MBTI under pressure

ESTP: *injects themselves with adrenaline* fight me

ISTP: lol i’ll just sleep it off

ESTJ: *stabs a guy* i am alpha


ENTP: i’ve got a totally 100% reliable idea and i’m gonna do a completely non-deadly thing and it’s all part of my fully formed non-improvised plan that absolutely exists

INTP: why can’t people just be robots it would make everything so much easier

ENTJ: everybody sit the fuck down shut the fuck up and do as your fucking told you little fuckshits

INTJ: you could not possibly expect me to work around you insolent apes my mind is an idiot free zone
everyone other than me must leave

ESFP: *eats ten gallons of ice cream* if i ignore it it’ll go away

ISFP: nono *covers themselves in blankets* nononono *curls into little ball* nonononononononono *rocks back and forth*

ESFJ: *bakes fifty thousand cupcakes* this is good enough right?

ISFJ: *starts vibrating* i’m totally calm *shakes violently* the picture of serenity *causes earthquake* the most tranquil person on earth

ENFP: *downs bottle of Xanax* iM fINe *washes it down with ten shots of espresso* LeTs dO THIS *smiles* *dies inside*

INFP: lol nope *hides in blanket fort*

ENFJ: i must do all the things and meet all the needs of everyone on the planet because they need - *dies of malnutrition/dehydration/exhaustion*

INFJ: *emotional breakdown*


Over The Bridge…

50 Liter (13.2 gallons) “Scapers Tank”.
Grapped the Nikon and tried to make some decent photos of the tank. One of my lamps is broken so it’s a bit dark at the moment. Can’t wait to upgrade to a good LED lighting. Many plants died because of a mean algae (cladophora) so it looks a bit empty. But I will get new plants soon. Stay tuned!

AQ*44 aka asskisser44

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If I send you 4 gallons of macaroni and cheese would you love me

throw in some pop tarts and u have urself a deal


//Shows up to the raid two days late with a gallon of guzzoline//

My contribution to mmselfie “Sunday”, I was in Melbourne over the weekend so it’s late af. Anyway I’m a shameless Aussie Doof-groupie along with my bendy lizard son Gecko and I make too many OCs but I can’t stop, I love all my small skeleton children.

We have such a lovely fandom full of so many cute looking people eeeee <3 <3

Look what I got today. :D It’s the Aquael LEDDY 60, which is 54L or 14 gallons. I’m gonna order the plants now so that I can get this setup started. It’s going to house a single betta.

I gotta give it a real good rinse tomorrow, though. I used soap and water on the outside to get stickers off, as well as the glue from a failed background attempt. Although I’m pretty sure none of it got into the tank, I’m still going to give it a good rinse to make sure.

I’ll be getting the betta in August. If I’m patient, it’ll be an Aquabid purchase since the transhipper is hoping to bring a batch in on August 31st. If I’m not patient, it’s off to the pet store I go, hah.

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I was about to be all IS THAT SAND IN YOUR REPTILE TANKS but then it was fish.

I assume you mean my 20 gallon, yeah! Just in my fish tanks. I love sand in tanks.


Is the smoke still hanging over us? I do not know;
I haven’t checked the news or weather. Upon waking
I drifted into the shower, drifted out and fell asleep.
My body senses subtle shifts in climate, apocalypse?
My body has been preparing gallons of water for
earthquake, tornado. Such gloom as I have never seen.

                Just yesterday, I walked through the neighbor
-hoods. The trees sagged to the right, cut up with wind.
Then, downpour.

I thought, I live here. The sun has passed away
in the summer. Though, I have peeled back the curtain
from my window. Down the hill is a vast trench with dirt
piled high around the rim. Pink fluorescent flags warn us
that one day a house will stand there, tall and ungainly.
                You, stranger, will sign the mortgage, fixed rate,
immutable and tethered. But, I think, you will remain
a stranger, as I pass on. The sun is in me,

swallowed whole behind the clouds. And the wild-
fires are distant, until I seek them out.

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Hey there, I'm suffering from really bad skin decolorisation and was just wondering what you did to tackle it.

Make sure you drink close to a gallon of water a day.

