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The Eldrazi prop: Who made it? Was it done in house, or did you find another company who did the actual ****-huge sculpture?

It was built in Everett, WA! We worked with a local company to design and construct the Eldrazi.

Over 50 designers, fabricators, painters, sculptors and installers helped make our monster a reality. It weights around 10k pounds and is covered with about 50 gallons of paint and 50 gallons of polyshield (the material used to keep it firm and safe).

Parenting is hard sometimes
  • Me:*making breakfast, cutting up waffles and stuff* do you want a glass of milk or water?
  • Daughter:milk please!
  • Me:okay. *pours milk, brings food to take table*
  • Daughter:uh mama?
  • Me:yeah?
  • Daughter:I didn't want a gallon of milk.
  • Me:what? *looks at table, where sure enough I put the gallon of milk in front of her and yep glass of milk is in the fridge.*
  • Daughter:*laughs for five minutes. Pauses to remind me how silly I am. Continues to laugh.*

so this sweet little guy has been at our local petco for weeks, if not MONTHS, and every time I go to get anything I always stop by to say hello to him he has such a little place in my heart.
yesterday I went in to get some test strips and ended up talking to one of the employees who’s wicked rad and actually give people proper fish care info, local hero I know.
She said she would give me half off if I wanted to take him home! And I thought you know, I’ve loved him ever since I first saw him, I have an extra filter and decorations all I need is a tank and heater
long story short this is a picture of him yesterday (top) and today (bottom) he upgraded from that little cup to a 5.5 gallon tank! So cool when the light hits him he’s shimmery pink! I’m really excited to track his color changes

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I can't seem to find a good care sheet for African dwarf frogs. Everything on google is saying "1 - 2 gallons in a fishbowl is fine! Who needs a filter!" ugh - I want them but I want them properly, you know? Any idea who to ask/where to look?

It’s really, really really difficult to find good caresheets on them just because they are so rampantly neglected. I haven’t been able to find a caresheet I 100% trust so I’ll just shoot you the basics that I’ve gathered over time:

1. They need at least 5 gallons heated and filtered/cycled - they produce waste like any other aquatic animal and need that cycle in place.

2. They’re fairly social - two frogs is best. You couldddd do two frogs in a 5 but a 10 is better.

3. Sand substrate only - they can choke to death on rocks. Adding a food dish is a good way to keep them from eating sand.

4. I’m a little more fuzzy on diet (I’m sure one of my followers can fill this in for me) but most commercial pellets sold for them are garbage - I think the consensus was to feed frozen food, but I’ve forgotten. Again I’m sure someone can comment here.

my strange addiction always freaks me out a bit like “heather drinks one paint marker a day. that’s 3 gallons since her addiction started” excuse me??? how are you not dead heather??? do the rules not apply to you????



  • Full Name: Valentina Sage Prescott
  • Date of Birth: 8/4/1994
  • Age: 21
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Ethnicity: African-American, Italian
  • Marital Status: Engaged
  • Height: 5′6″
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Current Occupation: Free-Lance Model, Gift Shop Cashier
  • Classification: Junior
  • Major: Photography (Psychology Minor)


  • Please give us a short bio about yourself. Include Hobbies, Talents, Skills, etc… 

“Well, I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. You ever just get the urge to try something new? That urge pushed me into moving to Miami. I can drink an entire gallon of apple juice in 2 minutes, but I can’t eat an apple to save my life. I’ve been told that I have the vocals of Mariah but the person was quite intoxicated. I’m hella friendly..Do people even say hella anymore? Anyways, I’m a big jar of pb&jamming.”

  • Why are you interested in applying for this show?

“I received another one of those sudden urges. I think I have this personality that deserves to be shared with the world, along with my mixtape. Vally From The Valley : Really From The Bay But I Can Take Your Bae: The Villantina VS. Valentina Series VOL. 1″


  • If you were to come home and found out your roommate ate all of your recently purchased groceries with their friends, what would you do?

“I’d more than likely cry, talk shit about them because I obviously missed the party, then get over it. But after that, I’d try to eat a few snacks to feel better, then reality will kick in again and I’ll go back to talking shit.”

  • You are at home sleeping when your drunken roommate walks into the room with their night’s hook up, falling on the bed across from yours and proceed to have sex. What is your reaction?

