of space, when if I hadn’t gotten them, they’d probably have lived a short life in a bowl, so I’m giving them more space and a longer life.

2. The bettas will not be aggressive past the first week if you set it up right. The bettas are simply establishing a hierarchy, and I’ve never had any bettas injured beyond a rip in their fin by this. After the first week, my fish will often be right next to each other and be absolutely fine with it, but just like people, they need their alone time, too. I notice many people have like 8 bettas in their sorority. This may be causing more violence, because the fish do not get their own personal space. 8 fish in 20 gallons means 2 gallons per fish, so of course they would be fighting over space. With 5 or less fish, each fish gets at least 4 gallons of space in a 20 gallon tank, so they won’t feel the need to fight over space.

3. Ripped fins should not be a big problem if you use non-pointy decorations. If you are careful and use decorations like live plants instead of plastic and rounded hiding spots, the fish will have less ripped fins. The bettas will move around a lot and so if they’re in a tank full of pointy things, their fins will get ripped.

4. Hiding places are just there for the fish to sleep in and for them to feel safe. My fish are not hiding constantly. They rarely even use the hiding spots except for when they’re sleeping. The fish just like having them there so they feel more safe and secure.

5. People might choose sick bettas for a sorority by accident or because they feel bad for them. I noticed people will get bettas that are sick because they feel bad for them. A betta sorority is not the time for doing this, even if you isolate them first. You’re just setting yourself up for disaster by getting a fish who might be prone to getting sick or is weakened from having been ill. Be careful and make sure you get healthy looking fish. Also, by getting like 8 bettas, you’re increasing the likelihood that out of all of those fish, one will be sick.

So, yeah, that’s my opinion. I know this is a controversial subject, I just wanted to share what I thought about it, as it was really bothering me.

February Feedee Challenge! ~Shopping Basket Challenge~

This week, go to wherever you buy your groceries and fill a basket EXCLUSIVELY with sugar and fat. 

Line the bottom of your basket with your favorite candy (The more the better!)

Next- pastries! Either prepackaged, bakery fresh, cake mix, cookie dough, or the yesterday’s sale treats that some grocers do- Make a solid layer of pastries in that basket. 

Then a whole gallon of ice cream, and a container of heavy cream (Or half and half, whatever you’re comfortable with)- for making some milkshakes! 

Bonus item! What is the fattiest item you can think of in your grocery store? Grab 2 and make them the crowning glory of your feast basket! 

Then when you get home, eat as much of your feast as you possibly can!

If you wanna play, let me know how it goes! Maybe even snap a picture of your basket so I can see how much you got! 

Have fun!!!

I had a dream last week
that I died
and there was a great rush
to sell study guides on my
most riveting works—

like that one piece titled
“shopping list” in which
I rail against the price of
milk per gallon:

“… 1 gal @ $4.29?
For cow milk?
For liquid from a teat?
I have teats,
Am I therefore Cow?
I shall charge $4.28
Out of spite…”

Scholars opined on
and classrooms nodded in

and, as I slowly turned from
flesh to grass,
worms told the cows
of my accomplishments

— courtney ann scarborough, “posthumorously” 2/26/17

everything constantly changes and life feels like just trying to keep up with all the different me’s I am. today’s me is a feisty little me. a ruin all my relationships me. a post on tumblr all night so I don’t ruin all my relationships me. a things will be better if I eat a gallon of rocky road me.

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Hi! I'm not sure what you know about Kenyan Sand Boas, but do you know what size enclosure they would need? I saw somewhere that a 10 gallon tank would work, but I wanted to know if you had any input.

It seems to be accepted that a ten gallon would work for a male kenyan sand boa, since there’s a fairly significant size difference between them. I’m personally of the mind that, just because something fits in a smaller enclosure and can survive in one, doesn’t make it the best idea. Sand boas are very stout little creatures, so even though they’re not very long by other snake standards, they still take up a fair amount of space. Then there’s the matter of a proper heat gradient, which is difficult in such a small space. Plus larger enclosure just look nicer. You can add all the neat decor you want, all the extra enrichment, and then, when your snake is burrowed in his substrate and you don’t see him for days on end, at least your enclosure will still be nice to look at lol

New gecko arrived in a ten gallon full of sand, he is squinty and has a small injury on his side, not sure the cause but it seems minor and clean at least. He is very skinny and very definitely a boy so not too young.

I offered three mealworms which he devoured but then vomited two of them so we will go slow with feeding. I’ll buy something a little better than mealworms today. He’s now in a bigger tub with lots of hides on a warm thermostat so

Hopefully I can fatten the boy up soon.

Still trying to decide a name !!! I was hoping he would be a she tbh lmao

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I have two girl mice in a 20 gallon long tank. Is that enough space for them? Or do you think I should save up for a 40 gallon? I know its always great to have more space, but I want to know if theyre really cramped in a 20g.

They should be ok in a twenty, especially if they have a wheel and plenty of things to do :)

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Is a 30 gallon tank with 8 neon tetra okay to put my betta in? Will it stress my betta or tetra out too much?

Hi, there. :)

It’s really a hit or miss, and truly depends on your fish. Neons tend to stress bettas out because of their flashy colours and their tendency to fin nip. The tetras may also be stressed if he shows aggression toward them.

Also, neon tetras prefer water temperatures cooler than bettas, so I don’t really consider them to be great options as tankmates because of that as well. 78 is on the high end for tetras while just right for a betta. If you’re set on having tetras, I’d at least suggest cardinal tetras because they can tolerate temperatures up to 80 much better. 

Harlequin rasboras are popular choices as a community fish with bettas because they are more peaceful and can tolerate higher temperatures. Again, it’s really up to the individual fish with how well everything will work out, though.

Hope this helps!