& Moisturize your face with any lotion that has SPF. 😊

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Omg that app. i just downloaded it and it wants me to drink 19 glasses of water a day?? After 8 i feel bloated as fuck tbh this is wild

right? hahaha.  so yeah, just lower your weight on there til it’s something manageable for you personally and then you COULD slowly work your way up.  I totally get what you’re saying though, I would have to drink like 2-3 gallons of water or some shit and I’m just like..nah.

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What do you think is the best way to divide up a large tank for multiple bettas?

I personally don’t favour divided tanks. I’ve been pondering that with this 14-gallon I got, but I will likely ultimately not do it. Too much risk involved. If one fish gets sick, they both do. If one fish jumps the divider, they both can get injured.

I would not divide anything below 10 gallons. For a 10, I would only divide it once for two 5-gallon halves. In the middle, I’d have a buffer zone, which means you have two dividers making a third, narrow section in the center. This is great for stuffing with plants and equipment so the fish can’t see each other. Plus, if one does jump, it’ll land in the buffer zone instead of the other betta’s territory.

Ten Years Gone

read it on the AO3 at

by gefhrlich

Dean was an idiot. He had to be. Why else would he be fifteen minutes outside of Manhattan right now driving at approximately 2.5 miles per hour in rush hour traffic in a car that got 14 miles to the gallon to ambush a guy he had a crush on in the 11th grade? That is the sort of thing total crazy people do and therefore, Dean Winchester must be a completely off his damn rocker. Nuttier than a fruitcake. Two beers short of a six pack.

And yet, here he was.

Words: 3708, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll

read it on the AO3 at

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Hi! I downloaded the Plant Nanny app per your recommendation and it's is awesome and totally helps. However when I input my weight it's giving me crazy amounts of water to drink per day even when put "sedentary" for activity (over a gallon a day), and because of that my plants keep dying. :( Are you getting really high numbers of water to consume as well or is it just me?

hi!!  yeah, I don’t even think it went up to my weight and it was still a ridiculous amount.  I put it down to like 250 or so and that seemed more reasonable.  I don’t see a problem with doing that because you’re still going to be drinking more than you normally would.  I haven’t had a plant die yet, but I would be so upset, haha.  yeah, I would just advice to lower the weight because regardless you’ll still be drinking more than you would if you didn’t have a reminder.

Today a group of 50 fourteen-sixteen year olds who were in town to visit Cornell came into my work. It was as awful as it sounds. Over ten girls asked me if they could use my phone to call their moms because they weren’t allowed to have cell phones. Another 10 of them asked me where they could buy a few gallons of ice cream (???). The few who actually bought something didn’t know how to count their money and just handed me a handful of change for me to count for them. I’m still recovering.

All Our Bodies Are Holy: Selfies and Self-Love

“A long time ago, some time in the early to mid-90s, I was sitting in the back seat of my parents’ shitty Ford sedan. In my working-class family’s economy car, there was very little room in the back seat, and my little brother’s sweaty head lay heavy against my side. We traveled along the Shoreway with the meager Cleveland skyline to the right and the vast marine nothingness of Lake Erie to the left. Burke Lakefront airport lay between the highway and the shoreline.

In the dark, the blue lights of the airport’s runways twinkled against the background of millions of gallons of water left by the last Ice Age. The eerie lights stretched in orderly rows toward the horizon. It was so dark that one could almost believe no light could possibly escape the beckoning lake as the tides lapped seductively on Ohio and Ontario shores, their mystery and arctic cold goading even the calmest of hearts.

At this time, in my early teens, I was quite sure I was an ugly animal — not actually human at all, and my very existence an affront to God and to the very concept of beauty. The severe and unending bullying I received from my peers and classmates had convinced me. If I were worthy, why would I be punished and ostracized? Adopting this belief as my truth came with a great cost. I lost a lot of joy, I lost a lot of creativity, and I lost the ability to make the rules about my own body and how it is seen and known. With my grief, and with all the pain I felt being a young queer and genderqueer kid, there were few moments when peace manifested in my body.

But on that evening, I saw something for the first time.

I stared at myself in the dark reflection of the car window. My focus shifted from the immensity of the great lake to the center of my own iris. I think Joni Mitchell was playing. What looked back at me was dark and beautiful.”

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[Headline image: The photograph features the author, light-skinned person with short reddish hair, a short dark beard and mustache, wearing blue reflective sunglasses.]