“Oh, I’m hyping that shit the fuck up. Camera man on deck. I’m talking angles, flashes, fans blowing to make their hair flow, and a little towel to wipe off the sweat. They would be Nicki, and I’d be in the background like Safaree and Meek.”

  • A fight has broken out between your group of friends, how do you go about settling the dispute or will you leave it to be solved on its own?

“I don’t really believe in taking sides and I’m super selfish so they can’t be mad at each other for too long. That takes away from the ‘US’ Time. I’d sit them both down, cry, and hope they realize that my feelings matter too. I’m the victim.”

  • The house is a mess upon your arrival from work, everyone is off doing their own thing, what do you do?

“Being a neat freak, I’d clean up. Then hope they’d catch the hint that OTHERS LIVE IN THE HOUSE TOO and join in.”

[X] I have read the privacy policy above and accept the terms and conditions. I also certify that the my information above is true and complete. I understand that any false or incomplete information submitted in support of my application may invalidate my application.

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It's fucking hilarious how concerned you are about that person's fish. Like God damn if you ask at the pet stores they tell you that those jars are fine for them. Not to mention they sell Betta tanks much smaller than what you (clearly an expert) recommend. Sit the fuck down

Pet 👏🏽 stores 👏🏽 only 👏🏽 care 👏🏽 about making 👏🏽 a 👏🏽 profit, the big ones anyway and they usually hire people who have no clue about what’s going on wrt bettas, same thing with companies that make stylish little tanks, they literally don’t care about the animal, only the consumer

Minimum tank for good chances of a happy and healthy betta is five gallons, literally most google searches will tell u that, I wouldn’t be mad if it were a 2.5 gallon because of monetary issues, anything bigger than a jar which most Google searches will show is not good

I’m petty as fuck and ADHD has me hyperfixated on this issue rn so no I will gladly keep standing ❤️

First Sour Beer Attempt

Last night, I started on a sour beer, using the sour wort method I’d read about.  The recipe is loosely based on a Berliner Weisse.  I had read about sour mashing vs sour wort, and sour wort seemed like the less messy of the two methods.  This is the grist for a 2 gallon batch:

2 ½# 2-Row (I used Belgian 2-Row for no particular reason)

1# Wheat

½# 2-Row unmilled (though I suspect the unmilled part is not necessary.)

I used Brew in a Bag for this, because it was only 2 gallons.  I heated 2 ½ gallons to 162 degrees and dropped my milled grain in.  Then I stuck the pot in the oven for an hour to maintain temperature.  I only had to turn the oven on for a few minutes on “keep warm.”  For the rest of the hour, it maintained temperature pretty well.

After the mash rest, I just stuck the pot in the sink with some cold water and let it cool to 110 degrees, which is apparently the ideal range for the bacteria.

Then I took the unmilled grain (the source of the bacteria) and put it in a muslin bag and steeped it for 10 minutes.

Two gallons fit into six Califia bottles pretty well.  I’m using these because they provide minimal head space and surface area.  Also, they were free, because I’ve been hoarding them.  I drilled a hole for a #2 stopper with a step drill bit.  I suspect the airlocks are completely unnecessary, so I’ll probably skip those next time and just use solid stoppers.

Now I have to keep this wort at 90-110 degrees for the next few days.  This required a bit of thought.  Some people use an electric smoker, which I don’t own (yet,) and even if I did, the thought of keeping it on constantly for 3-4 days makes me uneasy.  So then I thought of a heating pad or an electric blanket, but again, I didn’t want to leave it on constantly unattended.  So this is the solution I came up with.

This is a Rachel Ray insulated bag.  I put the six bottles in, and then I heated water in my electric kettle (takes about 2 minutes,) pour it into two stainless steel growlers, and leave the hot growlers in the bag with the bottles.  So far, this seems to be maintaining the right temperature for 8-9 hours.  The pH started at 5.3, so in 3-4 days, I’ll check it again to see if this worked.

So my plan for my bettas is to eventually get 2 20gallon longs and divide them up into 4 each. That way I can go from 5 tanks to just 3. And be able to get 2 new bettas from breeders rather than petco. Then eventually set up a 10 gallon and get some small schooling fish like celestial pearl danios or threadfin rainbows. After all the fish are set up I hope to get either some poison dart frogs or fire bellied toads.
I think I need to slow down maybe on all my pets. But oh well.